Dreaming of Cats – Meaning and Symbolism

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Are you a dog person, or you like cats more? All animals are precious and can be great friends to humans, but some prefer dogs while others prefer cats.

If you love cats, then it could be that you are a specific type of person because people mostly like dogs more. Cats are particular in their behavior, and that doesn’t comply with everyone. They have a powerful character, and they even have their opinion, and not every person can handle a cat.

If you are a cat lover, it’s not odd for you to have dreams about cats. You love them, you often pet them when you see them, you even feed the stray cats, and cats visit you in your dreams. Or if you have a cat pet, then it is evident that you will have dreams about your cat or others.

But what does it mean if you keep having dreams about cats, and you don’t have one, or you are not that fond of cats?

Whatever the case, whether you love cats or you don’t, there is a reason why you have dreams about them.

Cat are powerful creatures, and dreams about them can also be powerful. If you want to decipher the meaning of cats in dreams, prepare yourself for an exciting ride.

These creatures were always mystical, and people often thought that cats have special powers. In some cultures, people recognized them to be sacred animals and even gods.

But some would say that they bring misfortune and that they are a sign of bad luck. Is it true, or is it just a superstition? We will come to that conclusion together.

For some, they are a personification of creativity and pure emotion, while they are a bad omen for others. How many times you heard that black cats are considered as bad luck, at such a scale that you need to cross to the other side of the road if you see one.

We will go through many different situations that can occur in a dream, specific details surrounding cats, and your feelings about them. Like with every other dream, if you want to decode the meaning, you need to consider other things in the dream.

If you often dream about certain things, and your dreams’ main motive is often repeated, but you can’t remember everything, we have a suggestion. Try holding a notebook near your bed, and use it for journaling about your dreams.

This way, you will be able to write everything down as soon as you wake up, and you won’t accidentally forget about it. Be careful because if you don’t write it down immediately, it can be lost forever after just an hour.

So, you shouldn’t be staring at your phone; instead, you should write in your dream journal.

And do not forget to write every little detail that you can remember from the dream because everything matters.

White cat

We are going to start with different meanings for different colored cats. The first color we will analyze is white. White cats seem very aristocratic and pure. But in some cases, dreaming about a white cat can mean bad things.


If a cat that appears in your dreams is white, it can signify that you are about to sink into a misfortunate period in your life. Problems are going to start harassing you, and you will have difficulties overcoming those problems.

But with deciphering cats, it’s slightly tricky precisely because different cultures have different interpretations.

Like that, some cultures believe that a white cat is a symbol of happiness and love. If you encountered a white cat in your vision, you are about to have a very peaceful and calm period in your life.

To know what implies more to you, you need to consider different aspects of your life and be honest with yourself. Think about your life at the moment, and think about what is most likely to happen to you. Is it a misfortunate period or a happy one?

Black cat

Like we mentioned previously, many people from around the world consider black cats as bad luck. Did you know about the fact that black cats are less likely to be fostered at shelters, and people often mistreat them because they are black? We think that is crazy, but it is what superstition does to people. But let’s get back to the dream world.

Again, the meaning of a black cat in your vision depends on your preferences. If you believe that black cats will bring you misfortune and that they came to earth directly from hell, it can signify a bad thing.

Because you are afraid of black cats, you have these dreams that imply that you are afraid to listen to yourself. You are silencing yourself for a lot of time now, and you need to stop doing that.

If the cat bites you in your dream, it should be a wake-up call for you and your intuition. It would be best to consider what you feel and what your intuition is trying to tell you. Please don’t ignore it.

A dream like this does not have to be looked at as evil, per se. It shows you your current state, but it also helps you make a move and change for the better.

Cat with spots

You could have dreams about more colorful cats than just black and white, and your cat from dreams can have spots.

A cat like that can sign that you have feelings for someone, but you don’t want to acknowledge it. You are confused because maybe that person is not supposed to have feelings for or never thought about that person in waking life.

Whatever the case is, you have strong feelings for someone, and you are highly passionate about it. It just seems that your conscious is more aware of it than you are.

Green cat

A green cat doesn’t mean green like grass; that’s the first thing we need to tell you. But sometimes, you can even dream about cats like that.

What’s essential when you dream about them is that the color symbolizes jealousy and delusion. And jealousy will drive you mad if you don’t control it, and it will also fend you off from a regular and steady relationship. It would be best to discover how to be more present, less selfish, and less bitter.

Blue/grey cat

A dream about a blue cat is a good thing and a great sign. It can mean that you are about to have a term of positivity.

It can also indicate that a situation will happen where you will need to be the hero of the story, and you will succeed in it. The time is yours, and you should use it wisely.


Even people that do not like cats must admit that kittens are sweet. And those who say they are not are soulless. Whether you are in the first or the second group, the meaning of kittens in dreams is the same. If you ever dream about these little balls of puff, you are having a vision of something pure and innocent.

Also, it can signify that you are ready to go on your own. You are ready to make your mark on the world and to become more independent. Maybe you have been dependent on others for a long time now, but it is time to leave your nest and find your place in this world.

Stray cat

Unfortunately, not all cats have warm and cozy homes that they share with their humans. Some of them are living on the streets. So, there is a chance that you dream about a cat that is a stray and not a cat that is living inside a house.

If you ever had a dream like that, here is what it could mean. It can be pretty obvious what does it mean because stray cats are alone and abandoned. It could be that you are feeling that way. It could be that you are feeling lonely, like you don’t have anyone in this world and that you don’t have hope of finding someone.

It could also be that you are feeling lonely even if you have people around you. The people close to you are not supportive enough, they don’t understand you, and they don’t want to understand you.

Because of that, you sometimes feel like a stray cat, someone that is all alone and left to himself. If you feel that way in your waking life, you need to talk to your friends and family about it. Tell them how do you feel and that you need a little bit of their support.

Now let’s focus on the details from the dream. If you fed the stray cat in your dream, it’s no sign of a kind act. It’s a sign of the chaos that is happening or will happen in your life. It would help if you addressed that and resolve your problems. It can also indicate that you necessitate to distance yourself from others for a while.

If you decided that you want to adopt a cat from the streets in your dream, it also indicates that you are in deep need of support. You need someone that will support you, be kind to you, and show you, love.

Angry cat

Cat is known for their unique personality, and they do what they want when they want it. You can tame them, but in a way, they always stay wild.

So, an angry cat is not unusual to see, but what does it mean in a dream?

If the cat is trying to attack you or bite you, it means that you need to give yourself a bit more to the people in your life. Everyone is doing a great thing to you, but you are not responding.

Stop focusing only on yourself, and start paying attention to the people around you.

It can also be that you have a problem with your feminine side. Why, may you ask? Well, cats are considered a symbol of femininity for centuries now, and if you see an angry cat in your dreams, you may have problems with your feminine part.

Cat without a tail

Have you ever seen a kitty without a tail? And have you ever seen it in your dreams? If you did, then you are most likely losing your connection with your autonomy. If you were always free-spirited and self-reliant, maybe this is a sign that something will change in your life. Your independence is at stake, and you need to do something about it.

Maybe you are going to meet someone, and relax, and forget about your individualistic spirit. It can be okay for you to connect with another human being, but you should never lose your true self.

Whatever you do, and whatever you feel, try to stay true to yourself. You should always be aware and have a certain amount of self-control.

Dead cat

If you see a dead cat in your dream or an act of killing a cat, it can signify the same thing as a cat without a tail. You are having problems with your independence, and you need to resolve it as soon as possible.

Also, it can be that you are not in touch with your feminine side and that you need to acknowledge it.

If you are a woman

It is crucial to take into account who is having these dreams. Because if a woman is dreaming about cats, the details from the dream showcase how she feels about herself.

If you are a woman, dreams about cats signify how you see yourself and how you feel about your body, appearance, but also mental health, character. It also shows how you deal with problems, demanding situations, lack of creativity, and how you are in a relationship with other people.

If you are a man

If you are a man and keep having dreams about cats, your mind is trying to suggest to you to shift your perspective. Depending on what are the other details in the dream is the final meaning of the visions.

But, all in all, dreaming about cats can show you how you feel about women, how’s your frame of mind toward them, and how you think women see you. If you encounter an angry cat, it can be that you are intimidated by women or you are scared of your feminine side.

Also, it can be that you are having problems in your current relationship or you had in your past. If the cat is friendly to you, it can indicate that you feel comfortable around women.

Missing cat

A frustrating and stressful situation for every cat owner is if their cat goes missing. Every person that was in this situation knows how it can be horrible.

Perhaps you are not a cat owner, but you had a similar experience in a dream.

If you dreamt about owning a cat that has gone missing, and you tried to find your cat everywhere but couldn’t, that means that you are full of fear.

To be more precise, you are blocking yourself and your capabilities with the fear you feel. You are blocking your mind, and you will eventually be going to kill it. Your beliefs are not reasonable, and they will cost you very much in your future life.

Also, it can be that you can’t see what is coming your way, and it is something dangerous. Your beliefs blind you, and you don’t want to hear what other people have to say to you. You need to work on that and regain your powers.