Dreaming of Rabbits – Meaning and Symbolism

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Animals, in general, are often used as symbols of mystical and magical doings. And for almost every animal in the world, there is a significant meaning. When it comes to rabbits, what do you think that meaning is?

Do rabbits signify good luck or terrible misfortune? Are they something you can look forward to, or would you never want to see a rabbit in your life?

You know that rabbits are symbols of Easter, and because of that, we can’t think that they are bad luck because Easter is a beautiful and happy event. And it is true, in most cases, rabbits signify good luck, abundance, and prosperity.

And what happens if you have dreams and visions with rabbits in them? How can you interpret that? Is it a good sign or not? In general, dreaming about a rabbit or more of them is a good sign. It means that luck is coming your way and that you will have a fortunate period in the future.

You should also know that your dreams are not valid if you have a pet rabbit or often encounter rabbits in your everyday life. What does that mean?

It means that your dreams are pure projections of your everyday life and that you dream what you see daily.

This also be said for the Easter period because you will see rabbits everywhere you go in those days.

Rabbits will be in every store; every decoration will contain them, you will get gifts with rabbits, rabbit-shaped chocolates, etc. And if you dream about them, it’s nothing strange, and you cannot apply regular dream interpretations about rabbits.

But if you suddenly start having dreams about rabbits, then your conscious and the Universe may be trying to say something to you.

What it is that they are trying to say to you depends on the context of the dream. And to see if it’s good or bad, you need to consider every tiny detail from your dream.

The situations you find yourself in your dream, the rabbit’s color, what do you do with the rabbit; all sums up the meaning you need to know.

If you are excited about learning more about the rabbit’s meaning in your dreams, you should continue reading what we’ve prepared for you.

After reading, we assure you that you will get the answers you were hoping to get. And you will also be able to interpret your next dream, or a dream of a friend if it has rabbits in it.

Are you excited to learn more about rabbits in dreams and their meaning? Are rabbits considered a good sign in dreams, or are they not? Let’s dig into this.

White rabbit

If the rabbit in your dreams is white, it’s a good sign. It can signify different things, but all of them are good. It can symbolize a strong love bond and faithfulness in your relationship. You are faithful, and your partner is too. You have a beautiful relationship, and nothing can hurt you.


It can also imply that a wedding will soon happen or that your loved one will propose to you.

If you, by any possibility, have some doubts about what to do next in your life, a white rabbit may be a string of hope and a sign that everything will be well and that you will follow the right track in life. You will set foot in the right direction, and you will be lucky.

Black rabbit

A black rabbit is somewhat different from a white rabbit. If you have experienced dreams with black rabbits, then, unfortunately, you may have problems with intimacy.

Black rabbits signify exactly that; impossibility to come close enough to another person. Because of something from your past, you cannot open to people now, and you often run away from people. You should think about the reason for this, and find a way to solve this problem.

The anxiety of intimacy can be a real problem and could cause you trouble in your life, both with friends and loved ones.

Grey rabbit

A grey rabbit in your visions is not a good sign. It is a sign that you have a person trying to deceive you in your life. A person is trying to hurt you and tricks you with manipulation to do something that will hurt you badly.

If you work with other people, it would be good to be a little more careful in the upcoming weeks. Your job is in jeopardy, and you want to save it. Be cautious, and don’t believe everything that people say to you.

It could be that in the forthcoming weeks, you will finally see who are your real friends and who only need you for their higher causes. All in all, you need to be careful, don’t take this omen lightly.

A rabbit bite you

It may sound cute because you probably imagine a cute little bunny, but it’s not. It’s not cute when a rabbit bites you. It’s not cute in the real-life, and it’s not cute in dream life.

Often when you dream about a rabbit biting you, you may have some difficulties in your relationship. It would help if you accumulated all your willpower more on your relationship and more on your partner. It may be that your companion is considering to be a little bit neglected, and you need to change that.

This dream is a wake-up call for you because if you continue to ignore your problems soon, everything will worsen, and your relationship might end painfully. A rabbit biting your toes also means the same thing, and it signifies your relationship going in the wrong way. For your good and the sake of your love life, you should start working on your problems immediately.

Hopping rabbit

What does a rabbit do? It hops. It is something normal that all rabbits do, and it’s something they are known for all around the world.

But that’s the detail that you need to focus on when interpreting your dreams. Did the rabbit hop around, or was it still? If the rabbit hopped around, it could symbolize fertility.

If you are striving to have a baby, this is an incredible sign that you could get. It could mean that your hopes and prayers are heard and that you are finally going to have a happy and healthy baby.

Also, it’s a sign of overall fertility, and you will probably have a lot of children in your life in the future. It is one of the most beautiful signs you can get in a dream, and you should be delighted about it.

But, if you are not into children or are not planning them shortly, this can have another meaning. You are probably the type of person that hops from one thing to another more often than it should be.

And this behavior is hurting you, even if you don’t feel it right now. It would be best to stay on one thing until you finish it or devote your time to something for a long run. This also applies to people.

So, if you can’t commit to one person, you need to see what’s the root of this problem. You may have a problem with committing or intimacy, and you need to solve it.

Feeding a rabbit

Feeding a rabbit can seem sweet, and if you ever had a chance to do it, you know it is. But in the dreamworld feeding a rabbit is not a good sign.

It can imply that someone is going to take something that is yours. It can be that someone will steal something from you, so you should take care of your things extra vigilantly in the upcoming days.

Or it may be that a coworker is trying to get to your promotions or something like that. So, you better be careful.

Hunting a rabbit

Even in cartoons, you can often see a hunter hunting a rabbit, so it’s not strange to see something like that in your dreams. But what does it mean when you are the hunter, and you are trying to hunt down the poor rabbit? It is a bad omen.

It is a signal that your brain is trying to send you, that you need to wake up and confront people that are treating you awful. People around you don’t sympathize with you, they are not supporting you, and they often attack you and denounce you.

Nobody is going to help you more in this than you. It is up to you to fight for yourself and stand up against the tyranny you are experiencing.

Killing a rabbit

It’s sad to even think about it, and it can be traumatized if you do it in your dreams. But killing a rabbit in a dream is a good sign, believe it or not.

It’s a sign of upcoming positive changes that you are lucky enough to witness in your life.

Rabbit’s foot

It is not rare for people to bring around a rabbit’s foot in their pockets or as keychains. It may be a little creepy or strange, but it’s not unusual. It is because a rabbit’s foot has been seen as a lucky charm for centuries now, and for those who carry one, it is presumed that luck will follow them where ever they go.

If you had a vision of a rabbit’s foot in a dream, it means the same thing as waking life. It’s good luck. Your future will be more than bright, and luck will follow you everywhere you go.

Everything that you imagine you will be able to do, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Of course, not all is perfect, and you will need to work a little bit for things you want.

Running rabbit

We had a hopping rabbit, but you can also dream about a rabbit that is running furiously. A dream like this is partly a good sign.

Partly because everything depends on you, a running rabbit is considered a sign of great work/business opportunities.

But you need to catch that rabbit and grab that opportunity by the ears if you want success. But if you fail to do it, you will not gain anything from it.

Hiding rabbit

Rabbits often hide in places they feel the most comfortable, but they also like to jump around happily.

If you have a vision of a hiding rabbit, it can mean that you need to leave your zone of comfort. You will not finish anything if you don’t want to put enough energy into it and work hard for it. You oblige to stop being modest and start opening up and start doing bolder things in your life. And once you start doing that, your goals are going to materialize.

Talking rabbits

Just like in a fairytale, a rabbit can talk in dreams. If you have a conversation with a rabbit in your dream, and you are talking about your life and your problems, it signifies that you need a friend.

It would help if you didn’t have to deal with everything in your life alone, and it’s okay to ask for guidance from a friend.

If you are having problems and don’t know what to do, talk to a friend you trust and seek advice.