Dreaming of Meat – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about meat can have various meanings which depend on the type of meat, the condition the meat is in, shape, etc. Many dreams about meat are related to gains and winning.

The meaning of the dream depends on whether the meat was raw, fried, cooked, mashed, a steak, or something else.

For example, raw meat indicates a new beginning and is related to your future. You will have a lot of new opportunities and chances in the future so be prepared to take them.

Another meaning of the dream can be related to what you did with that meat. If you were eating meat, it’s a symbol of health and strength.

And if you were preparing meat, it means that you will achieve great things in the future and you will be very proud of yourself.

If you had a dream about drinking alcohol and eating meat it’s a sign of pleasure and enjoyment that could lead to some bad things.

Maybe you should think before you do something because lust and pleasure can be dangerous things.

Meat in a dream can also be represented as an animal you killed or are about to kill.

If you had a dream about killing an animal and eating her meat, it means that you will manage to do everything you had on your mind. You will be ready to achieve your goals and become successful.

Dreaming of eating cooked meat

If you were eating a slice of cooked meat alone or in as a part of some dish, it means that you won’t have much fun in the future. You will be overloaded with obligations and you won’t have time for relaxation and fun.

This dream indicates that you will be too busy for seeing your friends or a partner and you will be too occupied by your work.

Some people might get offended because you will have to decline their invitations to parties and dinners. They need to understand that you are too busy and you have to spend a lot of time working.

This dream indicates that shortly you will see who is your true friend and who can understand why you are not answering your phone.

You will be feeling a little bit lonely and you might feel like nobody understands you.


Cooked meat is a sign of getting tired and bored of current life situation. You have already experienced a lot of things in life and you don’t see anything that could excite you and make you feel alive.

Be patient and try to focus on one thing at a time.

Dreaming of eating raw meat

The meaning of eating raw meat in a dream is that you will be risking a lot of things in the future. You will be exposed to a lot of pressure and you will have to act fast and smart.

But, this dream also indicates a new beginning. The risk you are exposing yourself to will bring you new things in life and make you start something fresh.

This dream is telling you that you will be on a rocky road but you will end up having valuable memories and lessons which will be important for you later.

Also, this dream indicates that your risks will bring you money and you won’t have to worry about being financially stable. You will earn a lot of money because the risk will be worth it.

Raw meat is a symbol of financial stability and gains which will result from your hard work.

Dreaming of eating roasted meat

If you were eating roasted meat in a dream it might mean that your diet is not controlled and that you should be more careful with what you eat. Maybe you don’t put enough proteins in your body and you might feel weak because of that.

Sometimes our bodies know what we need better than we do. If you felt hungry in this dream, it is possible that your body was starving and craving proteins from meat. Try to eat more healthily and regularly.

Another meaning of this dream is that something very nice will happen to you soon. You can expect positive things to happen in the future because prepared meat in a dream is a symbol of positive experiences and happiness. In that case, you will be surprised positively so you can expect to feel happy and fulfilled soon.

Dreaming of others eating meat

If you saw other people eat meat and you didn’t, it is a symbol of gossip. Some people are talking about you behind your back and you have no clue about it. There is something that connects them and they hang around together a lot.

Those people can be your colleagues or even friends. This dream indicates that they have a lot to talk about you and that may not be something in your favor.

Don’t let anyone fool you, try to find out whether this dream is true because you can get hurt very bad.

Another meaning of this dream can be that you are not invited to a meeting where everyone you are close to is. Maybe they don’t want you there because there is a strong reason for that. Try to see if there is any reason for them to act that way and avoid you.

Maybe you won’t be invited to a business lunch and that will hurt you a lot. But you shouldn’t give up because of that.

Dreaming of preparing meat (cooking, roasting, cutting)

If you had a dream about cooking meat, it means that you will finally leave some things in the past and never return to them again.

You will manage to forget the past and move on with your life. You don’t deserve to suffer because some bad things had happened in the past. You deserve to let them go and finally live your life the way you want it.

Maybe you will find the truth about something from the past that was bothering you and you will finally settle down with the truth.

If you had a dream about roasting meat, it means that you might get in a fight with someone. You will be furious about something someone did and you will attack them verbally.

Don’t let yourself show anger and try to be calmer because that is not good for you. This dream indicates that you can’t refrain from explosive reactions and that you are easily irritated.

If you had a dream about cutting meat for the dish, it means that you will have to think deeply about some important decisions in the future.

You will have to make a tough call and it won’t be easy for you to make the right decision.

Prepare for being cornered by your desires and the possibility to make them true because you won’t be able to do everything at the same time.

Dreaming of seasoning meat

Having a dream about seasoning meat for the dish is a symbol of spicing up your life. You are bored of the simplicity of your life and every day seems like the previous one.

You will start making a change and you might do some crazy things you would never do just because you are bored.

Another meaning of this dream is that you need a partner. You are feeling lonely and your life has been the same for a long time.

Maybe you should start going out more and meeting new people because that way you will meet someone new who might give you what you need.

Dreaming of barbeque

If you were making a barbeque in your dream for you and your friends or family it means that you will soon be invited to a dinner with people close to you.

You should keep in touch with people you care about even if you are very busy because they are more important than some material things. You shouldn’t let yourself lose contact with close people because you will regret that in the future.

If you had a dream about eating barbeque it means that you might go for a trip soon with your friends or with your partner. This dream is a symbol of spending time in nature and relaxing.

Dreaming of rotten meat

Rotten meat in a dream is a negative sign that indicates problems shortly. You might have a lot of little problems bugging you and you won’t see the way out of that situation.

This dream is telling you to prevent your problems accumulate by resolving them. You can’t just leave things to resolve by themselves because they won’t.

You have to act and do something about your problems or they will continue to grow bigger and bigger.

Dreaming of chicken meat

Chicken meat in a dream represents embarrassment and it indicates that you will be laughed at. Maybe you will find yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by people who don’t like you and they will challenge you. The smartest thing you can do is to back down and try to escape that situation.

If you were eating chicken meat it means that you will fall for someone’s lies and eventually you will be fooled by them. Don’t trust everyone and don’t be naive because that could cost you a lot in life.

Dreaming of pork meat

This dream indicates that you will have all your problems solved soon and you will stop being worried.

The meaning of this dream is that you will overcome every obstacle in your life soon and you will be very satisfied with your life.

Pork meat is a symbol of confronting your fears and facing the truth. You will admit some things to yourself and it will make you feel much better. Confession always helps people feel better and less guilty or bad.

Dreaming of beef meat

Seeing beef meat in your dream is a sign that you should avoid things that make you feel less positive and happy about life.

Of course that it’s normal that people normally don’t expose themselves to depressing things, but in this case, it’s related to things that might make you feel nostalgic and sad. For example, don’t go to the cemetery these days because it could really affect your mood and make you feel depressed.

This dream is just a sign that you should stay away from negative and depressive things for some time because it might affect you significantly more than other people would be affected.

Dreaming of killing an animal and eating its meat

If you killed an animal in your dream and you started eating its meat, it means that you are a dominant type of person who likes to compete with others all the time.

You always show your supremacy and you don’t like being put into the corner. But, deep inside, you are scared of being humiliated and that is why you always show off to hide your insecurities.

This dream indicates that you are very angry at something in your life and you try to make it up by being dominant in every situation.

Dreaming of eating human meat

This dream sounds very scary and must have been disturbing for you. But, it’s not a bad dream and it’s not related to anything morbid.

The meaning of this dream is that you like being dominant in every relationship and you can’t stand anyone being at a higher level than you.

That is not good because it shows you have a problem with people who are better, smarter, and prettier than you. That’s not healthy and you should think about this.

Eating human meat is a symbol of showing dominancy and trying to control other people. Maybe that is the reason you are alone because nobody can stand having a dictator in their lives.

Dreaming of meat on the bone

If you saw meat on the bone in your dream it means that you will be exposed in front of a big crowd of people.

Someone might tell your secret to everyone around you and you will be embarrassed. That will teach you to not tell other people your secrets and to not trust everyone.

This dream also means that you let people humiliate you because you are too nice to fight them back. You shouldn’t live your life like that because nobody deserves to be laughed at.

The message of this dream is to fight for yourself and don’t let others make you feel less worthy.