Dreams About Alligators, Crocodiles – Meaning and Interpretation

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Regardless of whether their meaning is positive or negative, dreams about animals always convey important messages to us because they are directly connected with nature.

This is the case of dreaming of an alligator, a dream that, far from frightening you, could help you regain lost energy and feel stronger and more powerful. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of an alligator.

Have you ever seen an alligator in real life? Of course it is not a frequent animal in our day to day, but that does not prevent it from reaching your dreams to convey its message and all its strength.

The alligator is a reptile very similar to the crocodile and that gives it an aura of danger that it does not have in the dream world. Although it is true that you can also have a nightmare in which you fight with alligators, but it is not the most common.

The most common thing is that in your dream you are simply seeing the alligator in its habitat, which by the way moves as well on land as it does in water.

The meaning of the dream is rather an invitation to recognize in this animal that for some cultures all its qualities are sacred. Which are? Well, we can start with their ability to adapt, by being able to live in two environments as different as water and land. But wait, because there are still more interpretations.

Because their body is in contact with the ground, alligators have a very spiritual side precisely because of that connection with Mother Earth.

Perhaps the time has come for you to pay more attention to your interior, to connect with your essence or with your soul, to take care more of your emotions, your relationships, your dreams and your illusions. But do it with cunning, a quality that alligators also possess.

If you notice, an alligator is calm. Their ferocity runs deep inside and they only attack when they feel threatened or in danger. The rest of the time they transmit a lot of calm, they are also very stealthy and they do not waste their energy.

With a couple of accurate and precise movements they get their prey. This can give you an idea of ​​how you can use your power when you wake up, without bragging, with intelligence, with cunning and wisdom. And knowing very well that you are going to achieve everything you set your mind to.

Dreams about Alligators, Crocodiles – Meaning

Are you trying to solve badly solved problems? Dreaming of a dead alligator means that you are finally managing to overcome your fears, sadness or grudges. It may also be that you are finally facing a situation that you have been putting off for too long.

Do not worry, you have already taken the most important step, victory will come sooner or later. Just carry on with goodwill and a positive attitude.

This also represents victory. You will be able to overcome your challenges with time, perseverance and a lot of struggle. This dream indicates that you will achieve balance and peace in your life after defeating your personal fears and yearnings. You will overcome everything that hurts you.

In this case it is a positive dream in terms of income of money. It is important to take into account the violence and intensity of the fight between the two animals, since the more aggressive it is, the greater your financial gains. That’s right, this dream bodes well and indicates that you will receive extra money soon.

This dream represents a great victory in your life. You have finally managed to overcome your fears, grudges or hurts. You have overcome that situation that you considered so difficult. You have succeeded, or will succeed shortly, to resolve all your unresolved issues.


Speaking of dreams, have you ever dreamed of animals? Even without being docile, each of them holds a different meaning than what their appearance represents. Therefore, on this occasion, do you want to know what it means to dream of crocodiles?

They are powerful animals, especially in their jaws where they put all their strength at the moment of catching, and not letting go, the prey with which they will satisfy their appetite, which is voracious at all times and is always on the lookout, hidden in the water or shrubs.

Despite this, crocodiles are animals that try to protect their territory that is often besieged by humans who go in search of their skin to make different products, such as meat that is very delicious and nutritious for the body.

What You Need There are people who are scared of crocodiles. If this is your case, we encourage you to learn about this beautiful animal and you will see that it is not as fierce as it is painted. Keep a notebook or tape recorder near your bed to write down the details of your dreams. Instructions Can you imagine being in the jaws of a crocodile?

Well, that image is quite strong, since they represent the wild, the danger, the aggressiveness, the betrayal and the surprise, which it uses to attract its prey, so knowing what it means to dream of crocodiles can take care of you from hypocritical people.

It may be that dreaming about them gives you an advantage in the face of dangerous situations with which you must deal in your work environment or at the same time, being able to get rid of false people around you. Or maybe you have to take care of yourself and you don’t know it.

Will that? You must be alert to any bad situation you have in your personal work life, or it may even be that you are being spied on to achieve something against you and be able to throw you out of your job. Perhaps there are many things with which knowing what it means to dream of crocodiles, can help you.

The meaning of dreaming about crocodiles to be able to deal with the situations that arise every day, knowing what it means to dream about crocodiles can help you in the following cases: Dreaming of one or more crocodiles together. You must be alert and take good care of yourself because you are facing a danger that stalks you. A crocodile bites you.

It means that someone very close to you is about to betray you, so you must always be alert to the possible signals that they give you so that something does not happen that you can regret. You fight with a crocodile and you win. You are going to succeed in a project or in any situation, in which you got involved. You fight a crocodile and lose.

You will lose your job, you will not be successful in anything or on the contrary you may have health problems. Dreaming of the crocodile’s teeth. It may be that you have problems with a tooth or tooth and you should go to the dentist. Or maybe you feel unsure about going to a medical check-up.

A big crocodile. You are very distressed by a big problem from which you cannot get out or you cannot find a solution. The crocodiles are behind you. It is a very firm part of knowing what it means to dream of crocodiles, since it means that you cannot leave certain concerns that have you awake and you must take care of yourself because you can get sick.

A crocodile floating in the water. It means that you are well and that everything you seek and undertake will turn out better than you expected. It is a good omen. A crocodile in troubled waters. You will face a situation with gossip, problems and entanglements from which you cannot get out as quickly as you want.

Remember that the limits of your person are set by you and that knowing what it means to dream of crocodiles can give you the opportunity to achieve success in any situation, no matter how dangerous it may be. You just have to believe in yourself and avoid any situation that is dangerous for you.

Dreams about Alligators, Crocodiles – Interpretation

Making wise decisions on time is innate to you, which is why you are almost always swimming in the right direction in all aspects of life. Although sometimes external conditions may not be suitable, you adjust easily and harmoniously without showing any sign of irritability.

There may be situations that are difficult for you, but you are fully capable of maintaining control with little effort. Dreams in which crocodiles appear can signify a longing for freedom and a means to express your most hidden desires. Perhaps it is a premonitory dream?

Next, you will be able to read one by one all the possible interpretations of this dream, with their different contexts.

Dreaming of a crocodile attacking you represents an ambiguous behavior on your part that could offend the people around you. If he’s chasing you, it means you need to be a little more careful, but if you’re the one chasing him, it symbolizes great success to come.

Relax, this dream is quite positive. You know you have problems, but in your wakefulness you are trying to fight against them and overcome them, and that is the first step to overcome any type of fear: Fight against it.

Most of the time, dreams with crocodiles and alligators are going to be nightmares and restless dreams. I always tell you that for the interpretation of dreams it is very important to know yourself in order to know what the dream is trying to tell you.

For example, if you recently went on a cruise through Egypt and the Nile (dreaming of traveling to Egypt), perhaps your subconscious gives you a dream about crocodiles. You can use this article as a guide to know the meaning of dreaming about crocodiles, but only you will have to extrapolate it to your particular case.

Dreaming of crocodiles and alligators and when we wake up we feel anguished and disturbed usually originate because the crocodile is associated with ferocity, evil and terror. As usual. You are going through a situation that is distressing you and that horrifies you. Do you have a serious problem? Try to fix it to avoid these crocodile dreams.

Dreaming of a crocodile chasing you. Dreams in which you try to escape from the crocodile, but there is something that prevents you, originate because you are struggling to face the problem but you have not finished solving it.

It is a frequent nightmare in which the dreamer has some kind of problem that he is trying to solve without success. The positive of the dream is that you know the existence of the problem and you are putting means to avoid it.

Dream of crocodiles biting you. They are dreams that are repeated. The crocodile hunts us and tries modern and succeeds.

Just before you wake up from the dream or maybe the crocodile bites you. You are going through a critical moment where you think there is someone around you planning to hunt you down, a back stab, a betrayal.

Try to find out who. Your subconscious is your best ally.

Dreaming of crocodiles and snakes: Having dreams of crocodiles but that snakes and snakes also appear in the vicinity are usually frequent.

It is generally interpreted as fear of betrayal. You can read the following article to read what it means to dream about snakes and snakes.

Dreaming of an alligator in a river or water. If during the dream with the crocodile it is swimming in a river at ease without risk of attack, it is usually interpreted as that you feel protected.

You are living in a situation where you are calm, there are no threats or betrayals. You also have the company of sincere and honest friends. If the water becomes turbulent and you stop seeing the crocodile it may mean the opposite.

Dreaming of crocodiles as a pet and that they are tame. If you have a dream about crocodiles that you use as a pet as if it were your dog and you go for a walk in the street with it, it usually originates from insecure people who need a protective figure. You have insecurities in yourself, fears, you need external protection to function in life. Fear to fail.

Dreaming of gigantic black alligators: Less frequent nightmare. It is often interpreted as signs of fertility. It has meanings similar to dreams about bulls.


Crocodiles and alligators are animals that instill a lot of respect in people, and it is no wonder. Can you imagine swimming in a river surrounded by these beasts?

Does the mere thought make you panic?

Do not worry! In the dream world you are safe from its jaws, so dreaming of crocodiles should not because you fear.

Although it seems contradictory, in reality the general lines are quite a positive dream and among its many attributes and symbolisms we can highlight:

Having a crocodile as an animal totem denotes that you are not a person who wastes time and who also knows how to take advantage of opportunities.

Without a doubt, you are punctual and with immense mental clarity.