Dreams About Arguing – Interpretation and Meaning

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We argue in our dreams when we save our opinions in real time for fear that they are inappropriate or that they will bring us controversial consequences. The human being has communication needs that allow him to express his individuality to other people, although it seems an irrelevant act, it is not at all.

When you silence your opinion, it is as if you hide part of your personality, and when you make it a habit to hide your true point of view, then the subconscious begins to drain all the frustration that you have stored.

Dreaming about arguing is like a kind of catharsis, a means of escape.

Dreams about Arguing – Interpretation

The discussion is a violent way of putting our opinion on the table, and we resort to committing abrupt acts, since we consider that otherwise we will not be able to express ourselves, since the environment will firmly oppose what we say. We fight because that way we seek to impose ourselves, and since we don’t do it in real life, we project ourselves that way in dreams.

What have you kept and it eats you up inside? If the other time you saw yourself arguing with someone in a dream, then there is an issue related to that person or a particular situation that makes you feel frustrated, since you have not been able to express your point of view firmly, or in an environment that involves that situation has expressed rejection of your ideas.

If you argue loudly in your dream, it is an indication that the problem has gained ground within you and is causing you serious inconvenience.

If, on the other hand, people are arguing around you, and you are unable to participate in the discussion, it is a sign that in the future you will face a situation that requires you to strengthen your self-esteem or it will cause you great emotional damage.

Seeing that others argue and you remain on the sidelines, is a sign that your insecurity has led you to limit yourself to meeting the expectations of third parties, it is time to focus on making your voice heard.

If you are arguing, and in the middle of the discussion you lose your voice, then it is a sign that you fear taking responsibility for your actions, that is why you have decided to establish dependency relationships, since in this way you take refuge behind the decisions of people who a personality stronger than yours.

Losing your voice in the middle of an argument is also interpreted as an omen that you will soon experience changes that will lead you to occupy a lower-ranking position within your work and / or social environment.

How do you feel in your relationship? Be honest with yourself, do not automatically answer that everything is fine, because, if you have seen yourself arguing with your partner, it means that you feel controlled and limited within the relationship; it can also reflect that you will soon discover something related to your partner that will fill you with internal conflicts.

Arguing with your partner in dreams denotes frustration and dissatisfaction with what you are experiencing.

If you see yourself arguing with your partner, and suddenly it disappears, then it means that the other party does not feel involved with you and the project that in theory have been raised. Pay attention to the small details, it is possible that your relationship is sustained by convenience, comfort or fear of change, instead of being based on true love.

On the contrary, if you observe that your partner argues with you, then check your attitudes towards that person, it is likely that you have developed too much control, and your partner begins to resent it.

You are probably summarizing a situation in which you feel pressured by your mother, however, in many cases, dreaming of the mother figure denotes your relationship with the concept of the female figure and energy.


Dreams about Arguing – Meaning

You are letting your past invade your life, it is likely that you are being invaded by regret and nostalgia for not having fought enough for a relationship that you still long for.

If you see that your ex-partner is crying, then from now on you will receive news associated with your previous relationship that will fill you with sadness, perhaps some event will make you notice that time has passed and that it is no longer possible to go back.

If you observe that your current partner argues with your former partner, then pay attention to the emotional state of your current partner, it is likely that the shadow of the past has left traces, and that your current partner is experiencing a crisis of insecurity caused by the image from your past relationship.

Work on strengthening her bond and her security with you, since the effects of the shadows of past events can cause major fractures.

If the object of your dispute is a man, then check your internal paradigms, it is likely that you are getting carried away by subjectivity in the analysis of reality.

You are hitting yourself with the same stone over and over again, but you refuse to accept your mistake because your pride is strong.

The man represents the rational and determined energy to the achievement of objectives, if you are opposed to him, then it is an indication that you are clinging to old schemes that will not bring you good results. Remember that what does not evolve and adapt to change, is destined to perish.

There is something about your characteristics that you reject and that you keep hidden. It is important that you work on your self-esteem and allow yourself to project your personality because if you do not you will end up filling yourself with resentments that can lead you to incur destructive practices.

Dreams about Arguing – Spiritual Meaning

Mainly these dreams indicate that we urgently need to resolve an uncomfortable situation that has been repressed for longer than our mind could bear, that lasts too long and that the unconscious tries to bring to the surface so that we can look at reality head-on and find solutions, the which will require will and courage.

Otherwise, we will continue to be contaminated by the problem of conflict and, therefore, the dreams of discussions will not leave us.

I’m alone in a desert with my boss. We are arguing (however, in reality I hardly dare to speak to him!) And I start beating him until he is dead. I go and see how far some vultures come to devour it. I feel immense satisfaction and I laugh. In fact, it is my laugh that wakes me up!

“This is a prototypical compensation dream. The unconscious takes care of what we cannot do in real life and amplifies it to the point of absurdity. It should be noted that the sadistic pleasure provided by this dream is extremely liberating.

Nobody likes to be involved in problems, gossip and much less in discussions because we suppose that we do not have to go so far because we have the gift of words, however, when adrenaline takes over us many times we fall into the game of discussion.

In fact, one of the most recurrent dreams that human beings have is precisely the dream that we discuss, but what does this mean?

Dreaming of arguing is a warning or an alert of possible problems with a loved one, mainly of a misunderstanding with our partner or a very close relative.

However, that meaning can vary depending on various factors that are present in our dream, for example:

Arguing with an intellectual: It is because perhaps you have a hidden talent that you cannot exploit, because you know that you can be very good at it, but you are afraid to experiment and dare to do things.

Discussions with parents: You want to get out of your comfort zone and renew yourself, you want your independence and do what you think is most convenient for you, in these cases if you really want that, it is to talk to your parents seriously to have peace and feel supported in your decisions without having to come to a discussion, organize your ideas and priorities.

Just listen to a discussion: It is the announcement of problems and if you have a business it can also indicate a bad streak.

However, your attitude towards that problem can be very significant because you will need to trust yourself to be victorious.

Witness an argument: Some difficult and crucial moments come in your professional life and things may not go as planned, but if this dream is recurrent and you have a partner, you should be careful because your relationship could end.

Arguing with a lover: Those who have this dream is because the changes in their work life will begin to take place little by little, because everything comes in due time.

Arguing with someone from work or school: If this happens it is because you have some hidden feeling of conflict towards that person and it is a good time to end it because you are not able to express it verbally, then the subconscious tries to expose it.


It is possible that previously you have developed freely, and you felt defined within that group, activity or concept; but now something has changed in you, and you no longer feel part of it, that’s why you feel trapped, and you don’t know how to leave behind the role you played.

If you argue with your sister and see how she grows older than you, then from now on you will want to leave a stage of your life behind, but the weight of your actions will not allow you to get rid of her easily.