Dreams About Heights – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreaming of heights is very common and this because it is related to our state of mind, we should not be afraid of it because it can be interpreted in a positive or negative way depending on our life situation.

Most of the time it shows your strength and conviction towards the situations that are presented to you, in dreams we express what happens to us from our subconscious and it is important to know how to interpret them.

Dreaming of great heights: if in your dreams you find yourself on top of something where you project a broad vision of the world around you, it is a very good sign, and it is showing you that something good is coming to meet the goals you have set for yourself.

Dreams about Heights – Interpretation

If during sleep you feel a sense of calm and tranquility, you can add to the fact that you are very close to being successful in your professional career or whatever goal you have set for yourself.

On the other hand, if you feel fear, as this indicates that you need to risk more to get what you want, many times it is not because it is a bad idea but because you do not know how to project it and dare to take the risk.

Dreaming that you fall from a great height: whenever we have a dream our subconscious is trying to send us a message and if in the middle of it happens that you are falling into the void, it is not a very good sign.

When this happens it means that in the same way it is happening with your personal and emotional life, you cannot let yourself be collapsed by adversity so it is time to look for solutions.

Dreaming of being taller than another person: it is not necessarily a negative dream since it only shows us the power we have over a situation that involves another person, of course this is so if you perceive a feeling of tranquility.

While feeling irritability or despair you can interpret as problems in your work environment with respect to people who perform some type of activity that you directly relate to.

On the other hand, when you are the one who has a lower height in the dream in front of another person, this means that you feel inferior, for some reason it influences your self-esteem and is being reflected.

To dream that you are descending from a great height: by having this type of dream the person is descending to his roots, he returns to the beginning of his life where he felt satisfied because something is currently lacking, it is a way of remembering what made him arrive until his current life.

When going back, many will think that it is failure, but it is the opposite, if you remember how you started, you value more what you possess and within that journey you learn many important lessons so maybe you need to do this outside of sleep to improve your personal life.

Dreaming with fear of heights: it is a simple feeling of fear to face the obstacles that arise in your life, that decision of not wanting to launch yourself to achieve something because you lack confidence to believe that you will achieve it.

Some conflictive event is happening in your personal or work life that makes you express this feeling that is why it is very important to take into account the details that occur around the dream to be able to place where the action is taking place where we need to trust ourselves.

Dreams about Heights – Meaning

When sleeping there is a world that is full of surprises, from mythological beings that never existed, unimaginable beautiful landscapes or even, Dantesque characters that overwhelm us in our hours of rest. In this article we decipher the hidden mysteries that dream of heights brings with it, and any of the most common possibilities that can occur in this type of dream.


It is common to think of general interpretations, but it is necessary to remember that before giving an explanation to the most recurrent meanings, the dream is a strictly personal experience and saying a general meaning is nothing more than a habitual trend, but that in the end.

It is the dreamer who gives it a specific meaning, according to the evolutionary process that his consciousness is undergoing, for this reason a possible victory is usually awarded to this kind of reverie.

If during the dream, the person is observed at the top of a hill, a mountain or any artificial or natural structure, it is understood as a victory in the face of an event that has overwhelmed him and has been pursuing him for some time.

Although it is also possible that it is some unsolved problem, a trauma or a fear of his childhood, a reality that he had refused to accept, among others. They are situations or obstacles that have just been overcome. The degree of height is directly proportional to the difficulty of the achievement achieved.

The fact of witnessing a panoramic view from a certain height, indicates in most cases, triumphs and battles won, but at no time should you rest on your laurels, because clearly the war is not yet won. We must continue working on what we are seeking to achieve in life, whatever the type of goal it may be, since this dream turns out to be certainly motivating and indicates that we must keep fighting.

There are countless representations derived from the same dream. The most common are linked to success, although it is also possible that the height observed in the dream is nothing more than a fallacy created by our ego.

For this reason, it is necessary to make an effort and remember if in the dream we have observed some other type of mountain, structure or people at an even higher height, than we have.

This dream indicates a lack of humility by reminding us that we owe respect to our relatives and at no time underestimate ourselves, since falling into self-centeredness is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made.

Another very recurring representation is one that is linked to the emotions that are felt during sleep. If the observed landscape is not pleasant to us but, on the contrary, it becomes a precipice, where we feel fear and want to get away, it is a warning message in the face of imminent danger.

Caution must be exercised about the actions and decisions to be made in the short term and, in addition, be very alert on a day-to-day basis, because if we are dreaming about it, it means that one way or another we can influence the development of events to come. It is advisable to be as careful as possible in the next few days.

In addition to this, if during sleep we fall off the cliff or from any height, the message undergoes slight changes. They are no longer telling us about imminent dangers, they are talking about mistakes made in the recent past, right after, having done things the right way.

That is, for example, you could be struggling to overcome a fear or difficulty and finally, you have managed to gather the necessary strength to take the step to face it and overcome it, but after spending a few days a situation arises related to the same fear and we have not been able to face it again.

This dream is very common when you do not have enough willpower to face our defects and overcome them with determination. It means going back on our personal path.

There is a meaning related to a contemporary philosophy of personal development, which takes place in dreams where we see ourselves on top of giants that gently carry us on their shoulders, heads or hands.

In that case, it means divine help or intervention in your work, studies or projects of any kind. You must be very alert because the concept of a giant is not always well interpreted.

Sometimes the people we least consider are the ones who end up helping our growth and development in different fields of life.

The dream invites reflection and to observe our social circle in search of giants with whom to cooperate.

Dreams about Heights – Spiritual Meaning

These dreams are frequent and surely all of us have had one at some point. Dreaming of heights reflects personal, material and spiritual desires and intentions. We are on our way to achieving great things. The direct message of dreams with heights tells us: “do not settle, you can achieve much more.”

But these dreams also have a not so good side, sometimes what they want to tell us is that we are being self-centered, overestimating our capacity and we think that we are above others. Most likely, he is warning you that you are going to fall because of your behaviors.

We all get startled when we have a dream where we fall from a great height, our heart races and we end up in great fear. This is a dream with a negative tint that is warning us about health problems.

The reason for these problems is because you did not listen to the recommendations and warnings that you had, from your own body or from others.

When we see that other people fall from a height, it is a sign similar to the previous interpretation, but in this case the person who is going to have health problems is a close person. We may have to take care of someone while they are going through a difficult period.

The fear of heights is in our DNA as a defense method, in the dream plane it is interpreted as good news. We are going to have a big surprise, the arrival of a new member of the family, a baby, a puppy, or the return of someone. It can also be the expected opportunity, or the dream job.

The explanation for the fear of falling into this dream is due to the anxiety to respond adequately to this new situation.

Not feeling ready for something is one of the most frequent reasons for these types of dreams.

Remember that no one comes ready for everything that happens in their life, but we all have the ability to adapt and overcome any adversity.


More general should be to evaluate our daily routines, since it has been shown that people with a lot of stress, with high levels of worries, or with a lot of inertia or laziness, experience dreams related to motor activities, such as playing sports, hitting during sleepy, talking in your sleep, or feeling like you are falling from different heights (even from bed).

It is a call to reflect on our daily routines and seek physical activity of any kind, as the body is asking us for it.

From practicing a sport, going for a walk and oxygenate our body, taking a walk, among others.

In conclusion, height can be both positive and negative, it all depends on the type of person you are when you go through this experience.

We are constantly undergoing changes in our psyche and our duty is always to seek change for the better.

Relying on tools that provide us with different points of view and give us constructive information to improve, as they are, dreams.