Dreams About Scorpions – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dreams about animals do not always include domestic species such as dogs or cats.

Very often people dream of animals as unpleasant as cockroaches or lice, which, although they do not always have a negative meaning, are dream experiences that can end up becoming a real nightmare.

This is also what happens when we dream of scorpions or scorpions. In our dream dictionary we tell you all the meanings and interpretations.

Dreams about Scorpions – Interpretation

As it seems at first glance, dreaming of scorpions has, in general, a negative interpretation.

So that discomfort with which you wake up in the morning after having seen scorpions in your dreams is more than justified, because these animals arise in your dreams as a result of fears and concerns.

Dreaming of scorpions has a warning meaning, that you are alert in your social, work, family relationships and even in love. Because scorpions or scorpions talk about deception, betrayal, gossip, criticism and bad intentions, so pay attention to your surroundings.

When a scorpion bites you in your dreams, you can be sure that someone close to you is going to betray you, it may be an infidelity of your partner or it may be that a coworker is harming you in your career. But beware of the dream sting, because you will soon receive the damage in real life.

In dreams with scorpions it is very important that you observe their number. If there are many surrounding you, it means that it is a whole group of people who are plotting something against you, it can be your family, your circle of friends or your team at work.

It is not that from this dream you begin to suspect your entire environment, but that you pay more attention to the true interests of those around you.

As with almost all animal dreams, fighting the scorpion represents your own ability to overcome difficulties. See if in your dream you end up killed by the scorpions or if, on the contrary, you are capable of killing them, because there you will find the key to the interpretation of the dream.

In your dream, you may have seen how a few scorpions came out of your mouth, something that in addition to leaving you a very unpleasant feeling, should make you reflect on your own behavior, because it means that you are the one who is criticizing someone or trying to hurt them.

Nor are we going to think that scorpions or scorpions in dreams always have bad omens. There is everything. It is clear that the meaning that is most noticeable is the one we have discussed of annoyances, betrayals and damages, but it all depends on the context of the dream and your own life context.

Dreaming of dead scorpions, for example, is not as terrible a dream as you imagine. It is a way of encouraging you to leave the pain behind, to overcome a situation that has been hurting you for a long time, to turn the page.

Dreaming that you have a scorpion as a pet may seem like a strange dream but it is most interesting. Do you know that scorpions are also a symbol of protection?

Many people have scorpion charms against the evil eye or to protect themselves from evil in general, so why not have it as a pet too?


Dreams about Scorpions – Meaning

You can dream that you are a scorpion and, in this case, the dream can have a double meaning depending on the emotions it transmits to you.

As you know, the scorpion can have a violent but also protective character, so the interpretation of the dream will depend on you and your life context.

Maybe you see yourself as a person who cannot be trusted or maybe you fight your hardest to protect those you love.

That scorpion’s violence can make you have nightmares with these animals and find yourself in the most dramatic and surreal situations.

Always remember that it is not about premonitions and try to extract the positive side of the scorpion, the strength, the cunning, the passion.

Speaking of passion … Scorpions in dreams can talk about your intimate life. A negative dream is to find a scorpion in bed and it bites you. In this case, you should pay close attention to your partner’s movements.

But if the scorpion is in bed and you are not afraid of him, but you feel that he is protecting you, then it is time to bring out your most passionate side.

To dream that you speak with a scorpion is a dream that you can use to renew yourself, to start that transformation from the inside that you need to do, to get to know yourself better, to evaluate your weaknesses and your strengths and to, finally, make the decisions that lead you to be an authentic person and to live as you have always wanted to do.

When you dream of scorpions and they are not trying to attack you, it is because they want to transmit all their strength and power to you.

The power to act, the determination when making decisions, the acceptance of the person you are, with the good and with the bad, enhance the positive and not hesitate to use your weapons when you consider it necessary.

To dream that you step on a scorpion and kill it is a dream that signals a moment of radical change in your life.

Goodbye to low self-esteem, goodbye to being manipulated and fooled by others.

Now you have the reins of your life, now you are able to leave behind toxic relationships and unnecessary suffering.

Now no one can inject your poison and steal your energy. Don’t hesitate to step on that scorpion.

What if you eat scorpions in your dream? Almost everything is edible depending on where you are in the world.

However, the scorpion does not seem like a delicacy and in your dream you are eating it with great delight.

Enjoy that moment, because it is a moment in which you dare with everything, in which you are not afraid to take certain risks to get what you want, in which you are willing to do anything to achieve your goals.

As you can see, dreams with scorpions are very varied and range from the most distressing nightmare to the authentic renewal.

Use your dreams with animals to collect all their symbolism and use it in your day-to-day life, to guard your back from possible betrayals and to head steadily and safely towards your destination.

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Dreams about Scorpions – Spiritual Meaning

Within the group of arachnids we find among many other categories, scorpions or also known as scorpions.

These animals are quite dangerous, because their venom is capable of ending the life of a human being. It is quite feared by everyone, so dreaming about them is not entirely surprising.

In the same way that their presence in real life is not good, in dreams it is not good either.

Although you already know that the meaning of dreams depends a lot on other factors, we can say that dreaming of scorpions is, in general, negative. As it is such a recurring element in dreams or rather, nightmares, dream experts have carried out in-depth research around it.

As the experts in psychoanalysis explain, dreaming of these animals reflects the concern about some event in the life of the dreamer. This unsettled situation is one that does not allow the person in question to rest and disconnect from the problem.

It is also considered as a state of alarm in which the dream warns you about the dangers to which you expose yourself in the following days. Considering a large record of real experiences, it has been possible to classify the reasons why this unpleasant dream occurs.

Among the most common reasons we find fights with friends or family, betrayal or infidelity. Below we explain the meanings in a particular way according to the different contexts.

Dreaming of a golden scorpion can be quite confusing. This color symbolizes fortune or success, although as we have already commented previously, the scorpion is not something positive at all.

In this case, it is nothing more than an attempt to deceive someone close to you, although to their annoyance they will not succeed and you will also discover them.

Even if they don’t get away with it this time, it’s best to stay away from these types of people to avoid future problems.

Red scorpions are interpreted in dreams as one of the most painful betrayals. It is the people with whom you share the strongest and most intense bonds who decide to cheat on you in some way.

The most common is that it is the dreamer’s sentimental partner who acts badly and causes the betrayal, which is usually infidelity.

On the other hand, white scorpions are associated with deception as well, but by someone so close that you would never imagine. It can be from a very close family member to a friend who has never done anything like this before.

It doesn’t have to be a serious matter, although it is true that the pain of betrayal is already bitter enough.

In many cases, dreaming of scorpions is associated with dreaming of crabs, when in reality each one has their own interpretations. It is true that they share certain common elements but they are different and must be analyzed as such.

However, one of the traits they have in common is that they talk about cheating, especially partner cheating.

If the scorpion of your dream was dead, because you have finished with it, it means that nothing and no one will be able to with you.

You have a strength much greater than that of your enemies, which will allow you to overcome all obstacles without even interfering with your objectives.

Despite the presence of death, it is a very positive dream, because if you make an effort you will achieve what you set out to do.

On the other hand, if the scorpion bites you in the dream it is because a problem is approaching. It can be from a situation of contempt towards you to abuse or humiliation. You are going to have to become strong to overcome all your fears and insecurities.

Otherwise they will be able to with you and there will come a time when they will end any possibility of success. Seeing yourself surrounded by scorpions that want to attack you is a red flag.

Try to be more reserved and not tell all your intimacies during the next few days, because your secrets would cease to be and you would become the center of ridicule from your group of friends or those closest to you.

Don’t let them hurt you in this way and watch the words that come out of your mouth very well.


Depending on where you find the scorpions in the dream, you can understand the type of betrayal.

If, for example, you saw it in bed, it is most likely an infidelity, while if the scorpion was at your work, it will be a problem related to your co-workers.

When you recognize the place, think about all those people that you usually see more in that environment and you will have the culprit of your sleeplessness before you.