Dreams About Tornadoes – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dreams are an important part of our lives. We dream every night, although most of the times we have no recollection the next morning.

Science sees dreams as a simple creation of our minds, almost like a way of processing information and events from the waking state, but most of us intuitively know that dreams are much more than that.

Since the beginning of time that our ancestors have looked at dreams for answers. They understood the potential of dreams to bring clarity about the past and insights about the future.

Dreams have also been used as tools to help solve current problems and see life from a different perspective. They are simply precious, a fountain of information and guidance that can help us navigate life in a much easier way.

When we learn to understand the meaning behind the images, we have the opportunity to choose from a position of knowledge instead of having to survive without direction.

Dreams can come in many different forms; some have a lot of meaning while others are just a mixture of sensations and images that we cannot make much sense of. But we know when our dreams have a message behind them, we can feel it.

In this article we are going to explore those dreams that we know are important. We are going to look deep into the hidden meanings behind tornado dreams so that you can find your own inner guidance.

Tornado Dreams

Tornados are natural phenomena that happens all the time in different parts of the world. They are enormously powerful and impossible to stop and can cause a lot of destruction. For these reasons people have learnt to stay away or hide in fear whenever they are present.

But fear not, as tornados are not always the bringer of bad news, in dream symbology it can be quite the opposite.  Depending on the circumstances of your dream, a different meaning will arise.

Dreams about tornados are usually trying to warn the dreamer that changes are either already taking place or will take place in the near future.

But these changes will not be of a calm and peaceful nature, they will most probably be like the tornado itself, radical and unexpected, but not necessarily negative.

Tornadoes are usually connected to our emotions, and particularly if we have strong feelings towards something in our lives, they can show up in dreams as tornados.

Tornados are also connected to the element of air which represents the breath of life, which is a symbol of inspiration, creativity and new beginnings.

When the tornado appears in your dreams, your best option is to just allow for it to come and go, do not try to stop what is coming or you may get hurt in the process.

The tornado is too strong for you to stop it, you might as well allow it to happen and pick up the pieces afterwards. But remember that for positive change to happen, some kind of destruction must take place first.


This way, you can look at destruction as being an omen for better and more positive things to come into your life.

Tornadoes have the power to destroy what no longer serves you. They can eradicate those behaviors or relationships you know are not in your best interest but for some reason you keep holding onto.

The tornado will destroy all of those leaving you with a blank slate to start all over again. Just the fact that you are aware of what is happening, will allow you to consciously make more positive choices that will serve you in a better way.

To better understand the meaning of your dreams you should look at it from two different perspectives.

First you want to understand the meaning behind the main subject, in this case the tornado. And then you want to look at it as a whole. What happened in the dream, how did you feel and how did it end? Did you conquer the problem or were you overtaken by it?

By putting these two aspects together you can understand what the dream is trying to tell you.

You also want to take your current situation in life into the mixture. The dream is trying to show you what is relevant for your own life in this particular moment in time, so taking those details into consideration can help you navigate life a lot easier.

If you are going through a situation in life where you feel that you are losing control and there is nothing you think you can do to change it, it is normal for tornados to show up in your dreams. The same thing can happen if you have a lot of suffering and sadness in your life.

But mainly, dreaming about tornados is linked to big changes and transformations, either on the way you see yourself and the world or in life itself.

Take into consideration how you feel in the dream. Do you feel at peace besides the chaos and destruction? If so, the changes will happen, but you will be able to overcome the challenges. But on the other hand, if you feel afraid or in some way have negative emotions, that it will affect you a lot more than you wished it would.

Whatever it is your dream is trying to show you, keep in mind that tornados are always temporary. They show up from nowhere and cause havoc and destruction, but when they go, they leave a sense of calmness and of hope for the future.

Recognize that you are being given an opportunity to build yourself up, to learn from life how to react to difficult situations and come out untouched on the other side.

Dreaming of seeing a tornado

Expect new challenges or new beginnings in your life. The old is being renewed giving space to new situations in your life. This may be a new career path or even a new relationship.

This sort of dream can also indicate you are going through a stressful situation at work or going through some difficulties in your relationship.

Understand that life will always have ups and downs, but you have all the resources within you to succeed and get to where you wish to be. Just accept the impermanence of life and you will see that you can overcome anything that comes your way.

Be more aware of your emotions and the way you react to people and circumstances. This dream may be telling you to be more in control of your own self.

Dreaming that a tornado destroys your house

Dreaming that a tornado is destroying your house may indicate the fear you feel of losing what is dear to you. Is your relationship going through a not so good phase? This dream may be showing you that if you do not take steps towards protecting what is important you may end up losing it.

This sort of dream can also show you that you are being given an opportunity to rebuild your life.

To work on yourself, become emotionally stronger and more resilient. You are entering a phase in your life where you can regain control over the health of your emotions and your feelings. 

Dreaming of your own death caused by a tornado

Dreaming that your death is caused by a tornado can show that you feel overwhelmed by a problem you think you cannot solve.

The dream is a reflection of your fears and sadness

. It can also be a representation of people around you that may be trying to control you and your behaviors, the tornado is showing you that you feel powerless to save yourself.

Dreaming that the tornado comes out of nowhere

This shows you are out of balance. Stop and think about what is going on in your life and how you can deal with the challenges. Future events may knock you out of balance, so take time to center yourself and regain some level of balance in your life.

Meditate, have a relaxing bath, or get a massage. Concentrate on what you need on a physical and on an emotional level.

Dreaming that someone you love dyes in a tornado

Do not see this dream as a premotion of your worst nightmare, see it instead as a projection of your fear of losing them.

Maybe something has happened that is making you appreciate your loved ones more than usual, or feel the fear of a potential loss. Do not take it literally.

Take more time to appreciate your loved ones and show them how much you care about them.

Dreaming you are inside a tornado shelter

This sort of dream shows that you are very aware of yourself and you always tend to make the right choices for you.

A dream like this shows that you tend to protect yourself from people who have not so good intentions towards you.

Dreaming of more than one tornado

If you are feeling overwhelmed with problems and situations, and you see more than one tornado in your dream, it means your dreams are definitely trying to show you that you need to step back and take some time to breathe.

Everything is becoming too intense and you may end up making mistakes or saying something you will regret in the future, if you do not take some time out.

This can also show you that you are being manipulated by different people, either on your personal or social life, or even on your working relationships. Pressure is coming from all fronts and you are being alerted to the fact that you are losing control.

It is also common for this sort of dream to come up when you have unstable people around you. If they are unpredictable and unreliable, it can bring up the fear of losing control and being led by someone else’s will.

Dreaming of more than one tornado may also show an imbalance on your life in general. It feels like you have lost control and are going down a downward spiral.

Keep in mind this is a temporary situation and all will return to normal very soon.

Dreaming with tornados several nights in a row

This shows you are not dealing with the pressure in a healthy way. You are letting external events take control of your emotions and you can no longer deal with the stress that this is causing.

Be yourself, life will always bring challenges, but you should not allow for them to control you. Look for ways in your life to find balance within yourself. Take time to listen to your body’s needs and relax.

Dreaming that you see a tornado at the distance

This kind of dream is usually related to the fear of an event that may be in the past or in the future.

Something that happened in your past that still affects you may need to be acknowledged and healed.

On the other hand, this may indicate your unconscious fear of what is to come. You are expecting problems, and you are unsure of how you will deal with them.

Suffering in advance of a situation will only make the situation worse, and you do not even know if it will ever come to pass.

This sort of dream can also indicate that challenges will come in the near future, but you will not be affected in any way. Expect a period of calmness.

Dreaming of being inside a tornado

This sort of dream indicates some kind of confusion. You are letting yourself go with the situation but there is no point of reference and you just keep spinning around. This shows that you are unsure of what path to follow, but you are strong and will not give up easily in the face of problems.

It also indicates that your plans may not come true exactly as you expected them to, some complications may come to pass, and you have no control over them.

This may also show that you are having problems with your own emotions. You are feeling overwhelmed and it is very difficult to take back your control. Be gentle with yourself and know that this is only temporary.

Believe in yourself and take time to look after your mental health, pay attention to your own needs and you will start seeing improvements in your life.

If you were planning to invest some money or start a new project, take your time to really evaluate your options.

Dreaming that a tornado destroys everything in its way

This can reflect your fear of losing everything you hold dear but can also be seen as an indication of new beginnings coming into your life.

Destruction usually brings about more positive and empowering changes, and this sort of dream is common when you are ready for the next step in your life. May be a career change or a new relationship.

Dreaming you are trying to escape from a tornado

You may be afraid of facing your problems and are trying to stay afloat, but the problem is already here. Do not hide from life, take responsibility for your feelings and actions and you will see how things gradually resolve themselves.

If in the dream you succeed and manage to escape the tornado, then you have nothing to worry about, you will succeed and overcome your challenges.

Dreaming that a tornado has been and gone

This dream can show you a new beginning, the problem you have been struggling with is now solved and you can start putting your life together again.

This is a time for calmness and for making new plans for the future.

This dream also shows how strong and resilient you can be, acknowledge that fact and celebrate life.

Dreaming of a tornado made of water

This sort of dream often shows that some kind of cleanse is happening in your life and you will be in a much better position once everything has calmed down. You will succeed.

Overcome your challenges and see your desires come true with little or no effort.

This dream can also indicate that you are avoiding facing deeper feelings. You have some difficulty in working through your feelings and emotions and this is a great time to start making progress in this area. Be patient and allow yourself to feel what you need to be feeling.

Dreaming about tornados can be frightening at first glance, but focus on the possibility for growth, healing and new beginnings that this sort of dream can bring you.

Also keep in mind how temporary these events can be, coming in unexpected and in such a powerful way but leaving just a short time later.

See these dreams as lessons you need to learn at this moment in time that will make you a lot stronger and resilient then you were before, allowing you to face future challenges in a much more graceful and easier way.