Dreams About Breaking Up – Meaning and Symbolism

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Throughout life people meet their potential life partners that they choose to date that person, while dating they meet each other and then decide if that person is the one for them.

The process of dating can be complicated sometimes and at that stage you should know if you want to proceed with that person or not.

Unfortunately with relationships you never really know what is going to happen that is why there are people who avoid settling down completely.

That fear is completely normal, maybe immature but not strange at all.

The idea od giving a part of you to someone and to trust them completely is scary because people can leave at any moment, you spend a lot of time with someone and you give them years and years of love but then one morning they just change their mind.

When thinking about it the whole idea of love is messed up, but at the end of the day we all just want that one person who loves us unconditionally for who we are.

As said earlier it is all messed up, you meet someone then you break up and after that you meet someone new.

Most of your life is all about finding your soulmate, for some people this becomes an obsession because they fear of being all alone in this world.

So 90% of the people have already broken up with someone or they will at least once in their life, of course there are people who fall in love and then they stay together forever.

There is no rule about these things, people come and people go that is life.

So break up can appear in your dreams for two main reasons: either you are going through one or you are scared to lose your partner so much that this appears in your dream.

If you are going through a break up right now it is completely natural to dream about it, the whole process of breaking up is stressful and painful so you mind can be over occupied with your emotions so it affects your subconscious state.

Or on the other hand if you are in a happily committed relationship, marriage these dreams appear because you are afraid of the thought that they could leave you for someone else or for something else.

On the other hand perhaps someone from your surrounding is going through a break up and that left a mark somewhere in your brain.

Another case scenario is that your parents or a married couple you have known for years is going through a divorce and that is hard for you to proceed or it comes out as a shock.


Break up in a dream can symbolise insecurity and mixed feelings about something.

It may represent the fact that you are holding onto something so tightly but even you know that you have to let go of it.

That doesn’t necessarily refer to relationships, perhaps you are still living in your past or perhaps you are still working somewhere where you do not belong.

There are numbers of reasons that might be a cause of the appearance of this type of a dream.

These dreams may also represent your current state of mind, you feel overwhelmed for a particular reason.

Breaking up in a dream may suggest that something is coming to an end very soon and you are already aware of that but you do not accept it.

Maybe this dream is a clear message from your subconscious to change your perspective and your way of thinking because it is making a negative impact in your life.

Your habits determine your future,  they are created by your mind so when you are focusing on the wrong things instead of self-improvement then you are likely to have a huge problem at some point in your life.

It is kind of a defence mechanism from your mind, you will always be hurt or disappointed if you do not start with accepting things that cannot be changed.

Just try and see things as they are and accept the course of this life because change is what life is all about so you can deny it or accept it and move along with it

There are so many reasons for a break up and there are so many ways to break up with someone.

Some break ups are peaceful while others are a ticking time bomb.

When a couple breaks up it doesn’t necessarily mean that they lack love, but perhaps they want different things out of this life or for example one wants to have kids while other one doesn’t even want to hear the idea of having them.

Other reasons could be cheating, lying, not appreciating or making time for a partner, moving into a different country, being separated for too long, etc.

You can have a dream about break up in all sorts of scenarios , perhaps you are breaking up with a person that you do not even know.

All of that has a special meaning, sometimes deep but other times it is a product of everyday thoughts.

Dreams are tricky sometimes, they reveal your deepest fears and desires as well as your troubles and mistakes so while finding the meaning behind your dream keep in mind that you need to remember all of those details well.

These dreams are not good or a bad sign, they reflect on you and your life so don’t worry this dream doesn’t mean that you are going to really break up with a partner of course if you even have one.

The Most Common Dreams About Break Up

Dreaming about your boyfriend or a girlfriend not wanting to break up with you- If you had a dream like this in which your partner is not willing to break up with you or if he/she is begging you not to break up with them then this type of a dream could mean that you are likely to face some troubles in your near future.

Perhaps these troubles will be caused by your poor judgment and bad decisions.

You are having hard time with choosing one thing, you are everywhere and you want to do everything at the same time but that is not possible well it is but the only thing you are  going to get from that is a disaster.

The things is that you want something just because you are afraid to lose it and that is not a good reason to have it.

Try to discover yourself and your desires and then make decision based on that, stop holding things just because you are scared that when you release it someone else will take the chance.

What is meant for you will find you but you can’t just sit around and wait for it to find you.

If you want a more organized life then focus on it and turn that thought into reality.

If you have trouble while deciding between two things then try and make a pro or con list if everything else fails, but you should follow your mind as well as your heart.

Decisions are important and they can make your life a great experience so choose them wisely without making a big deal about your past mistakes keep moving forward.

Dreaming about breaking up with your partner- If you had a dream like this in which you are breaking up with your partner then this type of a dream is a sign that you are actually considering the idea of breaking up with your current partner.

Perhaps things between you have been cold and troubling lately, so you are thinking about ending the suffering but you should not be to quick while making this decision because relationships do go through a tough patch at some point then they go back to normal so be careful.

If you are not romantically involved with someone then this type of a dream appears because you are pretending to be something you are not or perhaps you are trying to hide your true self for a certain reason.

You are not acting like yourself maybe it is because you are going through something troubling right now or maybe you have lost your path along the way somewhere.

But this is nothing to be too upset about, it happens to everyone do relax but you need to find the source of your problem and focus on finding solutions to it.

There are lots of activities that could help you with gaining confidence and with finding yourself, remember the things you loved to do and do them.

Dreaming about your partner demanding a break up- If you had a dream like this where your partner is demanding a separation or a break up then this type of a dream is connected with your low self-esteem.

Your confidence is way too low so you are selling yourself short, people love this because they can take advantage of you at any time.

So don’t let them, this dream is a message for you to be more aware of your own potential and your strengths.

If you are in a relationship then this type of a dream appears because you feel like your significant other is using you in a certain way.

Perhaps you feel like they are manipulating you into getting what they want from you, perhaps they are the reason for your low self-esteem.

Do not let anyone make you feel like you are not good enough for something or that you are stupid, not ready that is up to you to decide so don’t let others do that for you.

Dreaming about your partner offering to break up- If you had a dream like this in which your partner is simply implying that you two are not working well together and that you should consider splitting apart then this dream is actually a sign that you are not really clicking with the other person, this could be a friendship not necessarily a relationship.

You are simply not meant to have a stronger or longer relationship with that person but you refuse to accept that which leads to new problems like overthinking, anxiety, unnecessary stress, etc.

All of this could be avoided if you just face the reality and stop making excuses for what isn’t right for you.

That person, either your lover or a friend, is not right for you now maybe they will be right for you later in life or maybe you will realize throughout time that they were never really there to be a permanent part of your life.

People come to teach you things also, they are lessons and temptations which don’t stay in your life.

So focus on the ones that love you no matter what and that are there for you, you do not have to be something else around these people and those are the real ones in your life.

Dreaming about your partner breaking up with you for no reason at all- This happens even if you think it doesn’t and even if you think that someone has to tell you the reason behind their decision.

If you had a dream like this where your partner is breaking up with you for no reason at all, they are just trying to end it as soon as possible, then this type of a dream is actually a sign that you are going to experience a certain situation that will unexpectedly turn your life around.

So perhaps something will happen or someone will enter your life without you expecting it, this is going to be a great experience for you if you accept it.

If you are scared of change then this dream is a sign for you to prepare yourself for upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Dreaming about your partner leaving- If you had a dream like this where your partner is leaving you then this type of a dream can be an indication on possible negative changes coming into your life.

If you are in a relationship and if you had that bad feeling that your partner is hiding something or acting strange then those  assumptions are true.

Perhaps your partner had something else going on without you knowing anything about it so there is a chance that they will actually leave you.

But it doesn’t mean that scenario will happen there is a chance that this dream is a product of your fear, perhaps you are so afraid to lose that person that you are driving yourself insane just by the thought of them abandoning you.