Church – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

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Church is a building or well a sacred, holy place in which Christians go to in order to pray and follow their religion.

So church has been founded by Jesus Christ in order to bring true believers closer into a community that will bring them answers and peace.

While observing churches there are a lot of different architectural techniques, inside of most churches you can witness different pictures and mosaics of Jesus and his followers.

Sunday is a holy day for Christians where they have to go to church to pray.

Inside of a church there are a lot of benches for people to sit so they can listen to the lecture or something else that is going on in that moment.

It is in the nature of people to sin, they all make mistakes because they can never be perfect only God is, so it is natural for people to hope for a bigger force like God in order to seek forgiveness for their previous sins.

Religions are pretty complex topic to talk, think, write about and there are endless views of it.

But everyone is aware that every religion has its own building in which they complete their religion.

So church can be designed in so many different ways, they are unique because of  their architectural designs and techniques.

It is also recognizable for the songs and groups of people that gather around to make a choir.

So appearance of church in a dream is usually closely connected with spirituality, perhaps a desire that a person has to make amend for his previous mistakes or to become a better person in general.

This dream doesn’t necessarily mean that a person wants to become religious but it does mean that he or she wants to be a better human being, nicer, kinder, compassionate, understanding.

Of course this dream could be an indication that a person wants to become a Catholic, especially if their surrounding is that way.

Sometimes in certain families parents push their children into church as soon as they can  they try to teach them morals and to raise them in that way but the problem here is when you push someone in to doing something they run away from you.

So if you are in a position where your parents or family are forcing you to follow their tradition and their religion then you have this pressure inside and all of that is the reason for the appearance of church in your dream.


Religion is not something that is forced, people have to embrace their own way of seeing it and believing in it because if you are doing something just because someone else wants you to then there is no happiness in that and this is another reason for these types of dreams.

Church may also symbolize inner strength, perhaps even your stability and wealth.

If for some time a person has been sinful, if he made some huge mistakes then this type of a dream pops up because you want to move on from them in a healthy way.

So there are a lot of different scenarios that could happen in this type of a dream.

If you had a dream like this then you shouldn’t worry about it because in most cases these dreams do not represent something bad, and of course  have to remember scenario and the feeling you had in your dream in order to find a meaning for it.

The Most Common Dreams About Church

Dreaming about praying inside of a church – If you had a dream like this in which you are praying in a church then this type of a dream may suggest that you are not satisfied with the course of your life.

So you are revaluating your life, and after some realizations you have a feeling like youare not doing anything right at this point.

Perhaps you have made some sins or actions that you wanted to do so badly but now you see how they damaged you.

For example you slept around with a lot of sexual partners, you were in a phase of constantly drinking alcohol or doing drugs, even pretending to be something you are not can cause the damage as these actions.

You want to be on the right path and you are thinking about the ways to go back to it.

Just remember that not even God will help you if you do not start with changing yourself, thinking about it is one thing but actually wanting it and doing it is a whole another level so if you want to be a better person then start making a change in your behaviour and in your actions.

Dreaming about worshipping God in a church – If you had a dream like this in which you see yourself worshipping God in a church then this type of a dream may indicate on a certain guidance.

It means that you are going to find someone or you already have someone that will help you with your problems.

That person will also try and show you a whole new perception of this world, you will soon realize that you have endless possibilities.

Dreaming about singing in a church – If you had a dream like this in which you are singing in a church then this type of a dream suggests that you are finding a balance for your goals and your morals.

It means that you are not going to sacrifice one in order to get the other.

This will empower you and your path will be a great course to success.

Dreaming about cleaning a church – If you had a dream like this in which you are cleaning the church then this type of a dream may be a sign of redemption.

Because of your past and all of the things that you did even though you knew that they were bad now you feel guilty and you feel like your heart is dirty.

So cleaning a church in a dream is actually a representation that you are cleaning your mind and heart from previous bad choices or that you are planning to do so.

Dreaming about a dead individual in a church – If you had a dream like this in which you see a dead person laying there inside of a church then this type of a dream could mean that you are either getting closer to a nervous breakdown or that you will experience the fall of your financial state.

This type of a dream may shaken the dreamer especially if that person is someone that they know.

Dreaming about a church wedding – If you had a dream like this in which you are witnessing a wedding inside of a church then this type of a dream is a sign that you are not truly sure if your partner is the one for you in a religious way.

Or not in a religious way, perhaps not in a moral way.

For example you do not want to have intercourse with someone before marriage, but your partner is pushing you to do so because everyone else is doing it or perhaps you believe in God and that person doesn’t.

Maybe you love helping people while your partner is ignorant about that.

There are different examples about this type of a situation.

Dreaming about church offering – If you had a dream like this about church offering then this type of a dream is an indication on letting some things go.

Not materialistic things of course.

it means letting go of bad habits, toxic people, negative point of view, poor choices, etc.

If you want to proceed with your goal or with a religion in this case you have to be ready to let some things go.

Dreaming about church priest – If you had a dream like this about a church priest then this type of a dream means that you need some kind of a path .

You need people that will show you which one to take, how to create one or how to follow your goals in a right way.

Perhaps you will see this person as a teacher just like in Karate Kid, he or she will teach you certain techniques that will help you along the way.

Everyone needs some help from time to time so do not be afraid to ask for it when you really need it, of course you cannot just sit around and do nothing while someone else is doing it for you.

Dreaming about a church choir- If you had a dream like this in which you are either a part of a church choir or if you are listening to a church choir then this type of a dream is a sign that your life will soon be filled with positive people.

You will possibly meet new people somewhere and they are going to be fantastic in every way,  and plus they will be on the right track.

It means that these people won’t be the kind that ruins your life or that leads you in a wrong way  these are the ones that guide you to be better than you were yesterday and they repeat it every single day.

This could be a great experience for you if you do not ruin it for yourself because of your trust issues and insecurities.

It is normal to have them especially after certain situations where you have seen the worst in people but not everyone is like that, you will never know if you do not give people the chance to prove you wrong.

You should always be cautious and you should never depend on people but that is called a boundary and that so much more different and healthier than to close yourself from the world.

Dreaming about burning a church – If you had a dream like this in which you are burning a church on fire then this dream is a sign that there are temptations in your life.

If you bow to them you will sin and possibly lose your faith and morals but they are dragging you to embrace them.

This is all up to you, but before making an irrational decision remember that you are ruining everything that you have worked for.

Alcohol, gambling, drugs, sex those things are bringing temporary happiness but they are also bringing severe consequences that ruin people’s lives for good.

Is it truly worth it just ask yourself that question.

Dreaming about satanic church – This dream may be scary, uncomfortable but it actually doesn’t mean that you are going to be possessed or something like that.

It means that you will meet someone with a whole different perspective and a whole another life.

You could learn a lot from that person if you use the chance to do so.