Dream of Haunted House – Meaning and Symbolism

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Haunted house appears in horror movies all the time there are even movies called the haunted house, while watching them you are always expecting some kind of a ghost to pop up or a demon whatever it is that is haunting that house.

There are stories which are based on true experiences, people have seen a lot of strange activities going on in their homes.

For example lets take the most known story about Blair witch, most people are familiar with it.

So Blair’s were a family that moved into a new home and now there are different versions about the appearance of the witch, but after that it was like she possessed the house everyone was acting strange especially their daughter.

Scary isn’t it, but according to today’s research there is a chance that their daughter was mentally ill or that she wanted the attention and that is why she was acting like that but who can really tell?

There are stories and situations in which a family moves into a new house where a previous owner died or has been killed.

So after moving in and starting living there, new owners experience like someone is watching them or being in a room with them.

All of that is followed with noises around the house, strange situations, certain furniture not being in the same place like the day before.

There are actually people that can confirm that the ghost was attacking them, in the morning they had bruises that weren’t there the day before.

Some people do not believe in ghosts or haunted buildings but others do not agree on that.

While haunting a house that ghost can enter a body of a person, that is why after moving in somewhere a certain member of a family starts acting different and spooky.

A house can be haunted by the demon or ghosts as we know, they can enter objects according to Annabelle movie and Conjuring universe.

So there is a possibility that the house is not haunted that some kind of a object is and people cannot figure that out at that given moment.

Earlier Annabelle was mentioned, this movie is showing that the doll is haunted by a certain demon, that demon didn’t really come there on his own actually that part is revealed in second part of the movie.

The thing is that you can summon something inside of your house so you can be the reason behind all of that it isn’t necessarily the fault of something else.


And after Conjuring actors said that they did feel strange like something from that set is haunting them, exactly in those words.

Something is haunting them but is that real or is it just a feeling?

There are people who go to those haunted houses with the equipment to hear ghosts that are there, and there are a lot of different vibrations sometimes they even hear a formed word coming from that machine.

Believe it or not some things shouldn’t be messed around with, there is a truth in these things as well as lies but hopefully no one finds out.

Dreams about a haunted house may appear because of a fear from a haunted house actually.

Maybe you had a certain situation that made you believe in these things so that appears in your dreams.

Or if you are a fan of following horrors, scary stories, different theories about haunted houses or building then it is natural for all of it to appear in your dream and to scare you of course.

These dreams do not mean that your house is actually haunted or that it is going to be haunted, these dreams are a reflection of your current state of mind.

No one really wants to have these dreams but you cannot control your dream state  adn dreaming about a haunted house is actually a nightmare.

They are common with children as well.

Haunted house in a dream symbolises poor state of mind as well as lack of growth.

But also these dream may indicate that you are not feeling safe in your own home for a certain reason, perhaps somewhere near you something dangerous happened and now you are not so sure if you are safe.

Lack of growth is a very dangerous situation, how will you improve your life if you are the same person you were a year ago?

You constantly have to grow and evolve that is what this dream is all about, it is telling you actually your subconscious is telling you that it is time to get out of your comfort zone so that you could experience life the right way.

These dreams also indicate on you arrogance, your need to be always right so in other words these dreams are representing your toxic traits that you have to get rid of at some point hopefully very soon.

You can have a lot of different types of this dream, you could see a certain ghost or you could be attacked by it in your home, perhaps you are seeing a haunted house from far away or perhaps you are living in one.

Whatever the dream is about there are certain meaning that will help you with understanding the message from this dream.

So remember that sometimes these dreams do not even have a meaning they are the product of your daily thought but again dreams do appear for a reason.

When you find your message be sure to start fixing your mistakes as soon as possible.

The Most Common Dreams About a Haunted House

Dreaming about standing in front of a haunted house – If you had a dream like this in which you are standing right in front of a haunted house then this type of a dream is a sign of possible betrayal.

A certain person from your life is not truly your friend,  this person may be plotting something that will definitely hurt and damage you.

There is a chance that you are suspecting something strange and your feeling is right, so if you do have this type of a dream be sure to remove that person if you have some guesses.

If not then be extra cautious, step back from that group and be alone for a while.

The sad thing is that the betrayal always comes from the ones we would never expect.

And always put yourself and your feelings first in these situations because if you don’t you are just too easy to fool around with.

Dreaming about being inside of an haunted house – If you had a dream like this in which you are being inside of a certain haunted house then this type of a dream represents your low self-esteem.

It may be caused after a certain situation for example a break up, rejection, poor results or failing at something.

This dream appears because your subconscious is aware that you are being too hard on yourself.

It is sending you a message to be more loving towards yourself.

There are many ways to improve your confidence and the main part is loving yourself for who you are, accepting everything about yourself the good and the bad.

Then you start doing something that you truly love to do, this activity should bring you joy and calmness.

Remember that everyone fails at some point, everyone gets dumped and everyone goes through insecurities but no one should stay there for too long.

You always have to move forward especially when you do not want to do so.

Because if you do not move then you are choosing to stay in a place which is so miserable that it even projects into depression, so is it harder to keep moving a little bit and then get out of it or to stay there for a long time suffering?

All of that is your call.

Dreaming about living in a house which is haunted by something – If you had a dream like this in which you are living in a haunted house then this type of a dream represents that you are on a seriously wrong path in your life.

So what does this mean?

You left your old self and your old way of living so that you could experience life the way everyone does but why?

For temporary pleasures you are damaging yourself and your life.

It is too late to bring back the way it used to be but it is not too late to start again.

Dreaming about dying in a haunted house – If you had a dream like this in which you are being killed or you are dying from a natural cause in a haunted house then this type of a dream is a sign that you are actually pretty lazy.

All you do is talk about doing something big without actually taking any action in doing so.

You are constantly looking to go through everything the easiest way possible which will cost you at a certain point even if you don’t think so.

If you want to accomplish greatness you have to be ready to sacrifice a lot of things, firstly sleep then everything else.

Dreaming about seeing a ghost in a haunted house – If you had a dream like this in which you are seeing a ghost while being inside of a haunted house then this type of a dream is connected with your deceased friends or family members.

Perhaps they are sending you a certain message, maybe warning you about something or they are just passing by and stopping to see you.

And again this doesn’t necessarily mean that there are ghosts with you, this dream could also be a sign that you are going to face your biggest fear.

Or that you will meet someone who won’t stay long in your life.

There is also a chance that this type of a dream means that you are feeling like you are being watched by someone, your enemies for instance or by your parents.

Dreaming about a haunted house that is familiar to you – If you had a dream like this in which you are seeing a haunted house that you recognize somehow then this type of a dream means that you are either watching too much horror movies or that that house is real actually.

So by saying that the house is real it doesn’t mean that it is haunted it just means that this may be a house from your childhood and the fact that it is haunted in your dreams may represent that it is that house or something that happened there which is haunting you.

If it was a traumatic experience like previous violence or something else then you should seek therapist or other professional help.

Some things require patience and help so do not be afraid to ask for it.

Firstly you need to accept that you have a problem so the days of ignorance are gone.

Dreaming about going through rooms in a haunted house – If you have a dream like this then the meaning depends on the rooms you have visited in your dream.

So it may be a sign of poor diet, poor hygiene, poor sleeping schedule, so every room has a meaning.

Focus on the room and focus on what it could be telling you, and sometimes this dream doesn’t mean anything  and it is not very common at all.