Moth Dream Meaning

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These dreams are not so common, but they are important.

Moths in a dream can carry a very valuable piece of advice if you know how to figure it out.

The thing is moths in a dream do not carry a good meaning, in most cases they represent something bad.

In a dream they symbolize losing someone or something from your life.

They also represent depression, negative thought, anxiety, lacking confidence and lacking the awareness of your own potential.

They can also be a sign of possible health issues that may appear if they already didn’t.

Moths are not friendly creatures, you realize they are there when you see that your wardrobe is ruined.

So they can also represent new enemies, endings of relationships and friendships, also possible fights and new issues.

They are the sign of new challenges and rough patch on your way.

Moths in a dream could appear in different ways, everything that happens in your dream should be analysed and remembered so that you can find your true meaning behind it.

Sometimes moths are not that important in the dream world because they appear when you for example find them in awakening life or if you read about them or hear about them.

That kind of information from your life in most cases can be a reason for the appearance of dreams in general.

Everything we hear or say stays in our subconscious without our control, so it reflects in our dream state.

So moths may appear in different scenarios but do not worry you will find a real meaning behind your dream.

The Most Common Dreams About Moth

Dreaming of moth in your bedroom – If you had a dream like this in which there is a presence of moth inside of your bedroom then this type of a dream is a sign of issues in your personal life, regarding your family or relationships.


Bedroom is supposed to be a space which gives us privacy and where we can be ourselves completely, also we rest our mind and body there.

So with presence of moth in it then it means that someone is trying to force themselves in your personal space which can be family.

Sometimes family members do not value privacy and it is important to build up certain boundaries so that they do not act that way.

And sometimes this is a sign that they are toxic and that they cannot wait to find out about your personal life so they have something to discuss about.

Be careful around everyone and never let anyone disrupt your peace, not even family that means the world to you.

And of course this type of a dream may be a sign of possible issues with your partner about boundaries maybe you or your partner are crossing some boundaries that were not meant to be crossed.

Dreaming of a dead moth – If you had a dream like this in which you see a dead moth then this type of a dream is a representation of your selfish behaviour and egocentric thoughts.

Because you do not care about others you will lose a lot of people, your behaviour is becoming unbearable to them and this is not good at all.

Is your selfishness really that important to you, do you really think that someone is going to stay there for you so that you can use them when you feel like it.

Beautiful connections will be ruined, and if you want to restore them then first work on yourself and on your poor mind-set .

Change yourself and then talk with people.

Dreaming of a moth in a bed – If you had a dream like this in which you are seeing a moth in your own bed then this type of a dream is not a good sign at all.

This type of a dream means that you are likely to have some major problems with your lover, and this time you won’t be so sure if you are going to make it.

It is also a sign of lies and betrayal, not necessarily from your partner.

Perhaps friendship you thought you had with someone is not really that important to them as it is to you.

People may use you in order to complete their goals.

Dreaming of a moth standing on a wall – If you had a dream like this in which you are looking at a moth that is standing on a wall then this type of a dream may be a sign of possible difficulties that are made by your own mind.

Currently you are yours biggest enemy, you are holding anger and fear inside of yourself so you overthink everything and just create problems to deal with .

It also means that you need to start changing yourself because your behaviour is toxic and unhealthy.

Dreaming about a moth on your head – If you had a dream like this in which there is a moth standing on your head then this type of a dream may be a sign of possible bad environment.

This means that you are not in a great environment and that people there are not really that good for you.

They have their own old way of thinking and a poor perception of this world which makes it unbearable to listen to them.

But just mind your own business and at some point move away from there if you can.

Dreaming of a huge moth –If you had a dream like this in which you are seeing an enormous moth somewhere then this type of a dream may be a sign of your difficulty, if you see a huge moth then that means that you are going through a really bad situation.

You do not see the exit or resolution to your problem, it is stressful and it is too much.

Perhaps you should ask for help if you didn’t already because you will need it.

This situation is slowly but surely negatively affecting your health which means that you are going to be ill if you do not take care of yourself.

If you do not have any problem currently it means that the big one will soon arrive do be ready for it when it does, if that is even possible.

Dreaming about moth on your body – If you had a dream like this in which you are seeing moth on your body then this type of a dream is a sign of lies.

It means that you will hear a lot of unnecessary information and some lies that are not believable.

All of this will cause a strong reaction from you so you won’t be really welcomed at the houses of your neighbours.

You are ruining their fun so they will not like that very much at all.

But of course you won’t be so moved by it, you do not even like those people.

Which is another meaning behind this dream, you are currently miserable in that surrounding so you should think about changing it somehow.

Maybe movement is not really that great of an option for you if you are not financially stable but try to find a way.

You shouldn’t spend your life somewhere where you are never happy or excited.

There are places with fantastic neighbours that will be your cup of tea so move towards better life.

Dreaming of seeing a moth in general – Meaning behind a dream like this is not so great, these types of dreams are a sign of disappointment and poor results.

If you do have a dream like this in which you see a moth somewhere then this type of a dream also represents stubbornness and a tough nature.

Maybe this trait will cost you later, and past mistakes you have made have some consequences that are soon arriving into your life .

Nothing will be under control but not for too long, at some point everything will turn around in a beautiful way and you won’t have difficulties like this in your life so what you truly need is patience and hope.

When you feel like everything is falling apart remember that you are not the only one who feels that way and who is going through some really bad problems.

And keep in mind that this life will past in a second so why are you still worrying about it.

Dreaming of a white moth – If you had a dream like this in which you are dreaming about a white moth then this type of a dream is a sign that you are scared of losing people you love.

And also this type of a dream is a sign of possible health issues that someone from your family may experience in near future.

You do not like the thought of someone you love going away from you but remember that the ones who truly love us never really leave us.

So face that fear as soon as possible because it may hold you back later.