Dreams About Bulls – Meaning and Interpretation

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It is very common to dream of animals of all kinds, be they domestic or wild, more pleasant, or more repulsive, such as cockroaches or snakes. And some of the dreams with animals that have the most symbolic force are those of bulls.

Dreams about Bulls – Meaning

Since ancient times, the bull has symbolized strength and passion and has been related to sexuality and fertility, so if you dream of bulls, its meaning can tell you a lot about your love life.

If a fighting bull appears in your dreams, it may have a fully sexual meaning, perhaps because you are unhappy with this aspect of your life and need to change something.

If in your dream you are surrounded by bulls without a hostile attitude, the most frequent interpretation is that of a premonition of a marriage proposal. Or it may be your own reflections on the need for more commitment in your relationship.

In any case, the bull appears in dreams when your subconscious wants to warn you of some hidden passion, of some frustration that you have to resolve or of the need for you to take control of your most primary impulses, not only related to sexuality, but also with your behavior towards others and at work.

But dreaming of bulls is not only interpreted in terms of love, it is also related to your work life and money. If in your dream you see yourself being chased by a bull, be alert because it is warning you of labor or financial problems.

So get ready to fight the bull, because if you manage to beat him, you will solve the problems yourself.

A negative interpretation also has to receive a goring from the bull, and more than money, this dream speaks of betrayals and deceptions in the field of social relationships. And if in your dream the bull is dead, it is time to stop and think why you have run out of illusions in the workplace.

Your dreams speak of power and money when you see yourself bathed in bull’s blood, as it reflects your desire to achieve success at work and to achieve a leadership role both at work and in your relationships.

But, without a doubt, the best omen is found if a white bull appears in your dream, as it means a lot of money and prosperity.

We have already anticipated some situations that you can find in your dreams with bulls, but there is more. There are some frequent dreams that include this animal with such powerful symbolism.

Dream of a white bull – It is a sign that times of abundance and prosperity are about to come into your life.

But we must clarify this aspect, all those wonderful and special things that are going to happen to you are not marked by your dream, by premonitions or by destiny, simply the white bull tells you that you are in the best moment for success, to achieve your goals and to increase your well-being.

Dream of a black bull – It has several meanings depending on the emotions it conveys to you. If you notice fear or anguish it is because you fear the strength of that black bull that you dream of, because you feel vulnerable and you believe that someone can harm you.

On the other hand, if your emotions are positive when dreaming of a black bull, it is because you are ready to start a great transformation, a great renewal that will change your life.


Dream about Bulls – Symbolism

What does it mean to dream of bulls? Dreams with animals and their meanings vary according to countries and cultures; because, for example, the meaning of dreaming of bulls is not the same for a Spaniard (where they fight) than for an Englishman; as it is not the same to dream of cows for an Indian (where they are highly respected and sacred animals) than for an American.

Depending on which animal we dream of, the interpretation of the dream will have multiple characteristics and all of them very different from each other, so for example dreaming of bulls is associated with masculine ideas such as strength, clearly in opposition to dreaming of a cow which it is associated with motherhood and protection.

We must analyze in detail and specifically the image and function of the bull in our dreams, but relating it to the rest of the elements that appear. And so we can obtain a positive or negative translation.

As we mentioned before, the bull symbolizes masculine traits, such as vigor and power, but also stubbornness and stubbornness.

Dreaming of a bull can be analyzed as an exaggerated male fertility and sexual energy; that is to say, an exaggeration of masculinity and sexual impulsivity. The expression “is strong as a bull” is known to all.

In many other fantasies, the bull is analyzed as a pronounced and strong character; as an impulsive person and perhaps even with an inordinate impetus.

In this case, the meaning of dreaming about bulls is related to positions close to brutality and rudeness.

Dreams with bulls must be classified in two different ways, we mean according to the sex of the dreamer, qualifying it in both points as power or authority but varying.

Thus, if the one who dreams of it is a man, he will carry a desire to dominate and conquer, before a situation that happens to him; but if the person who dreams is a woman, the idea of ​​sexuality and a desire for adventure will be remarkable, even involving infidelity to the partner. Perhaps caused by unfulfilled sexual urges or even impotence.

A clear symbol of the dream with bulls are the horns, which also have a sexual content, related to a warning regarding a still existing relationship that may be having a bad time and that entails doubts regarding trust and love and that everything this leads to an imminent breakdown. It is vulgarly said that they are cheating on you.

We define this dream as a totally clarifying dream, because the dreamer is going through a stage in life, in which he begins to see clearly what he wants and what he wants.

The dreamer is able to say no too many proposals, in order to achieve his goal; and that project is more and more present and clear in his mind. They are much more sensible people than they appear.

Dream Symbol Bulls – The Spiritual Interpretation

Dreaming that you are a bull – It is one of the most frequent dreams when you find yourself in that moment of security, good self-esteem and self-confidence. Congratulations, because you have reached that long-awaited point of emotional balance and physical, mental and psychological strength.

Dream of a bull in a labyrinth – It surely reminds you of the story of the Minotaur. Without the need for the dream to turn into a nightmare, it reflects a moment of confusion and doubts that you do not know how to get out of. Maybe you can’t find meaning in your life, you’ve lost motivation and enthusiasm and now you don’t know which path to choose.

Dreaming of a bullfight – It is not one of the most pleasant dreams. Without going into ethical considerations, in bullfighting there is violence, there is blood and there is death. All this within a macabre show of which you, as a dreamer, are also part. It is convenient to wake up as soon as possible and review what you are doing against your values.

Those moments of indecision, when you don’t feel strong enough to make a firm decision or to regain control of your life. In your dream you talk to the bull to see if he transmits a little of his strength, a little of his power to you. Listen well to what that bull says, take good care of your dreams because in them you find the strength you need.

If we dream of an aggressive bull that looks at us defiantly, we are obliged to associate it with an alert sign, a warning about a situation that we are going through in real life and that we do not perceive with the degree of seriousness that it implies. We are talking about a warning before a danger that we probably cannot overcome and that will force us to flee.

Represents tranquility in life. We are aware that we are facing a phase in which patience, calm and serenity reign, and there are no fears or dangers, at least as long as the bull does not become a brave bull.

It can be a fight in the broad sense of the word, which either we know how to deal with it with art and audacity, or we run the risk of seeing ourselves “bullied” and its consequences.

On a professional level, if we are in a difficult work situation, the dream informs us that we must face it, we must be brave and “take the bull by the horns”.

It may be that the bull is the problem that we refuse to face and whose solution is not to flee forward but to solve it.

The image of the bull has been used in most cultures, each with a different meaning.

For example in America the buffalo implies robustness, especially masculine firmness, while in Egypt it was a sacred god or in Greece a symptom of rebellion or disobedience towards superiors.


Having clarified the meanings of dreams with the most frequent bulls, it is necessary to reflect on the symbolism of the bull so that you can link it to your vital context and better understand what you are dreaming about.

Bulls have been sacred animals in many cultures for their potency, which translates into strength and power.

Do you have it in your life or do you need it? Only you can know that, but always remember that we all have great strength and many resources within us that make us powerful. You just have to find them, but they are there.

The sexual aspect of dreams with bulls is not negligible, which in many cases can turn into curious or creepy erotic dreams.

The bull is the sexual animal par excellence, so try to extract from your dream all the magic you need to reinvent your intimate life. Strength and passion is what you can achieve when dreaming of bulls.

And last but not least, abundance. Many times we understand abundance and prosperity as money or a job promotion and it may be what you want in your case, but it is not always like that.

Abundance can also be spiritual, it can also be inner, and that kind of inner wealth that leads you to understand what it really is to be happy.

And you? Have you ever dreamed of bulls? You can tell us about your dreams in The Art of Dreaming and we help you interpret them. Dive into your subconscious!