Dreams About Flowers – Meaning and Interpretation

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Flowers symbolize joy, positive feelings, and spiritual strength. Dreaming of flowers can give us a lot of information about ourselves, although not all the meanings of flowers in dreams are positive.

Discover in our dream dictionary all the related meanings of dreaming about flowers.

Dreams about Flowers – Meaning

You may often dream of flowers, bouquets, flowers that grow wild, withered flowers, or flower petals.

The interpretation of dreams with flowers varies greatly but follows the logic of beauty versus sterile. Bouquets of fresh flowers often signify abundance and happiness.

Good news at work, in the form of new job opportunities, increase in land or job recognition is announced in those dreams in which flowers bloom in the middle of a barren field, or when you dream of flowers that grow spontaneously in the field.

On the contrary, if you dream of withered flowers, you can imagine a negative meaning in the form of disappointments in love, work or with friends.

One detail of dreams with flowers that you should pay attention to is whether the flower petals become important.

Because the petals symbolize sensitivity, in this case yours. Be careful if the petals you dream of are dry because it means that it will be your own attitude that alienates the people you love the most. Maybe you are being critical of others.

In the interpretation of dreams with flowers, the type of flower you dream of acquires vital importance.

Both roses and carnations speak of your sentimental life, of love, of passion, of an unexpected romance, but also of friendship, of your social relationships.

Logically, the symbolism of flowers is very varied. In real life, many people associate flowers with the arrival of spring, other people as a show of love or affection towards others (Giving a bouquet of red or white roses), as a show of respect towards a being that leaves us (a center in a burial).

However, in the dream world, flowers represent other very interesting aspects.

Logically much of this interpretation is about the dream flower, it does not have the same meaning to dream of roses and carnations to dream of daisies. So, what does it mean to dream of flowers on a general level?

Usually dream interpreters suggest that dreaming about flowers signifies feelings of joy, bliss, hope, positive and optimistic outlook on life. Perhaps you are going through a period full of harmony and

Dreaming of flowers of different colors. It is a very common dream to perceive a variety of colors in flowers when dreaming. It usually indicates that you have an open vision in life.


Positive mind and open to new stimuli. You accept things as they come. You are usually a person who adapts easily to unexpected turns.

Dreaming of flowers can indicate emotional stability. Being happy with yourself and going through a time of stability and harmony can lead to this type of dream.

It is not an external beauty but of the mind. Every day, you feel more comfortable with yourself and with what life gives you.

Dreaming of flowers indicates both giving and receiving. You should not only receive love, respect, generosity, etc. from others.

This relationship must be reciprocal. Remember that if the flowers (relationships) are not watered they end up withering. Learn to care for those around you. Read more when dreaming about gifts.

Dreams about Flowers – Interpretation

Flowers symbolize perfection and spirituality. Sometimes they are represented as symbols of love, joy and happiness; however, they are also related to sad aspects, such as an apology or even a funeral.

When we dream of flowers related to the fear that we can feel before something, we forget the good things that flowers can also bring us. We have to remember the dream well because depending on each person and the details involved in the message, its meaning varies a lot.

For example, if we dream of green flowers it means that there is a lot of envy and jealousy in your life, on the other hand, if we dream of purple flowers it means that you will be very successful soon; that is to say, two very opposite situations.

Thus we observe that the details of each dream are important, so we should not discredit them. You have to keep an eye on the details in order to better understand the messages that the dream brings you.

Dream About Growing Flowers – This dream shows that you have great potential, but that for some reason you are afraid to show the world. So start showing what talent you have and what you can do better than other people. Start making your dreams come true.

Dream of white flowers – The color white always brings us peace, and therefore dreaming of a flower of this color should mean peace, tranquility, and relaxing states, right? Well, it’s not like that. Dreaming of white flowers means that a lot of anguish and sadness surround your path due to the things that make you be imprisoned. You should get rid of some addictions before it’s too late.

Dream about blue flowers – The meaning of this dream varies depending on the shade of the color blue. If it is light blue and luminous it means that your life is going to be filled with calm, serenity and tranquility; if on the contrary the blue is dark, it will represent remorse and regret for some wrong attitudes that you have had lately.

Dream About Red Flowers – Usually, the dream about red flowers brings a passion full of desire in a person’s life, but it can also signify anger and jealousy in some situations. Be aware of what these bad feelings bring you and avoid this danger.

Dream about pink flowers – That dream means that you have a love that will bring affection and tenderness to your relationship, and that it will also be something innocent, which you have never experienced before. You will have for the first time new experiences full of surprises and joys.

Dream about yellow flowers – Everything that is to come according to this dream is good: joy, fun and celebration of new or old friendships. This color brings a good omen, announces that good things are going to happen for you and your friends. It will strengthen the friendship and bring much joy to the relationship.

Dream about black flower – This dream usually symbolizes death, but that does not mean that you or someone you know is going to die, but rather that death is constantly present in your thoughts. You are very afraid of losing someone close to you.

Dream about colored flowers – If you dream this, your life is sure to be full of kindness and compassion, in addition, foresee that you will have many benefits, not only financial.

Dreaming that you are going to pick flowers – When you dream this, it usually predicts that love is blooming in your life again. Get ready, because there is a new relationship in development, invest and live this adventure to the fullest.

Dreaming of a bouquet of flowers – When you dream that you receive flowers from someone in particular, it means that this person feels admiration for you or that you need approval from his part of your decisions in life. If you are the one who gives the bouquet to someone, it means that you are rewarding them for something they did or that you admire their attitude.

Dreaming of withered or dead flowers – battered, withered and dead flowers are signs of disappointments in life, and can show that the end of a relationship is coming. Be emotionally prepared not to suffer and try to fix things so that the end of love does not come.

Dream Symbol Flowers – The Spiritual Interpretation

The bouquets of beautiful flowers in dreams usually mean joys and satisfactions but, as in everything, there are some changes depending on the conditions of the flowers. In young people, this dream is usually limited to announcing parties and joys.

Dreaming of receiving a bouquet of withered flowers announces illness in friends or family. If the flowers are black, it means the death of someone very dear.

Dreaming of one or more bouquets of roses is usually an announcement of a close marriage, either from the dreamer or from a friend or relative.

Dreaming of putting a rose in the hair of the person you are in love with can mean that soon there will be upsets and disappointments.

To interpret the dreams where we see petals, it is necessary to establish which flower they belong to and then analyze the images from the meanings of the same.

Dreaming of flower petals usually indicates that the person who dreams it is a person of great sensitivity and delicacy. If the petals are dry it is a sign that our attitude will alienate someone we love, if on the contrary they are fresh it is an indication of good feelings and happiness.

Magnolias have traditionally been related to nobility and beauty, so dreaming of these flowers reflects our personality, it indicates that we are loyal, sincere, delicate people but with a strong character.

If in the dream we receive magnolias from a friend or family member, it is a positive omen, as it reflects the trust and quality of relationship we have with that person.

Dreaming of sunflowers is a warning not to get excited in vain, since promises will be made to us that will not be kept. It invites us not to lose our way, and to set our goals without looking back.

Dreaming of the flower of thought is an invitation to meditate on those issues that affect our lives, and indicates that someone is thinking about us.

Traditionally dreams in which we see saffron flowers refer to the concern that one has of the upcoming death of someone very close.

It is also a harbinger of pain and sorrow. Dreaming of saffron usually also indicates the need to watch our interests, to avoid unexpected losses that could occur.

To dream that we use saffron as a spice suggests that we need to remove some irrational worries and fears from ourselves, otherwise we will not be able to lead a full life.

Dreaming of this beautiful flower is a harbinger of financial gain and an excellent time to make investments, although it brings with it a warning that invites us to distrust people who come only with the interest of benefiting from us and sycophants.

Dreams where carnations appear are linked to love and friendship. It usually depends on the color of the carnation that we see, the meaning.

For example, if we see a red carnation, it will be a possible indication of a passionate love, if it is a white carnation, it can be a pure and sincere love. In case of being a yellow carnation, it means that a love will come that will cause jealousy and insecurity.

The lotus flower usually has different meanings at the dream level depending on the culture that gives rise to it. They symbolize firmness, personal fulfillment and the means by which we carry out our projects.

To dream that we eat lotus flowers indicates that a period will soon come when the worries and sorrows of the past will be left behind.


Dreaming of flowers can represent overcoming a bad time.

If you have been going through a bad time in which you had serious doubts if you would succeed and solve your problems, your subconscious can give you a dream with flowers. Your subconscious is advising you to show an optimistic view of the world. You must show more hope.

Remember that calm always comes after the storm.