Dreams About Cows – Interpretation and Meaning

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The cow is one of the most famous dream symbols, as it already appears in the Bible, when Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream of the seven fat and seven skinny cows. From an early age man recognized the benefits of milk and meat and began to keep these gentle animals as pets. Your milk is today an indispensable part of many households.

In addition, many other products, such as cheese, are extracted from the milk.

Cow symbolism in cultures

Cows are animals that have slipped a bit of perception – unless you live in a rural area. Although we are dealing today with highly specialized livestock and not with untreated cattle, which is a great pity – but so many piebald or brown frolicking but on a pasture, which can be seen from the car.

What is so well known today as a caricature on chocolate bars and similar packaging was, in ancient times, the incarnation of the divine or a goddess in many peoples; this also applies to the bulls or bulls, which also had their place in the respective Pantheon.

The cow was always related to the mother goddess, who was revered and respected as a breadwinner. Thus, in ancient Egypt, heaven was thought of as a gigantic, life-giving cow. Since people had bred and used cattle, they worshiped the cattle and especially the cow. For these animals gave food, clothing, and objects of daily life.

Everything was used – the meat, the milk, the skin as well as the horn, from which one made combs or spoons and the like. As a mother image and nourished, the cow was thus in a sense divine. In addition, many cattle brought wealth and prestige.

In India today, cows are still taboo and must not be killed. If one follows this tradition to its roots, the nourishing deity stands again in the mists of the beginnings. Everyone knows the story of the Bible, where a pharaoh dreams of fat and skinny cows. The well-fed animals are abundant in wealth and food – the dry cows mean the opposite. Again, the cow is a symbol of nutrition.

Friendly warmth, abundance, the feeling of being safe … all this brings the cow. And she wants to take the fear: “Look, there’s nothing to worry about, do not rush yourself and enjoy what’s being given to you for a while.” Cows are herd animals – that too is part of their message: “Do not enjoy abundance alone, there is enough for everyone.”

Dreams About Cows – Meaning

With its nourishing milk, the cow stands as a dream symbol for the domestic. The dreaming feels comfortable in his home and is well nourished, but at the same time he is also reminded to appreciate what he has, and to be grateful.

Seeing a contented cow in the pastures indicates happiness and prosperity, the more cows the dreaming sees, the more chance he has for success. Even friendships and family relationships will probably be happy.

If the dreamer milks a cow, maybe even a yak cow, then a project will easily go by his hand, the success flies in abundance only to him, but possibly also undeserved. Cows, who are waiting to be milked, symbolize in dreams interpretation wishes that come true.

Exactly the other way around, when in the dream very skinny or unkempt cows appear. Like the seven cows of Pharaoh, they stand for the bad times and worries of the dreaming. If he sees others milking a cow, he may feel exploited or betrayed. In terms of relationships, this may mean that he does not see his needs fulfilled and dissatisfied with the current state. Even a cow killed indicates bad luck and financial damage.

Seeing or entering a cowshed means recovery. This can mean in concrete terms that the dreaming recovers from an illness, but also that he overcomes an internal injury. If you have seen a stool for milking in your sleep, then this symbol can point to a great success; important, however, are the circumstances of the dreamed-up scene.

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Dreams about Cows – Symbolism

A herd of cows in the pasture symbolizes the rural idyll for most of us. We perceive the cow as a quiet, good-natured creature, with a soft mouth and big eyes, while the male representative of the ox, the bull or bull with horns, is considered dangerous and unpredictable.


A cow usually becomes uncomfortable only when she defends her calf, which is why many consider them as the epitome of motherly love. In India, the cow is a sacred animal and lives among humans without being a livestock.

Who feeds a cow in his dreams, most likely has a big heart and can look forward to a good future. Due to his modest personality and his respectful and attentive treatment of other people, the dreamer is waving financial security and happiness in different areas of life.

Do you want to be noticed by a certain person or are you hoping for a relationship? If so, this is expressed in the dream of cow rescue. In addition, the rescue of the cow symbolizes the gratitude that other people have given you because of certain behaviors.

Although cow slaughter is certainly not a pleasant dream, but the nightly events can announce a speedy financial gain.

However, the cow killed can also point to financial disadvantages. Here the current life situation plays a decisive role.

Furthermore, cow death can also symbolize a new beginning. If the dreaming is hunted by a cow while sleeping, he may feel stressed and overwhelmed at home. If it even comes to a cow attack, it can conceal a concrete fear in the real world. This may refer to sudden negative events related to friends and family.

If the cow calves in the dream, so if it gets a baby, this can indicate a new section in the life of the sleeping one. The dream image “cow-calf” also stands in the figurative sense for a degree of immaturity, which possesses the person concerned. Maybe he lives carefree, but is rarely independent. Maybe he should learn to stand on his own more often.

A cow eats grass-stalks in a dream, when one is just developing new ideas and plans and is supported by the harmonious interaction with other people. In this context, exchanging ideas with others is a great way to leave the previous unimaginative behind.

Especially from the point of view of psychological interpretation of dreams Cow-bell for saying goodbye to certain personality parts, which are probably no longer needed. This is in connection with good news, which can relate to the need of the dreaming after security.

In connection with the dream symbol “cow”, the cow-herding cowboy can also appear. The cowboy stands as a dream image among other things for strength, courage and independence. If a woman dreams of a cowboy, it is possible that she longs for a partner who has these traits. In male dreams, on the other hand, the cowboy stands for the exact opposite of these qualities and thus also for immature behavior.


Who dreams of a cow, deals, perhaps unconsciously, with domesticity and security. The dreaming may long for a safe and secure retreat that is warm and cozy like a cowshed and where he gets everything he needs.

Another psychological interpretation of the dream symbol “cow” is the aspect of motherhood. Especially when it appears in a woman’s dream, it may be the secret desire for motherhood or the lack of maternal qualities such as caring and selflessness.

The context of the dream can make it clear whether you should act more selflessly and be or want to be more there for others, or if the opposite is the case.

As a passive, meek animal, the cow in the interpretation of dreams can also refer to the own passive parts of the personality. You may enjoy too much without becoming active yourself. They give themselves without questioning the motives of others.

On the spiritual level, the cow stands as a dream symbol for fertility and motherliness. It also refers to the part of personality that subordinates itself to the collective unconscious.