Dreams About Ducks – Interpretation and Meaning

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Ducks are medium sized waterfowl that are related to geese and prefer to live on and on the water. With the exception of Antarctica, ducks are almost everywhere where they find freshwater waters – whether in the Arctic tundra or tropical rainforests.

Ducks are not only found in Europe, Asia and North America, but also in the Arctic, South America, Africa and Australia. In the colder regions, such as Europe, North America and the Arctic, birds migrate in the autumn to spend the winter in warmer regions and return to temperate climates in the spring.

Ducks feed mainly on aquatic insects, plant parts and crustaceans. In urban parks, ducks eat almost everything that people throw at you – whether old bread, sausage or cheese.

To what extent that makes sense or is good for the ducks is, of course, questionable.

Duck symbolism in cultures

In many cultures, the duck plays important roles, but mostly they are quite inconspicuous or not central.

Some fairy tales tell of ducks, which appear only when it has to cross the shore or save somebody from drowning.

Other traditions in turn make ducks appear in a less good light, in which the ducks take care of others at all, are a bit clumsy and like to spend their everyday life with gossip.

Some comic figures still represent this version even today. Donald Duck, Dagobert or Darkwing Duck. In our ancestors, the duck was closely related to the spring goddess Ostara and symbolized (due to the season) rebirth, hope and new life.

Always keep the necessary distance for your own sake. The power animal duck shows you how you can rest in yourself, even if you swim on the lake of life and this waves beats.

Their clever motto here is to adapt externally to the circumstances, but certainly not to bend inwardly.

Be inspired by the duck and your way of life, then the duck’s spiritual abilities will automatically transfer to you.

Sometimes you may do more with things than they are, or you may be afraid of not being properly taken seriously or seriously.

The power animal duck tells you that you do not have to worry if you rest in the middle of your heart.

Take things easy as they are and do not let the fear paralyze your heart’s strength. The duck as a power animal says: Have faith and dare to allow feelings!

Dreams About Ducks – Meaning

What does it mean to dream of owning geese or ducks? It could denote good earnings and / or good business. What does it mean to dream of owning a goose, a duck or a goose and to take care of it and / or make it eat? It could herald plenty and good business.


What does it mean to dream of eating duck, goose or duck meat? It could mean that an initiative, a business or a business will be successful. What does it mean to dream of a duck, a goose or a duck that swims in water? It could be the harbinger of deception or slander; if you dive it could herald fatigue.

What does it mean to dream of catching it? It could herald the favorable outcome of a deal. If instead you dream of unraveling it, it could signal an imminent loss. What does it mean to dream of selling a duck or a goose or a duck? It could signal melancholy and / or sadness. If you dream of buying it, it could denote your desire to achieve a specific goal.

What does it mean to dream of hearing them scream? He may warn you that you will soon be forced to return things that you are appropriated to, or he could herald annoyances and / or gossip.

What does it mean to dream of beheading a duck or a goose or a duck? It could ensure satisfaction and / or happiness. Dreaming of killing it could signal a serious danger. What does it mean to dream of a duck or a goose or a duck followed by its young? Generally it is a wish for good luck. Dreaming of a baby lost away from the nest could announce a danger or an illness.

Dreams about Ducks – Symbolism

Duck in dreams – it is not very common and often this bird is confused with others of the same species as the goose and the duck. The oneiric duck symbolizes thoughts, ideas, freedom, lightness and instinct, this because its multiple activities such as swimming, diving, flying and living on land as well as on water, make it easier among the various elements .

What does it mean to dream a duck? The dream ducks therefore, are mainly messengers of the unconscious, or they can represent someone around you, without forgetting the characteristics indicated above.

Dreaming white duck – as we explained, the duck symbolizes the figure of a “messenger” of our deepest unconscious, associated with the white color, we can interpret it as if the dreamer was living a period full of pure ideas, desires for freedom and need for lightness .

Dreaming black duck – on the contrary this symbol compared to the white duck, symbolizes a very tense and negative period, maybe you are worried about something, these negative thoughts condition your way of acting in reality.

Dreaming rubber duck – generally these rubber ducks are bought by children as they play to bathe them and because of this association with children, dreaming of them symbolizes a return to more carefree, light and peaceful times.

Dreaming of a duck in a lake – it is probable that this dream reflects the behavior of a nearby person, with whom you have had an “episode”, that is positive or negative has not had any particular reactions, so it tends to remain in place, in the sense which is “cooking in its broth”, most likely you will soon have to deal with a delayed reaction.

Dreaming of a giant duck – is there anyone in your life that particularly bothers you? This giant duck is likely to reflect the annoyance you have towards a particular person

Dreaming of ducklings- puppies in general evoke parenting instincts in dreams, perhaps you are thinking of having children or recalling childhood memories. We also find a similar meaning with dreaming duck eggs

Dreaming of eating a duck – this type of dream is interpreted as a moment of need, the gesture of eating the duck reflects your need to regain certain energies, strengths, perhaps you are coming back from a particularly tiring mental and physical period

Dreaming of a wounded duck – it is probable that you are going through an uncertain and doubtful period; you have unconscious thoughts that are quite negative and suffering.

Dreaming of a dead duck – something of you is no longer there, as if you had freed yourself of something that did not belong to you anymore, you had a change it is up to you to understand if it is good or bad.


The dreamlike image of the duck, goose or ducks corresponds to an annoying or apparently stupid person present in the life of those who dream, it could also indicate that one is proceeding well in life and in business in general.

These birds when they appear in dreams can represent, especially when they are in pairs, marriage, fidelity and marital happiness.

Instead if you dream about them in groups they could announce abundance and / or luck.