Dreams About Crows – Meaning and Interpretation

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The crow is a very mystical bird; since ancient times it has been used in various rituals and has symbolized darkness, fear and bad omens. In some cultures it represents this bird represents the king or queen of ghosts and spirits. Many people then connect the crows to death.

Generally crows are dreamed of simply because we are in a phase in which the negative side of the SE is prevailing: perhaps we are experiencing fear, anxiety.

As always, if you have dreamed of a crow you should not neglect even the smallest details and signs. It is worth mentioning that in fact various scientists around the world have recognized the crow as one of the most intelligent birds in nature, despite its appearance or the associations made.

Crow Symbolism in Cultures

The crow in a dream symbolizes a sign of discomfort. Several authors argue that when you are going through an unlucky period or learning bad news, you are more likely to dream about crows.

Commonly, this dream should presage an accident, a divorce or the loss of a loved one. It can also portend having to do with a person or a hateful situation that will put a strain on the dreamer’s nerves.

However, depending on the country of origin or culture, the same dream can have different interpretations.

For example, the raven for the Indian tribes of America is associated with ideas of magic and wisdom. In eastern countries like Japan or China, ravens are good news and a source of love.

So what does it mean to dream a crow? It depends. Only those who dream know better than anyone else, himself and the particular circumstances of his life.

Dreams About Crows – Meaning

The dream of the crow symbolizes something negative aspect that will change all its plans and objectives, however, with better and more advantageous ones. It represents a call to one’s personality, to its deepest and highest quality parts. The dream indicates that it is “the time to act”: now or never! It is time to take some risks without looking back.

In the mythology of American Indians it takes on a role of guide and a spirit of protection, it is the one who opens the way to spiritual dimensions, otherworldly and who appears in dreams to spur, to shake, even to frighten, in order to change a static and trivial reality, to open to the unknown and to the mystery, to confront man with his inner power.

The fatal symbolism of the crow in dreams and in reality is widespread in many cultures. We can search for its causes in its severe croaking, in the strength expressed by the body, but above all in it’s feeding of corpses and in the black color of the feathers, of the beak and of the eyes that cause the same restlessness, mistrust and repulsion reserved for all completely black animals.

The behavior of the crow reveals a singular intelligence and great voracity towards the seeds and crops which, perhaps, have alienated the graces of primitive peoples in the first attempts at agricultural cultivation. In ancient times the Talmud considered the crow in dreams a negative omen (adultery, theft, quarrels, famine) while in India the Mahabharata saw the crow as a messenger of death. The same thing happens in the popular tradition of the West where the crow embodies the evil powers and brings death, funerals and misfortunes.

In other cultures, however, the crow is a psych pomp animal, a symbol of power, of realization and of triumph: in Japan it was considered a divine messenger and an image of filial love, in ancient Greece it was consecrated to the God Apollo, had prophetic abilities and connected the world of man to that of the gods.

Dreams about Crows – Symbolism

Dreaming of a black crow – The black color of the crow is largely responsible for its negative symbolism and is associated with all the symbolic meanings of the black color: the “nigredo” of the alchemical work, the disintegration of matter, the night, the darkness of darkness, the mystery and to the unknown, to death, to the kingdom of shadow, to the Jungian shadow, to the disowned and repressed selves in the unconscious.

Dreaming of seeing a crow – If the dreamer sees a crow at the window he will indicate misfortune in gambling. If the dreamer is a woman, the dream portends a betrayal or abandonment of the loved one. Dreaming of crows perched on the roof of a house can be an omen of a series of unwanted or bad news coming up, but also funding granted.


Dreaming of a crow perched in a tree in your garden indicates that you can make all the changes you want at home. If you dream of crows on rocks or pebbles, this indicates the presence of many problems that you want to get rid of.

Dreaming of a dead crow – this represents family illness. If there are numerous dead crows, then it is a positive dream that indicates resolution of conflicts and that the solution of problems and misfortunes is near, both for own efforts and thanks to a stroke of luck. A very special dream is that of the white crow, which represents is a very positive sign, as it represents protection from a danger that will occur in the near future: everything will be fine.

Dreaming of a crow trying to kill the dreamer – Probably you are going through moments of anger or perhaps a period of sadness. It is not a premonitory dream. We must learn to face our own nightmares and fears. According to some interpretations, this dream presages financial or professional problems. Still, you can dream of talking to a crow: it’s a very common nightmare.

Dreaming about a talking crow – Crows that talk to the dreamer can represent the existence of people who are giving the dreamer bad advice. The crow represents those people. We must try to identify and avoid these people and not waste any more time with them. Dreaming of being closely watched by a crow means betrayal by the partner.

Dreaming of a flock of crows attacking a person – you know indicates that you will make a wrong decision or that a neighbor will be in serious financial trouble and requires the help of the dreamer.

Seeing in a dream a flock of crows pouncing on the dreamer, means that soon someone very dear will be seriously ill or die.

Finally, according to some interpretations, dreaming about the crow has a different meaning based on the day of the week. If the crow appears in the dream on a Monday night, it is a sign that you should make some changes in life, perhaps start your own business. If the dream is done on a Tuesday night, it is an indication that one is unstable. We must try to make responsible decisions. You may have small problems, but they will be easily overcome.

Dreaming of a crow on Wednesday is the news of a bad news, which could also be a betrayal. Dream of one of Thursday means to predict the arrival of a baby. If this crow looks to the left, the unborn child will be a boy.

This dream is still a positive sign, which can include good career news, promotion and good news from friends or family. Dreaming of one on Friday, can also indicate evil actions or gossip against the dreamer. If you dream of it on Saturday, it’s an indication of sudden, unexpected, but necessary payment of something, which could be an unplanned medical expense.

However, be careful not to play or sign contracts. Finally, if the crow was dreamed of on Sunday, it represents the warning of a danger.

Dreaming of high flying crows – this will make the dreamer think about their thoughts. Do they know how to detach themselves from the emotional background and from the obsessive brooding to become “ideas”? The dream image is positive and full of promise, but the dreamer will give it meaning and integrate its potential to transform them into future possibilities.


Preconceptions that can also affect modern culture by causing fear and mistrust in the dreamer. Dreaming of a crow will then be the reflection of his funeral thoughts and his fear of the future.

It should be remembered, however, that the symbolic meaning of the crow in dreams feeds on contrasts and, since ancient times, in addition to negativity, it has been recognized as having an oracular and magical role.

With modern terms we would say that the crow is the mouthpiece of the unconscious, from which it emerges to show removed contents, to confront the dreamer with himself, with his fears and with the strength and intuition of which he has no perception.