Dreams About Cutting Hair – Interpretation and Meaning

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Our hair grows, if they do not turn out permanently, during life. Nevertheless, it costs many people a great deal to get their hair cut or cut. What if you are later dissatisfied with the new look? How long will it take to be able to wear the same hairstyle as before? How will others react to the new hair length and haircut?

We can also feel such worries if we do not cut our hair in real life, but only experience it in a dream. This is often perceived as so real that the affected person immediately after awakening to the head and check whether your own hair is really still there in full length.

In the dream, we can also deviate from experience the situation that we even trim another person’s hair.

In addition to a general, psychological, and spiritual dream interpretation, there are some dream situations related to hair cutting, which occur in many people.

We would like to take a closer look at these dreams – if your dream is present?

Hair symbolism in cultures

There are plenty of clichés about hairstyles and their wearers. In the Middle Ages, red hair was considered an indication of a witch. Today it is said that men with long hair are unadjusted and career women would rather have short hairstyles. Men who have a bald head are even said to have increased potency. Hair is still symbolically charged today. Planet Knowledge gives insights into the cultural background of long and short hair.

There are a lot of men with long hair – they can already be found in the Bible: Samson had long hair. When Dalilah cut him off, he lost his strength. Long hair stands for naturalness, the opposite of cultivated appearance. Afflicted with political motives were the long hair in the 68ers – as rebels who rebel against the social constraints, wanted to provoke. For the hippies, the idea of ​​naturalness prevailed.

For women, long hair stands for femininity and seduction, as does Eve, who is always depicted with long hair. The hair must not be cut, because otherwise you lose the power (the life). By cutting off the hair one falls into the power (or custody) of the one who succeeded in the possession of the hair.

An example from the Bible: When Dalilah Samson cuts his hair and thereby loses his strength, this process symbolizes both the sexual act and the castration of the man. Cutting off hair is connoted with different content, but in the broadest sense it always has something to do with control.

This can be symbolic castration or the process of ritual separation from a social group. A radical break with the image of women made the bob in the 1920s: women broke out with their previous role, the first steps of emancipation. Cut off hair can also stand for social control, social inclusion, discipline (for example, in military service, in prison) or asceticism (by complete head shaving in various monastic groups).

Beautiful and erotic hair appears as a gift of nature, as well as beautiful body. But body hair is also considered as an “animal remnant”, as a civilizational foreign body. Especially the exposed hairs have to be cultivated.

Cutting off hair, tying it together, putting it on or artfully styling it has to do with de-sexualization, with cultivation and restriction. The Rococo is a good example of this, with the men’s powdered pigtails, giant ruffians and artfully piled high-heels of women. Even the 1950s were “tamed” years, dominated in politics as in the hairstyle fashion: teased, high-set hair spray hairstyles.

Dreams About Ants – Meaning

To cut oneself the hair in the dream experience is a very powerful, expressive dream symbol. It implies that the dreamer can finally achieve what he desires deeply in his heart and what he longs for. Worries and needs are soon forgotten.

If, on the other hand, the person concerned does not take a pair of scissors or a knife in his hand, but a hairdresser or any other person, one should be careful. Disappointments can be announced with this dream image and not everything that one tackles succeeds smoothly. Wait for a better moment!

A hairdresser’s visit is not only in the watch world an exciting thing. Even in a dream you do not know at the beginning, how you will look after the trimming of the hair. Do you like the new hairstyle?


In general, the hairdresser announces a change in the dreamer’s life as a dream symbol. At the same time, caution is advisable when dealing with financial transactions and with people who do not just want to benefit from the person concerned.

Dreams about Ants – Symbolism

In the dream other people’s hair is being cut – Did you cut the hair of another person in the dream? Congratulations, you have experienced a very positive dream symbol! Good profits and achievements are possible – but at the expense of others. The dreamer should watch how he achieves his achievements. For this symbolically “to go over corpses”, is for all parties ultimately a disadvantage.

Dreaming to cut a child’s hair – If you dream that a child’s hair will be cut or you even cut the hair of the child, the dreaming person can be happy, because this dream image promises fundamentally good. Probably the beginning of a new phase of life is imminent, which may turn out to be very positive for the dreamer. It can be a career ascent or luck in the love life.

Dreaming of cutting the blond hair – Dreams of having long blond hair are in the popular dream interpretation for a good dose of zest for life and happiness. At the same time, this hair color is often credulity, which is true in real life, however, only conditionally.

So, if a blond man or a blonde woman cuts their hair or has their hair cut in a dream, that means a critical examination of these aspects. Maybe the dreaming man tries to approach matters with more seriousness in the future.

Dreaming of cutting the long hair short- Many people, especially women, are proud of their long hair, especially since it takes years for them to reach a desired length. If you suddenly sit in the dream scene at the barber and the hair is cut short, the fright is usually great after waking up. Hectic is then resorted to the hair and found: Everything in order.

This dream situation should warn the dreaming of their own self-sacrifice. If you give too much, you will not always get what you deserve.

A bad haircut becomes a nightmare – In the dream, did you receive an unwanted haircut that made you feel bad, for example, because the hair was cut too short or even completely shaved? Obtaining a new haircut that does not meet your own desires and expectations may be a symbolic sign that you are currently dissatisfied with your life.

Unfortunately, the annoyance phase is not over yet. Keep going!

The hair is not cut in the dream – Anyone who dreams that his hair will not be cut, even though they are actually very long and could well tolerate a cut, must be prepared for the fact that an important step forward in life is still coming.

The dreamer should be patient, because eventually he will also get an opportunity for development, which will be positive for him.

Hair coloring in the dream – Dyeing the hair is in the general dream analysis for a danger that comes from the circle of friends or acquaintances. This is especially true when the hair is dyed red. The professional environment can also be affected. There are envious people and people who might try to damage the dreamer’s reputation.

Similarly, if the symbol “dye hair” appears in conjunction with other dream symbols, there may be a problem with your own personality.


Anyone who cuts their hair with a pair of scissors in the dream should understand this as a symbolic liberation.

Maybe not everything in life lasted the way the person concerned wished, maybe he was unhappy or had sorrow. This phase will now come to an end and the dreaming will look into a positive future.