Dreams About Diarrhea – Meaning and Symbolism

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We all know what this unpleasant word means. It represents a bowel movement condition when a person has a frequent need to release stool, and the stool is watery primarily and loose.

It happened to certainly everyone, at least once in their lives. In most cases, it’s something that happens when you get the flu of some kind, an infection, or you get food poisoning.

Sometimes it continues some days, others it is gone that same day when it happened.

There are some occasions where it can lead to severe health conditions, or it is a result of severe disease or a disorder. And you can even get it when you travel, and then it’s the most annoying. But it happens to many people, frequently.

Even if it’s not severe, and it doesn’t last for long, it’s an unpleasant experience that no one wants to have. Name a person who likes diarrhea?

There isn’t such a person on this planet. It’s annoying, it can hurt, and it can happen anytime, anywhere.

Therefore, many are ashamed of it. Even if it just a normal body response.

All in all, no one wants to get it, but everyone gets it once in a while. And what about dreams about diarrhea? Do they even exist?

Considering that you are now reading this article, it can be that you’ve had a dream like that. And how did you feel? Did you feel the pain? Did you feel the shame?

Where are you having a dream inside a dream about begging it to stop? There are many variations of dreams about diarrhea, and we are going to talk about them all.

Even if it seems like it doesn’t mean anything, it can signify exciting things that are happening or happen shortly of your life.

When decoding dreams in general, you should consider many factors, not just the central part of the dream but also diarrhea. You need to recall all of the small-scale details surrounding your dream and that you’ve seen when you had this unpleasant experience in the dreamland.

The best practice is to have a journal near your bed, and even if you wake up in the heart of the nighttime, you should write down what you’ve seen in your visions. It is because the possibility to recall everything in the morning is nearly impossible.

And if you wake up in the morning, we urge you to write down everything because even if you go to the bathroom to wash up, you can forget the critical parts.

And you will be left with just the fact that you had a dream about diarrhea and nothing more. And only that can mean everything, and nothing all in once. It would help if you were more specific when trying to decode the meaning behind a dream.


Now that you know how to collect the details from your dreams, are you ready to learn more about this horrible condition that makes you want to stop existing while sitting on a toilet? Are you? Good, let’s begin.

The meaning behind diarrhea in your dreams

Like with any other dream, if you’ve experienced the situation from your dreams, there doesn’t need to be another explanation. If you’ve experienced diarrhea the day you’ve had the dream or a few days prior, the dream is just a reflection of what happened to you.

Also, it could be that someone close to you had it, and now you are afraid that you are next, so you’ve possibly been haunted by it in your dreams. But more than that? In most cases, there isn’t more than that.

But if you hadn’t had diarrhea in your near past, then the meaning can be something else, something important.

There is a possibility that your subconsciousness is trying to communicate with you with this dream, and your job is to listen to it, take notes, and try to incorporate it into your life.

In most cases, it is about something urgent, something that you can’t pause, something that you didn’t expect, but also something that is not pleasant at all.

Let’s dig a little deeper and see what the potential scenarios are.

Something crucial is about to happen

A possible meaning behind a dream full of diarrhea is that something that you can’t control will happen in your life. It will be something that will have a crucial impact on your life, and you will not be able to postpone it.

It can be something that has to do with your job, your business, some problem that will occur. The primary thing you need to remember is that you need to react fast and work on that problem without hesitation or stalling.

You don’t have control over your life

When it comes to diarrhea in real life, you don’t have control over it. When it happens, there is no way to stop it.

Of course, there is the treatment for it, you can drink and eat certain foods and drinks that will help you, but you can’t stop it that instant moment when it happens. You don’t have control over it.

So, a dream featuring diarrhea can signify that you don’t have control over your life. And because of that, you have certain feelings, like sadness, sorrow, and even pain.

Whatever the situation is that led you to the point that you can’t control your own life, you need to snap out of it.

Every life is different, and the reasons for such things as not having control over your life are many, but you need to use all of your life force to regain that control. You don’t have to live as other people think it’s the best; you need to live the life you want.

It can also be that you are in a situation when someone will leave you, and you can’t stop it. This is a situation that you really can’t control, and you shouldn’t be trying to do it. If someone or something is about to leave your life for good, let them go.

Maybe you don’t see it now, but everything happens for a reason, and this situation is like it. The person or the thing leaving your life is supposed to do that so that you can have space, and time for something else, something better for you.

You want to get rid of someone

The opposite of the previous lines, diarrhea in this situation can sign that you have an urge to get rid of someone or something that’s causing you trouble in life.

If you can recognize yourself, and if you are in a situation like it right now, you should know that you have the right to do it. You are the master of your life, and if you don’t want someone or something interfering with you and your life, you have the right to let it go.

In most cases, that thing, or the person you should get rid of, is not letting you live the life you should be, or you can’t succeed because of them, and it’s an overall bad influence.

Perhaps you just necessitate to distance yourself from something or someone and come back later. Try it, and you will see.

The negative energy is leaving your body

If this is the situation, you are blessed. Finally, you are about to witness all the negative energy that has been pilled in your soul is about to vanish. Your body is purging, and your soul is going to be left clean.

We live in a society where chaos rules, where stress and anxiety are the fuels giving us power. And considering that we need to slow down, pause for a second, and cleanse from all those negative emotions. Your soul is communicating with you to let you know that you need to let these feelings go and make room for some positive ones.

You feel embarrassed by something

Maybe a situation happened in your life recently, where you’ve felt embarrassed. Is there some kind of situation that you can think of at the moment?

Well, maybe that situation is the trigger that caused you to dream about diarrhea. You can’t stop thinking about that awkward and humiliating situation that has happened to you. And now it is haunting you in your dreams.

Whatever the situation is, you need to let it go. It will not serve you if you keep clinging to that embarrassing moment from the past. Once you let things go, you will see that it doesn’t matter, and it never did.

You need to take care of yourself

Maybe this is a warning sign that you should take care of yourself more. When is the last time you’ve been to doctors? When was the last point you’ve done a checkup or some tests? And what about your lifestyle and the way you are eating and drinking?

Our bodies are our shrines, and we need to be kind to them. You should pay attention to the sign, pay attention to your health, and be kinder to yourself.

People know your secret

It can be that you’ve had a rather unpleasant secret, and now it’s out in the open. People close to you became aware of your secret, and now you feel ashamed.

Everything is spreading so fast like a wildfire, and it’s not in your control. You can’t stop it, and you can’t do anything about it. Because of a situation like this, you are experiencing dreams where you have diarrhea.

You think that you are overindulging in something

Are you the type of person that’s prone to overindulging in things? Do you like to exaggerate when it’s not necessary?

Well, if that’s the case, your subconsciousness is trying to tell you that you need to stop. And if you don’t stop, you will experience something so unpleasant, just like diarrhea.

It can be food, drinks, or some other vices or immoral behavior. You know the best you are doing, and your brain tells you that it’s time to stop if you don’t want to be disgusted by yourself.

You can’t solve a problem

You are very nervous because you can’t solve a problem that you currently have in your life, and you don’t know what to do, so your body’s reaction is diarrhea.

It can be something in your ordinary life, something that has to do with your romantic relationship or work-related. Whatever it is, you can’t solve it or control it, so you feel at unease all the time.

Like with similar situations in life, you need to calm down and let things solve themselves. You are just going to harm yourself, your mind, and your body if you beat yourself up in a situation like this, and nothing more.