Dreams About Doors – Meaning and Symbolism

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You have probably heard of the expression ‘When one door closes, another one opens.

But we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us’ by Alexander Grahan Bell.

Doors are one of the crucial objects in human life. If we look at doors from a civilizational perspective, a man who built his first home first put the door on it. It provided humans with protection, warmth, becoming their sanctuary.

Doors protect our privacy and wellbeing, but symbolically they also represent new opportunities, transformation, new beginnings, hope, hospitality, secrecy, and mystery.

Doors are a widespread motif in the dream realm, and their meaning and symbolism are interesting to research.

Opportunities and new beginnings

There are many sayings about doors; ‘Do not close the door to an opportunity’, ‘Leave the door open for love,’ ‘When one door shuts, another one opens’… Each of them is communicating openness and giving a chance to change and transform.

Suppose you dreamed about an open door or walking through a doorway. In that case, this dream could signify you moving forward towards new opportunities in your waking life. Open doors in dreams are usually a positive sign; it indicates that there aren’t any blockages on your path.

Mistery and potential

You don’t know what is behind the door if you don’t open it, right? Doors represent mystery, either good or bad. They protect secrets or lies. If you’ve seen a mysterious door in your dream, that could symbolize excitement or fear about something that is coming. Maybe you have a choice to make but are unsure of how to proceed?

To find the true meaning of this dream, you should consider how you felt in the dream. Try to remember the details of it as well.

Feeling trapped or stuck

Looking at the door barring your path, you indicate you feeling trapped in a particular situation in your life. This dream is actually pretty common and can give you valuable insight into what is blocking you on your way to your goals and desires.

If you feel like you don’t have control over your life or a particular situation and long to resolve it, this dream could signify that. It could also indicate that you feel locked out of something you desire.

Doors in dreams can also warn you of missing chances because you’re stuck regretting the things you didn’t do. It happens to remind you not to succumb to desperation because of losses you’ve suffered, but to look into the future; do not miss the opportunities it brings because of the past.


Dreams about doors also represent changes, often to do things differently or to fix a mistake. Doors are often a sign of transition to a different stage of life too.

However, dreams about doors, in general, can carry meaningful messages, especially if the dream is reoccurring.

Sometimes a door ina dream indicates insecurity in certain situations or indecisiveness about particular issues in your life.

To decipher the dream and find its true meaning, it’s important to remember as many details as possible and details of your present reality. Using your current circumstances is crucial for deciphering the dream.

If you felt unsafe at the moment and had a door dream, it could be your subconscious way of consoling you and saying that you are safe and everything will be fine.

There are various interpretations; you should take all of the details and your overall feelings about the dream into account.

Meaning and symbolism of dreams about doors

Opening a door with a key

A dream of opening a door with a key indicates a new love interest occupying your mind lately. This dream signifies that you can’t stop thinking about that newfound love interest. Unlocking the door in the dream symbolizes your desire to learn more about this person.

Suppose you weren’t able the find the key right away. In that case, this could indicate your reluctance to start something new, possibly an adventure you have been postponing.

Dreaming about unlocking doors is an excellent sign for embarking on a new project or starting an endeavor; it signifies success.

Trying to find the door

If you dreamed of searching for a door, but you failed, that is not a good sign. This indicates that you are in a difficult situation currently and are facing some challenges.

You are unsure about your actions.

Dreaming about a new door

This dream is a good sign, especially for people who want to have a family. This could be a sign of pregnancy and birth.

Sometimes it signifies happiness and joy in the upcoming days.

A dream about destroying the lock on the door

Suppose you dreamed about forcingly opening the door by destroying the lock. In that case, this dream is an indication of challenges that are blocking your progress. People dealing with specific physical barriers tend to have this dream. Those physical barriers could be a particular person’s obstruction of your achievements.

Sometimes this dream indicates an attempt to uncover some secrets or mysteries.

Door producing scary sounds

If you heard a screechy, scary-sounding door in your dream, you could conclude that this also is not a good sign.

It symbolizes anxiety and stress, possibly because someone you don’t really like is intruding on your space and annoying you.

Dream about someone knocking on the door

This dream is not a good sign because it mostly indicates a burglary you’re the victim of. Maybe you feel like your sense of security is, for some reason, jeopardized.

A dream about a door peephole

If you had a dream of a door peephole, looked at through one, or looked at someone, this is also a bad sign. It indicates suspicion, whether from your or someone else.

Sometimes this dream indicates you have doubts about your partner’s loyalty or fidelity, or your partner doubts you?

In some cases, this dream serves as a warning that you are under observation by people who want to find your weak spots for some reason.

Someone slamming a door in your face

This dream scenario does not usually have a positive meaning because it indicates being ignored and cut out of someone’s life.

Someone’s desire to enter through a door

Suppose you dreamt about a person that wants to enter through your door. In that case, that could represent certain life circumstances that are pressuring you to make some changes or cut a bad habit.

A door that cannot be closed

If you made some choices that you want to take back and dreamed about, you should accept that you cannot undo what is done.

Being locked outside a door

Dream about being locked outside a door is usually a bad sign; it indicates problems that could harm your sense of safety and jeopardize your stability.

Desire to enter through a very narrow door

If you remember the desire in your dream about the door you wished you entered, that is not a good sign.

This symbolizes challenges ahead; you will be forced to tackle them, so be prepared for some rough rides. You can expect a few setbacks that will slow your progress.

Sometimes, challenging circumstances you face makes you give up on some of your plans and goals.

Walking out the door and not being able to go back through

This dream indicates some opportunities that you have missed, which you cannot get back. Sometimes it is about the past, for which we all know we cannot change.

Entering through a door

This dream is an indication of a group of people trying to influence you in a certain way.

But don’t worry, they won’t succeed in their intentions, but you could be seriously irritated by their presence and actions.

Someone breaking through a door

This dream scenario holds evil symbolism; it indicates you being stabbed in the back by someone very close.

Sometimes it signifies someone close to you discovering your deepest secrets, which you shared at some point, trusting they will remain secret.

In some cases, this dream indicates danger.

Trying to break through a door

If you were trying to break through a door, this is also not a good sign. This dream indicates aggression and perverse thoughts and activities.

A dream about opening a wrong door

This dream indicates using opportunities you didn’t really want. It could be facing specific problems you were trying to avoid or communicating with the people you don’t like.

A door breaking down before your eyes

It is a dream in which you are trying to go through a door, but they break down before you, which is a bad sign, especially if the door hurt your or someone else.

This dream indicates that you or someone close to you is in danger of an accident.

A door with a big hole

This dream is not a good sign; it represents the behavior not approved by the people around you. It indicates that you are the subject of gossip.

Sometimes, this dream signifies that someone could be using your behavior and provoke you into doing something you wouldn’t normally do.

Take this dream as a warning; pay attention to your surroundings.

A dream about an open door

A dream of an open door is a good sign; it often indicates love between you and others. It is also a sign of deep affection between partners and spouses.

Sometimes it signifies a trusting and supportive relationship with friends and even coworkers.

Open doors also indicate new opportunities or positive changes.

Seeing an open door in your house

Seeing an open door in your house is a good sign because it indicates receiving a present or even money as a reward for well-done work. Sometimes this dream signifies a pleasant surprise.

Dream about a wide-open door

This dream is an excellent sign; this could mean your dreams and desires are coming true. It is a sign of progress and success on your path and happiness for new experiences and opportunities.

A door being opened for you

This dream represents a need for someone’s help in dealing with a challenging situation.

Suppose you dreamed about someone opening a door for you to enter some space. In that case, that could signify your worry or confusion about something.

It could also reveal your dependency and inability to deal with your problems yourself. Is there someone close to you that you tend to rely upon?

A dream of a closed door

This dream is most likely a bad sign; mostly, it indicates missing some opportunities that aren’t going to come back. Sometimes it represents the need to take action so a chance doesn’t slip through your fingers.

Sometimes this dream signifies challenges you’re currently facing or a problem you might encounter on the path to your goal. What’s worse, it’s not likely you will overcome it. A closed door is often a sign of troubles and obstacles on your way.

This dream can also indicate an internal blockade because of the need to protect oneself.

Doors shutting before you enter, or trying to get in through the closed door

This is usually considered a bad sign; it indicates disappointments in yourself for lacking skills to finish a task you’ve undertaken.

You will try to overcome it with force, but the harder you push, the more you’ll be aware you don’t have what it takes.

A door opening and closing

If you dreamed about a door that opened but closed right away, that is a bad sign. It signifies learning about an opportunity you like but realizing that you cannot use it.

If you already have some problems, this dream could indicate that they will worsen.

A dream about a locked door

If you dreamed about a closed door, that could indicate that you feel left out of something.

Maybe you feel like you didn’t get enough chances for success or access to resources that would help with your desires.

Sometimes this dream represents your isolation from other people. Maybe you’re a little closed off, but that does not mean that you’re not enjoying it.

Doors in public transportation

If you noticed a door in a means of public transportation in your dream, that could signify marriage soon.

It doesn’t have to be your wedding, you could get an invitation to one.

Dreaming of a closet door

Seeing a closet door in a dream, especially if you weren’t able to close it, could indicate immense improvement in your finances.

In some cases, this dream indicates doubting your partner’s fidelity.

Dream about opening the door to let someone in, but there is no one behind it

Someone knocked on the door, which you answered, but then found no one behind it?

That dream is a bad sign; it indicates difficulties caused by reasons that cannot be explained.

Dreaming of a giant door

Seeing a giant door in a dream could be a sign of increased wealth and the rising of your social status. It could also indicate lowering your moral standards to attain such a position.

Doors generally represent hope, new beginnings, transformation, new opportunities, and safety. Positive changes in your life are afoot if you opened the door, if there was ample opportunity behind it, and you felt safe behind it. If a lower awaits you behind the door, that is an excellent omen in a dream.

What to conclude if you had this dream?

Doors represent protection, protection of family and privacy, and transformation. As we’ve learned, dreams about doors can have good or bad meanings, but either way, they imply that there could be someone or something preventing you from progressing.

Sometimes it’s a message to withdraw from situations that will not work out in your favor and focus on another thing. When you move from one phase to another, there is usually a higher level of awareness.

Generally, the entry through a door represents new possibilities of your inner world, your personal path. The door could be considered a tunnel, which you should try to keep open so that your energy and focus can take you to your goals and desires.