Dreams About Mushrooms – Meaning and Symbolism

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Mushrooms are great plants, a fleshy and edible fungus used by people since antique times in many cultures around the globe. They are especially popular in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and European cultures.

They are considered a pretty good replacement for meat, so it’s one of the essential foods vegans and vegetarians consume. They are usually grown in protected spaces and require quality care, plus attention to detail.

Mushrooms give great benefits, but one should be careful; it’s known that there are also non-edible species that are poisonous or toxic.

Even the ones that are edible and are considered non-poisonous can cause severe allergic reactions for some people.

That is why there are specialists in mushroom hunting or mushrooming. It’s important to know that even non-toxic mushrooms could become toxic if not stored properly.

Some toxic and non-poisonous mushrooms look quite alike, and even specialists can’t always know for sure if they are safe to eat.

Some species of mushrooms are known to cause psychoactive reactions in people. These are commonly called ‘magic mushrooms’, and are used as a tool for people to enter the ‘other realm’.

It’s basically altering your consciousness; these mushrooms were used since antiquity to help people mentally reach other realms.

Shamans mainly used them to induce visionary states of consciousness to receive insights and guidance. They were often used for the purpose of mental and physical healing.

Since ancient times mushrooms were also considered helpful for overall human health.

Since there are poisonous ones, they were also used to eliminate threats, especially in ancient Rome. Women often used it as a weapon too.

Ancient Greeks, on the other hand, used them for cooking in 200 BC. There is some evidence that suggests that they used psychedelic mushrooms in the Oracle of Delphi ritual.

Mushrooms are not an ordinary dream symbol, but dreams about them can have many meanings. For successfully denoting a dream, it’s crucial to have specific knowledge about the dream and our behavior during it.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the interpretation of a dream should not be the ultimate goal; it is the chance to get to know yourself as a human being. After all, dreams are products of your subconscious, of You. A dream is your product, not the other way around.

Dreams are also a reflection of our thoughts or worries, or someone/something we got in touch with during the day.


Some dreams are so common that we don’t even remember them, but some get imprinted on us. When we approach analyses, it’s surprising to see how much a dream can hide or tell us. It can be a meaningful realization that makes your life better.

Dreaming about mushrooms falls under that category. There can be various scenarios, and all of them are pretty interesting. Those dreams can carry positive and negative meanings. If the connotation is negative, you should use it as a warning, not as a sign that something terrible is for sure going to happen.

Mushrooms appear in the dreams of people of all ages. Generally, mushrooms’ symbolism sees them as a representation of uninitiated and even imaginary things.

On the other hand, it is believed they carry warnings about hypocrisy, betrayal, and lies from the people in your environment or personal life.

To see mushrooms in the meadow, the field, or a forest, means that danger is getting close to you. It does not mean that it will be something mortally dangerous, but rather something that could change your life for the worse.

If the mushrooms appearing in your dream are poisonous or strange-looking, that is a positive sign. This dream’s meaning is quite favorable because it is attributed to fair value, positive things, and happiness. It indicates a happy event or a surprise.

But, if the mushrooms in your dream had a distinctive color, that is a bad omen. Red mushrooms indicate falling ill, depression, or falling into a depression soon. It will not be the healthiest period of your life, but since you’ve been warned, it’s best to prepare.

If the mushrooms in your dream were beautifully depicted, like in the famous story ‘Alice in Wonderland’, where they were quite magical, you are in luck. The meaning of this dream is terrific; it is considered to be the most favorable of all.

To dream about this is like getting a wonderful message; all your efforts will be justified. Your dignity will be on merit, and you will receive a significant reward. You will gain respect, recognition, and an excellent reputation.

Symbolism od dreams about mushrooms

Seeing mushrooms in dreams is an indication of spending some time in nature. To be more exact, this dream symbolizes your need for some alone time in nature. You are craving for a reset and some peace.

If you dreamt about this, you are probably a nature-loving soul. That is where you gather your thoughts and collect physical and psychic strength needed to deal with everyday life. Sports activities are your kind of entertainment.

But, you should know that this dream can have its negative side; it could be warning you that you are surrounded by fraud. It could be that people around you keep secrets from you to protect or to harm you.

If you were eating and not just looking at the mushrooms in your dream, this could be a symbol of a lie. There could be colleagues or family members that will want to take something that belongs to you.

Do you maybe have something valuable and are frequently concerned that you will lose it?

Dreaming about collecting mushrooms in a forest is a good sign; that symbolizes wealth that awaits you. If you saw yourself out big mushrooms in your bag, this signifies pleasant moments that you will experience soon.

Sometimes this dream is a sign of an adventurous trip soon. In other cases, it may also be a reflection of your desire to spend some time having fun, but you lack the time.

If you’ve eaten the mushrooms in your dream, that could be a reflection of your nervousness. It indicates a possible fight with a person opposing you but without listening to their reasons.

Dreams about chopping, cooking, generally preparing mushrooms, signifies your hedonist nature. This scenario holds a somewhat negative connotation because it indicates that you are prone to exaggerate certain things.

These dreams also represent difficulties in respecting boundaries. Suppose you are a person that goes from one extreme situation to another, having everything or nothing. In that case, this dream is a reflection of these traits.

If you threw away mushrooms after you picked them, this signifies that you need to take care of your finances and be more realistic about this aspect of your life. This dream could be a message that it is time to start saving money, even if you will progress with baby steps.

Dreams about mushrooms often reveal concern about potential bad choices in a particular situation. Mushrooms often appear in the dream realm when you have an essential decision to make, and you’re afraid to make the wrong one. Sometimes this dream reflects your fear about some potentially dangerous activities you’re planing.

Mushrooms in dreams also indicate being afraid to take some risks or not being courageous enough to do things that involve some kind of danger. People that are questioning are their actions right or wrong tend to see mushrooms in their dreams.

Mushrooms are often considered to be a sign of ill fate, failure, illness, and deception. Dreams featuring them could also indicate a person’s desire to become rich.

They can also mean making some wrong decision based on deceptions, which could lead to losing money, or even bankruptcy.

In some cases, mushrooms in dreams indicate getting valuable advice or unexpected guidance. Those will probably come from a friend or a family member.

Since mushrooms can be poisonous and even deadly, their appearance in a dream is also considered a warning.

Various meanings of dreams about mushrooms

A desire for wealth and a luxurious life

Dreams about mushrooms often indicate the dreamer’s desire to lead a more luxurious life.

Some of them can be very tasty but difficult to find and crazy expensive. They can genuinely cost a fortune, so they are also considered a symbol of luxury and a wealthy lifestyle.


Dreams about mushrooms can indicate deception in the life of a dreamer. Some species of mushrooms can cause hallucinations and alter your state of consciousness.

That’s why, when they appear in dreams, they indicate disillusion and deceptions by certain circumstances or people.

If you had a dream about mushrooms, ask yourself if you can be easily deceived by others? Are you naive or gullible?


Sometimes dreams about mushrooms indicate the indecisiveness of the dreamer. People are usually reluctant to eat mushrooms if they aren’t sure they are not toxic, hence the symbolism.

This dream can point to a situation where you’re feeling indecisive and unsure of what to do.

If you’re thinking of doing something risky and aren’t sure if it’s the right thing to do, your mushroom dream is probably a reflection of that problem.


Dream about mushrooms could be your subconscious reminder to stop procrastinating and become more responsible.

If you’re not doing things on time and delays completing your duties, this is a message to you; stop doing that because it could be detrimental to your life.


Since psychedelic mushrooms are used to alter the state of consciousness and receive guidance from the higher realm, a dream about mushrooms also symbolizes guidance. They are messages about what you are supposed to do in a particular situation in your waking life.

If you are at a crossroads of what to do, this dream could hold some valuable answers for you.

Different scenarios

Poisonous mushrooms

If you had a dream about poisonous mushrooms and were aware that they are toxic, this is usually a good sign. It signifies longevity and happiness.

But, sometimes, this dream can be a sign of trouble on your way. You don’t need to worry; you will overcome those obstacles with some fortunate circumstances.

Picking mushrooms

This dream is a good sign; it indicates receiving rewards for your efforts or something you did. Your hard work will pay off.

Eating mushrooms

The dream in which you are eating mushrooms could mean rejection or humiliation by your love interest.

On the other hand, sometimes, this dream indicates joy and pleasure in the upcoming days.

Preparing mushrooms for a meal

If you were preparing mushrooms to eat in your dream, this is usually a bad sign. It is also an indication of humiliation or unpleasant feelings.

A basket full of mushrooms

This dream signifies that you will soon have to defend some of your beliefs. Sometimes it indicates you being accused of doing something bad and the need to prove your innocence.

Cleaning mushrooms

If you cleaned mushrooms in your dream so you can cook them, this is a good sign. Such a dream indicates you live comfortably at the moment and are really satisfied with your life.

Mushrooms with worms in them

Seeing or eating wormy mushrooms in a dream is considered to be a terrible sign. Worms inside mushrooms symbolize misfortune or illness.

Giant mushrooms

Giant mushrooms in a dream are a good omen; you will be appreciated for your intelligence. You can expect your recent accomplishments to gain you high value and respect.

Are mushrooms dreams a reason to be worried?

The answer to this question could be either yes or no. As I already mentioned, you must think about all aspects of the dream.

The context, scenarios, and overall sense of the dream are all essential to determine if your mushroom dream was there to warn you or bring you some favorable news.

In some cases, dreams about mushrooms indicate gaining material wealth or success. Sometimes, they carry warnings about deceptive people who want to take something from you.

You should generally be alert but not worried to the point of emotional distress. Mushrooms are an interesting motif in dreams; they never warn that something bad is for sure going to happen. Only that you should prepare yourself for every possible outcome.

With everything said, dream analysts generally conclude that dreams related to mushrooms are a good sign for the dreamer. You can expect carefree life, thanks to your hard and dedicated work. Success and a pleasant lifestyle will be accompanied by health.

However, you should be careful and look around before you make your next move; there is a possibility that someone will try to harm you.