Dreams About Rattlesnakes – Meaning and Symbolism

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Snakes are amazing animals; some people find them beautiful and unique, while others are dead scared of them and have even severe phobias.

Serpents are featured in myths, legends, spiritual concepts, and folk tales around the world. Snake symbolism is rich and complex; those animals are considered magical and powerful in numerous world traditions.

Archeologists even found evidence that suggests that the snake was actually the first animal ever considered a symbol.

Throughout history, snakes were adored and worshiped. They were also hated and despised. People feared them, and the origins of snake related beliefs are as old as some of the first cultures on Earth.

A lot of research and discoveries track evidence of old snake cults into the far past. One of the oldest ones was that of the Python god, but snakes were also worshiped in Africa, Botswana. It was possibly the oldest ritual on the planet.

Snakes are also the first animalistic gods in human history. The symbolical value of a serpent varies greatly; interpretation generally depends on cultures and traditions.

This animal has a significant symbolical value in Christianity also. Snake is commonly identified as the Devil. It’s used as a symbol and a motif that represents Satan.

On the other hand, in some other concepts, the snake is a symbol of the life cycle and infinity.

During human history, they were both worshiped and despised. Sometimes seen on the feet of the divine glory, and sometimes as dangerous and evil creature.

In mythical concepts and stories, snakes carry mystical energy. Today, the most well-known superstition is that it is a bad sign as the snake passes your way.

However, while some snakes are deadly and toxic to humans, they generally hold magical and powerful spiritual energy.

Dreaming of snakes

But, what about dreaming about snakes? According to dream dictionaries and research, dreams of snakes, or rattlesnakes, for that matter, are rarely positive.

General connotation says that seeing one or two snakes in a dream most typically means that you are in danger of an accident or a bad phase in your life.

If there are specifically rattlesnakes in your dream, that is a sign that many problems are ahead of you. Those difficulties will probably present with friends or close family, especially a husband or wife.

The symbolism of snakes in general

Before we interpret rattlesnake dreams, I will go over the symbolism of snakes in general. As I wrote before, snakes are considered magical and powerful beings in various traditions throughout the world. It is believed that it was the first animal in the world’s history to become a symbol.


A snake was first depicted as a single, infinite line in the earliest drawings in prehistoric caves. This simple line, though, is full of meaning – it represents life and existence. The first people perhaps saw a snake as an embodiment of the idea of overall existence.

With time, snake symbolism only grew richer, so now it exists in many forms and beliefs.

What about dreaming of rattlesnakes? Below we’ll talk about dreams about this specific snake species. Snake related dreams have many meanings because those animals represent various things. In short, they symbolize life itself, pure existence, and life cycles.

Do you know about the Ouroboros? It is a widely know depiction of a snake biting its own tail. It represents the infinity of life, death, rebirth – all of them inseparable from one another.

On the other hand, these animals are considered evil in their silence, sneaky, dangerous, and deadly. Hence, they are associated with evil, darkness, and the Underworld.

The symbolism of rattlesnakes

Rattlesnakes are unusual because of their extraordinary appearance. They have great tails, and they are venomous; there are about seventy sub-species of this type of snake.

They aren’t typically large snakes, but they are very dangerous. They inhabit various types of terrain and mostly feed on birds and rodents. The impressive tail is used to chase away its enemies by rattling its tail before they attack with their venomous teeth.

Owls, weasels, and other snakes are natural enemies of a rattlesnake; it’s often attacked by those species. Many of them are killed by humans, so many of the subspecies are on the list of endangered species.

We can see the symbolism of rattlesnakes in a fascinating story associated with specific cultural concepts and the old symbolism of snakes in general.

Rattlesnake is one of the American symbols. The old engraving attributed to Benjamin Franklin represents a rattlesnake cut into pieces. This depiction serves as an allegory; the colony needed to be united against France during the French and Indian war.

In May 1754, this engraving was published in the Gazette. It was the myth of a snake that could come back to life once its pieces are sealed back together.

Symbolism od dreams about rattlesnakes

Rattlesnake symbolizes wisdom, well-being, and healing. Still, it can also represent a warning or an imminent deception if seen hissing or attacking in the dream.

When interpreting reptile dreams, psychologists say you should pay attention to their behavior. These dreams often warn of insidious friends, competitors, or cunning rivals.

Simultaneously, the snake emphasizes the wisdom of the dreams, if the dream wasn’t frightening and scary for them.

Often a rattlesnake appears in a dream when a person is living through uncertain times. Typically, your fears manifest in the form of a scary creature, like a snake.

People who are working on self-improvement and re-discovery talk about rattlesnakes appearing in their dreams as a symbol of restoration. A rattlesnake doesn’t always carry negative meanings.

Because of their process of sloughing or shedding their skin, ancient people believed that rattlesnake dreams symbolize rebirth, transformation, and healing.

Sometimes a rattlesnake appears in your dream to symbolize the suppressed form of sexual energy. In some cases, it can be a symbol of your creativity and talent.

Believers in the supernatural say that rattlesnakes in dreams symbolize evil or dark energy. Others say that if you dream about a rattlesnake in front of someone or yourself, they represent protective entities designed to protect you from any harm.

Snakes can also be the symbolic manifestation of vindictiveness in people who hold unresolved anger over some significant life event.

Rattlesnakes also symbolize medicine and treatment; we all know that the modern symbol of medicine is the snake wrapped around the staff. Psychoanalysts look at a rattlesnake as a symbol of events from your childhood, like trauma, unresolved sorrow, shame, or fear.

Dreaming of rattlesnakes

Dreams about rattlesnakes hold similar meanings to dreams of snakes in general. Since we are debunking rattlesnake dreams, a specific species gives other sense to the prevailing interpretation of snake related dreams.

Rattlesnakes are most famous for their tails, and in dreams, that is an additional exciting motif.

Dreams about snakes are not uncommon among people. The typical interpretation says that snakes are a negative symbol in drams, but that conclusion mostly comes from people’s irrational fear of snakes, even if they aren’t venomous.

Snakes aren’t, contrary to myths and beliefs’, evil or devilish, although they can be dangerous. The critical thing to remember regarding them is that they will not attack a human unless they feel threatened.

Snake-related dreams can hold many different meanings; a crucial step in interpreting them should be taking your own perception of the dream into consideration.

It’s not the same if you love snakes and think they’re beautiful, remarkable creatures and if you fear them. The meaning can vary depending on your own personal feeling towards snakes.

Rattlesnakes in dreams are usually associated with the idea of threat and warning. That’s a logical interpretation since they use their tail and the sound to ward off enemies and let them know not to come any closer.

Besides that, rattlesnakes in dreams usually reflect all interpretations of encountering snakes in a dream realm in general.

Dreaming about seeing a rattlesnake

The interpretation of these dreams depends on their context and your own feelings related to the dream. Suppose you’ve seen a rattlesnake in its natural habitat, and the animal didn’t even notice you. In that case, that could mean several different things.

You may have irrational fears in your waking life and worry too much about things that aren’t really that significant cause for concern.

If the rattlesnake featured in your dream was silent and calm, without making any sounds with its tail, showing no interest in you, you should take it as a good sign. You can relax and let things go their own way. This dream is positive because it shows balance and everything the way it’s supposed to be.

But, if you saw a snake that noticed you or even shook its tail as a sign of warning, that is a bad sign. It indicates a threat in your waking life. This dream is a suggestion that you’re possibly provoking adverse events in your life when there is no need to.

In this case, a rattlesnake represents danger, but not something that’s connected to you, even though you’re provoking it.

This dream is a warning; mind your own business to avoid danger. A rattlesnake appeared in the dream alarm you to keep your eyes open.

Dreaming about a rattlesnake’s tail

A rattlesnakes’ tail separating from its body indicates fake threats and danger; someone makes false threats on you.

This dream signifies you feeling intimidated, but you should try to reason; there are always people trying to take advantage of a weaker person. That does not mean you should let them manipulate or seduce you.

This dream is also here as your subconsciousness suggests that you worry without reason and are frightened without an actual rational cause.

You have seen that this snake in the dream doesn’t have a head or venom; it only has that rattling tail. You could denote that as a saying of a ‘dog that barks, does not bite.’

You should be careful not to lose your temper or energy over empty talk that doesn’t really impose any severe threat to you.

Dreaming about a rattlesnake in your home

This dream is a warning; you are in some kind of danger. That doesn’t have to be an actual physical danger; it could be the danger in your own soul.

If you dreamt about this, it’s an indication that you have let your fears and negativities consume you.

Suppose you are an avoidant person not facing your problems. In that case, this dream is a suggestion that those things are eventually gonna get you, no matter how many times you turn your back on them.

Rattlesnake in your home could also symbolize your inner demons, things that you have tried to shut down and lock away. This is not smart; you should work on yourself and deal with the fears holding you back. Fears and negative thinking are the ones making you insecure.

On the other hand, this dream could represent a threat that has now come dangerously close to you. You may have let negative people come too close to you. Since rattlesnakes represent a warning, you still have time to prepare and chase the snake away from your home.

Dreaming about a rattlesnake biting you

Careful with this one; this is not a dream that you should ignore. If you dreamt about a rattlesnake’s bite on you, it is a suggestion that you have let the danger come too close. Since you missed the obvious signs or did not want to see them, this dream is here to suggest that you’re about to face the consequences of your recklessness.

Since rattlesnakes are venomous snakes, the meaning of this dream is simple; you let someone intoxicate you with their bad behavior, thoughts, and manipulation.

A bite of a snake, so rattlesnakes also, in dreams indicate illness. A rattlesnake in this scenario is also an indication that you ignored signs of these health problems. If you didn’t take enough care of your own health, this dream signifies you probably falling ill soon. You should take care of yourself now, but it may be too late.

Dreaming about stepping on a rattlesnake

Suppose you accidentally stepped on a rattlesnake in your dream. In that case, you should consider this as a reflection of your irresponsibility, ignorance, restlessness, warnings, and advice. This could lead to missing some signs and lessons.

If you hear the saying ‘, I told you so’ often, it’s a clear sign that you should consider sometimes listening to someone other than yourself. You could get good advice from unexpected sources. Even if you took a snake as a sign of evil, it still has the same meaning; you can always learn from your enemies.

Sometimes a rattlesnake you stepped on represents a protective and guiding spirit you have ignored.

Dreaming about killing a rattlesnake

This dream has a similar meaning to those mentioned above, but this has more concrete suggestions. You consciously reject all warnings and advice, thinking they are either unneeded or unreal.

This dream can also have another meaning. To kill a rattlesnake suggest your capability to deal with threats and dangers on your own. You are not the one to let your fears consume you. Congratulations!