Dreams About Driving – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dreams of driving are usually related to the direction in which your life is moving. What matters is how you feel during that dream ride in order to interpret this dream in the right way.

If, for example, you are moving in an unknown direction, it may mean that you do not know where you are going or where you are going in your life.

But if it was nice for you during that ride, then you enjoy not knowing where you are going. You think that life is an adventure and that we don’t need to plan much.

If you feel scared and lost while driving, then you are probably like that in real life. You don’t know how to relax and are often scared of a stranger called life.

In a dream, you could be the driver or the driven one. Those who dream of driving a vehicle on their own are usually individualists who don’t need anyone and who think that no one can really help them.

These are people who like to solve things in life on their own. Those who are driven by others like others to decide for them and are not obsessed with control.

In your dream, you could drive through different landscapes and meet different people. All of this is essential for dream interpretation.

Some other data are considered important for the interpretation of dreams about driving.

Where are you in the vehicle? If you sit in the driver’s seat, that dream indicates that you are managing or trying to manage your life and have an active role in the course of your life.

If someone else is in the driver’s seat, that person or what he represents to you may control your life. If you are a traveler, this may indicate a passive role in your own life.

If you sit in the back, it may indicate that you are humiliating yourself and withdrawing in important life situations, which may be the result of your lack of self-confidence and a lower value complex.

How’s the ride? The ride itself indicates possible obstacles and difficulties we face in life.

If driving is stunted, you see rocks in the road or other obstacles and danger, including a traffic sign indicating danger, a dream indicates current life circumstances, and the way we deal with them.

What kind of vehicle is it? An important fact in a dream about driving is also what the car looks like.

If it is missing a tire or an essential part, you may be wondering what is it that is currently missing in your life and what is it that you need? If the tire is inflated, the dream may indicate your feeling that you are currently stagnant.


If you dream that the vehicle is overheating, it may indicate that you are giving too much and consuming too much energy, as well as that you should slow down a bit.

The most common dreams about driving

Dreaming that you are driving a car

If you dreamed of driving a car and managing your trip, it means that you are thinking about how to direct your life. This dream is a signpost for you, it tells you how you should move and maybe where.

If you are driving fast and you feel you are losing control, it means that your subconscious is warning you to think about what you are doing wrong. You need to slow down in life to have time to make the right decisions.

If someone is driving with you in a car or some other means of transportation, it means that you feel responsible for others and their well-being. You are a person who takes care of others.

This dream can also be a reminder to you that you need to be more focused in life and take responsibility for the direction in which your life is moving.

You have the wit and the ability to manage your life and you need to use them.

Driving can also represent a desire to do something on your own in terms of a business or something similar.

Dreaming of driving a used car

Driving a car that used to belong to someone else in a dream is considered a neutral symbol, and is associated with the idea that you might be living someone else’s life.

If you know a person whose car you drove in a dream, it means some connection with that person in terms of life path. You may be living a life similar to that person.

If you didn’t know whose car you were driving, it could mean that you are being affected by forces that you still don’t recognize or understand. It would be good to think about which path you hope to take in life, and who influences you to head in this direction.

Dreaming of driving a car in reverse

Driving in a dream symbolizes our movement through life, so driving in reverse in a dream represents a return to life.

You may have some unfinished business with someone or something from the past. You feel like you have to go back in order to move forward.

Driving backward can also mean moving on an unconventional route to reach your future goals.

On the other hand, driving backward, which is out of control, may indicate a tendency to focus on the past without preparing for what the future holds. In either case, this vision may represent your need to focus and move toward your goals in the future.

Dreaming of driving a dirty vehicle

This dream is usually a symbol of your opinion about the job you are doing, a possible feeling that the job is humiliating and inadequate for your abilities, but also that there is no way to change anything.

In any case, a person can always change something for the better if he really wants to and if he makes a good plan.

Dreaming that you are invisible while driving

Sometimes this dream can be a consequence of your real feeling that no one notices you, as if you are literally invisible, that you have no control over your choices, that you are not noticed by friends, family, or colleagues at work.

On the other hand, this dream can be a consequence of your attitude that it is better to be inconspicuous and not draw attention to yourself in order to achieve the best results.

What is the meaning of the dream, you will know by the feeling you had in the dream due to the fact that you are invisible.

Dreaming of driving a bus

The dream is a symbol of your feeling that you are in control of achieving your goals and dreams, although other people will help you along the way.

In principle, you are an extremely determined and penetrating person who with his perseverance overcomes all obstacles.

However, you should be aware that not everyone around you will understand the way you function and that can be an obstacle too. You shouldn’t pay much attention to those people.

Dreaming of driving a luxury car

A dream can mean that you have good connections that will help you accomplish  your plans more easily.

Another meaning of this dream is that you live your life fast and you are sometimes reckless. You don’t care what others think about you and you never question your actions and thoughts because you rely on yourself.

This dream indicates that you are very confident person and also it suggests that you will achieve a lot of things in your life in the future.

If you were driving fast in a luxury car, it means that you like the adrenaline and you are a big fan of fast rides. You like your life fast and interesting and you can’t bury yourself into one place. You need to be moving and doing something and you can’t stand doing nothing.

Dreaming that you are a train driver

If you were driving a train in a dream, the dream may mean that you will have to control yourself much more in emotional relationships.

Maybe a dream means that you have a great desire to control other people’s lives. Think about why you want to control someone else’s life. You may or may not want to deal with your life for some reason.

Dreaming of driving a truck

A dream of driving a truck may mean that you should focus more on the parts of your life that are good, and on the things, you have accomplished in life, instead of constantly dealing with the parts of life that you are not happy with and the things you have yet to you achieve, as well as how you will do so.

This dream is probably a message that you should relax and enjoy your achievements.

Dreaming that you are happy while driving a heavy truck

If you have dreamed of rejoicing while driving a truck, a dream can signify your satisfaction while performing a bunch of your duties and not be a burden to you at all.

A dream can also be a sign that you are able to take on huge responsibilities without any problems.

Dreaming of riding in a bus

This dream may indicate that you approach life without much thought and that you live life by inertia, mostly copying other people’s life moves. It is possible that you have a passive role in life and you are not a leader.

This dream can be especially related to your feeling that you are not managing your career and finances. You may feel that you are not adequately rewarded for your contribution to the work and that you are treated like everyone else who works much less and better than you.

The symbolism of riding a bus is precisely in the fact that we usually ride it because we have to, because it is cheaper, etc., and not because we enjoy it, so riding can subconsciously reflect a sense of limited lack of finances and the inevitability of suffering in one way or another. the financial situation would improve in the future.