Dreams About Birds – Interpetation and Meaning

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Birds are a symbol of freedom, but they can also be messengers of both good and bad news.

The interpretation of a dream about birds depends on the details of the dream itself.

For example, if you dreamed of a beautiful and powerful bird, it can never be a bad sign.

However, if you have dreamed of a crow or a raven, or some other scary bird, your subconscious probably reminds you that you need to solve something or face something.

Birds in a dream mostly symbolize some abstract things in our lives such as goals or ideals. In that sense, they can also symbolize negative abstractions, such as fears.

What kind of birds you dreamed about and how you felt during your dreams about birds can reveal to you whether you are progressing spiritually, stagnating, or even regressing.

Birds in dreams can also be a kind of transmitter of messages from spiritual beings or from your own subconscious.

Basically, dreams about birds are important to interpret because they may carry some very important messages for you or people close to you.

Below are interpretations of the most common dreams about birds.

The most common dreams about birds

Dreaming of a bird or birds flying

If you have dreamed of watching a bird or birds flying around, such a dream can signify your mental alertness, especially in terms of your career.

The dream may indicate that you constantly monitor the situation at work in order to avoid possible risks and threats to your career before problems arise. You think and solve things in the making. You are always careful and focused.

This can lead to great exhaustion. Take care of yourself and rest.

That dream can also mean your willingness to help others, especially those closest to you. You are always the person your family and friends rely on. You don’t always have to have everything under control, relax a little.

Likewise, this dream can signify your desire for freedom and spirituality. You may want to explore the depths of the human spirit and dedicate yourself to spirituality, but you are afraid that you will go to extremes.


Dreaming of a dead bird

If you saw a dead bird in a dream, such a dream can mean that you are up-to-date in terms of your health and that you go to the doctor for even the slightest signal.

A dream can also mean your ability to always look on the brighter side of every situation.

If you have been trying to revive a dead bird, that dream may mean that you are trying to get out of a situation or problem, but the means by which you are trying to do so only make your situation worse.

Dreaming of a bird hunting

If you dreamed of a bird hunting an animal, such a dream is probably a sign of your weakness.

A dream can also mean some phobias that you have and because of which you may experience ridicule from your surroundings.

If you dreamed of seeing a bird trying to catch a mouse, that dream could signify a broken trust. Maybe some people you don’t trust have learned some things about you, which can put you in an awkward position if that information is found out.

Dreaming of a bird attacking you

If a bird attacked you in a dream, such a dream can mean that someone who is your enemy may be working behind your back.

This dream can also mean that someone pretends to be your friend in order to use you.

Be careful if someone asks for something big from you or some great service. Don’t put yourself in an unenviable situation by trying to help someone who isn’t your true friend. You will know who that person is soon or you already know.

Dreaming of a pigeon

If you had a dream about a pigeon in which you were feeding it, or you just saw it eating something or flying, it means that you are tired of the simplicity of your life.

You need action and your life needs to change. You are a very friendly person who likes adventures and you can’t stand being stuck at home.

This dream suggests you should go out and try new things because that is what you need.

Dreaming of a stork

A stork is a symbol that reminds us of babies because of that story about a stork carrying a baby. Usually, our minds connect some memories, wishes, and needs with random things that have a tight connection with our subconscious mind and we don’t realize that.

So, seeing a stork in a dream is a sign that you want to be accomplished as a parent. Maybe you are worried if you are going to be a good parent, but that is normal.

Dreaming of a bird’s nest

Seeing a bird’s nest in a dream is a symbol of a home and love. It is representing your need to have a family and your need for love.

Maybe you want to expand your family because you have found someone you want to be with forever, or you will soon meet someone you will truly love.

If the nest was empty and abandoned, it means that you miss your family and that you are lonely. An empty nest is a symbol of emptiness inside our hearts and it shows that you are feeling abandoned by other people.

On the other hand, if you saw a nest full of little birds with their mother, it means that you are currently very happy with your family and it even means that you might expand your family by becoming a parent.

Dreaming of an ostrich

If you saw an ostrich in your dream, it is a symbol of you and how you see yourself in this world.

If the ostrich burying its head in the sand or dirt, it means that you are ashamed of something and you don’t want others to find out. However, you are very good at hiding secrets so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out.

On the other hand, if an ostrich was running, it means that you are constantly trying to catch up with life but you seem like you never get to the finish line. You always give 100% but it still seems like it’s not enough.

Dreaming of an eagle

An eagle is a very powerful animal and it is a symbol of freedom, wisdom, strength, and courage. This animal is a very skilled hunter and not only does it look beautiful and powerful, but it also has great sight and is a symbol of many positive traits.

So, if you saw an eagle flying in your dream, it means that you will manage to achieve something big in your life. You will be on the top and you will be very proud of yourself. This eagle is a sign for you to never give up and always think of yourself as a strong and independent creature, just like an eagle.

On the other hand, if you have seen an eagle hurt or with a broken wing, it means that life is not treating you well so you are feeling down and tired. But, this dream is a sign that you are strong enough to go through that period and rise after you fall.

Dreaming of a vulture 

If you saw a vulture eating a dead animal in your dream, it means that misfortune for others means luck for you. You will be in a position where you will get what you want but after someone loses it. Maybe you will get a job instead of someone else or you will find lost money.

Furthermore, a vulture in a dream represents a person who waits for others to make mistakes so they can jump in and shine. That is a very bad sign and if you are that kind of person, try to change that. These animals carry many diseases because they eat dead flesh and they don’t represent a good sign in a dream.

However, if you saw a vulture eating human flesh, it means that you feel devastated and you can’t endure this rough time anymore. Maybe you need to take a break from everything you do and relax.

Dreaming of a bird in a cage

A bird in a cage represents the way you feel about your life. You are like that bird in the cage and you feel pressured by something in your life. You should try to break the chains and be free.

If something is stopping you from experiencing life fully you should either accept it or confront it.

A bird closed in a cage is a symbol of being a prisoner. Maybe you are a prisoner of your feelings or something you can’t control. It can also be a symbol of addiction.

Whatever struggles you have, try to be aware of them and find a way to comprehend them.

Also, a bird in a cage can symbolize a bad relationship. If the cage was golden, it means that your partner does a lot of things for you, but is still restricting you and your freedom. Freedom doesn’t have a price.

If you saw a bird in a cage sing, it means that no matter how hard times get, you always find a way to be happy and positive. That is why many people like you.

However, you shouldn’t pretend like the problem doesn’t exist. It’s very important to not feel like you are in a cage.

Dreaming of a bird singing

If you had a dream about a bird singing, it means that you will soon hear very good news.

Maybe someone you know will invite you to a party to celebrate something specific, or you will receive some news that you have been waiting for for so long.

Also, this dream means that someone might confess their love to you. You would never expect that person to have a crush on you and you will be very surprised. However, you won’t be sure whether to give a person chance. It’s all up to you.

Dreaming of a hummingbird

If you saw a hummingbird flying in your dream, it means that someone is caring for you and you are not alone.

A hummingbird represents someone who is always there for you and this dream shows that you are very grateful to have that person.

If you saw a hummingbird knocking on the tree, it means that you will find something valuable soon. Maybe you will find a better job or you will get lucky and win something in a lotter