Dreams About Celebrities – Meaning and Interpretation

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It is very common to have a dream about celebrities. Seeing famous people in your dream is a symbol of gravitating towards success and glamour.

Celebrities are people known by a lot of people and they represent success, glory, and are usually liked by many people.

Seeing a celebrity in a dream is a sign that you subconsciously want to be seen and drag other people’s attention on yourself.

Maybe you want to be at the center of attention because you want someone specific to see you and notice your existence.

This dream can indicate that you want to be famous or popular.

Maybe that is what a lot of people would want, but have no courage to make it come true.

Also, seeing a celebrity in a dream can mean that you want to make a change in life and become completely another person. You need a change that will help you become who you want to be and stop pretending to be someone you are not.

Another meaning could be that you have a problem with someone close to you because they are always trying to get all the attention. You find it annoying when someone is trying hard to be seen and you will try to tell them that.

The most common dreams about the celebrities

Dreaming of meeting a celebrity

Dreams about meeting a celebrity symbolize success and financial stability. You tend to be more successful and achieved and you work hard to make your wishes come true.

This dream indicates that you will manage to accomplish everything you have planned and you will be very proud of yourself.

Meeting a very famous celebrity indicates that you might feel less worthy compared to other people.

Maybe you would think that you are not smart or beautiful enough, or that your job is lame compared to others.

That is a sign that you have a lot of insecurities that you should try to neutralize. You need to accept yourself the way you are because there will always be someone better than you.

That is not the reason for you to feel bad because you shouldn’t compare with others.


The only person you should compare with is your past self.

Dreaming of seeing a celebrity

If you had a dream about seeing a celebrity passing by or seeing a celebrity in everyday life, it means that you are a person who never brags about what you have and who you are. You know your worth and you never compare yourself with others.

Another meaning of this dream is that you want to be like someone else. You know how to change yourself to become who you want to be, but you can’t seem to start making that change.

Also, this dream can be interpreted as your wish to be more noticed by other people.

Maybe you feel like you are a ghost sometimes because people don’t pay attention to you.

That can happen to anyone, so don’t worry. You just need to build up your confidence a little bit and relax.

Dreaming of being a celebrity

If you had a dream about being a celebrity, with all the paparazzi taking pictures of you, crowds of people cheering your name, or any other celebrity situation, it means that you need to prove yourself to others.

If you felt powerful and you enjoyed being a celebrity, it means that you lack attention and you need people to be focused on you.

Also, it means that you are an extroverted person who likes showing off.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but you should be careful that you don’t become obsessed with what others think of you and whether they care about you or not.

Be aware that not everyone is going to like you and you should accept that. Just like you won’t like every single person you meet and know.

On the other hand, maybe you don’t like celebrities and that is why you had a dream about being one.

Maybe you don’t like being surrounded by many people so this must have been your worst nightmare.

If you are introverted, and you had a dream about being a celebrity, it means that you are truly trying to avoid big crowds and you are kind of scared of them.

This dream is a sign that you don’t feel good when you are around many people because that makes you feel anxious.

Dreaming of someone you know becomes a celebrity

If you had a dream about someone from your surroundings became a celebrity, it means that he/she is something important for you. You care about that person and you don’t want to share them with other people.

Maybe you are jealous of others who try something with them because you love that person.

On the other hand, if that was someone you don’t have a romance with, for example, a family member or a friend, it means that you see them as very important people in your life. They are the celebrities of your life, your idols.

A person you had a dream about is very important to you and is probably your role model.

Also, this dream might indicate that someone is distancing from you and finding a new company.

Maybe you know that someone doesn’t want to be your friend anymore and that hurt. You want to have them back, but they are now with someone else and enjoying their new company.

This dream indicates that you are jealous of them because they have gotten over you so fast and you are trying to win them back again, but you don’t seem to succeed.

Dreaming of killing a celebrity

If you have killed a celebrity in your dream, it means that you are jealous of someone. You want what they have and you can’t stand seeing their happiness. You are probably not even aware of that and you are suppressing your feelings and thoughts so much you won’t even admit it to yourself.

Another meaning is that you are going through a stressful time and you had this dream because your mind is overwhelmed. We spend many hours daily on social media and our minds are always filled with that content. We subconsciously remember their faces and when we go to bed we dream about them.

Killing a celebrity can be a sign that you are tired of seeing them all the time in the news and social media.

Maybe you are bored of them and you don’t see why would you care about them.

On the other hand, maybe you are motivated to be like them. You hate them but you love them.

Dreaming of a dead celebrity

If you had a dream about a celebrity that has died, it means that your mind is thinking about fame and how would it be to never be forgotten.

Famous people are alive even if they die because the things they have done in this life stay forever.

Maybe you want to achieve something great that will never be forgotten and make yourself famous.

People, in general, need to leave something behind before they die.

That is why we have children and in particular, that is why we are here. Not only to live but also to leave something behind. Many people think that this is the point of life, but that is not the subject here.

This dream is a sign that you are likely to leave something behind because you will do many things that will never be forgotten. However, maybe you won’t do anything soon, but later in life.

Dreaming of a celebrity being in love with you

If you had a dream about a celebrity being in love with you, it means that you need more attention from your partner. You don’t feel loved and you need your partner to pay more attention to you and show you more affection.

You are currently bored in your relationship and your mind is making up these scenarios in which someone else is giving you the attention and affection you need.

It’s normal to have dreams like this one because nobody likes being neglected.

However, this doesn’t mean you would ever cheat on your partner. It just means that he/she doesn’t show gratefulness for having you.

If your partner is taking you for granted, you should talk to them and try to tell them that you are not satisfied with that way of living.

Dreaming of kissing a celebrity

If you had a dream about kissing a celebrity, it means that you will have to deal with very negative and annoying people soon.

Maybe you will have trouble at work or home. You will have to explain yourself to someone who is acting very bad and you will feel humiliated.

Don’t let anyone force you to do anything and stand up for what you believe in. You will have a lot of problems but you should think about yourself and what you need in life. Don’t give in to fights and try to avoid any contact with negative people.

This dream indicates that you will be surrounded by people who don’t share your opinion and will probably mock you.

But you should know that you don’t deserve that treatment. So, if you can, don’t put yourself in these situations and stay away from people who are too close-minded.

Dreaming of marrying a celebrity

If you had a dream about being married to a celebrity, it means that you are in love with someone you can’t have.

You tried everything but you are still alone and you can’t make them be yours. This dream indicates that you are not being realistic about your love life and that is why you are lonely.

Maybe you should try to meet someone new and forget about that person. You can’t force anyone to do anything and you should stop torturing yourself. You deserve to be happy just like everybody else and waiting for someone who doesn’t like you is not one of the things that will make you happy.

Dreaming of a celebrity you saw on TV

This dream indicates that you will have an increased work to do and you will be overloaded with work. You will have to work double shifts but it will pay off.

This dream is a sign of a good financial situation. You will be financially stable because you will work very hard and it will be worth the time and energy.

On the other hand, it could be that you will be very tired all day and you won’t be able to function properly when you stop working. Your partner and friends will miss the old you.