Dreams About Zombies – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreaming of zombies is more common than you imagine, we leave you some meanings of this dark and particular dream.

Dreams are still a subject that causes great curiosity in many people, because it is intriguing to know what the images that usually appear while we sleep are due to, the same ones that sometimes make us wake up happy and hopeful, but in other cases only they leave a horrible feeling of anxiety and fear.

Dreams About Zombies – Meaning

And it is that many times they can be completely strange things, but that have a particular background meaning, announcing future events or highlighting some messages from our subconscious about the way in which we face life or specific situations.

In this case we will talk about the appearance of zombies or undead in our dreams, which in some cases are only due to a movie or book recently read on this topic, but in others they represent difficult situations, problems or a negative aspect in your state of spirit. We leave you 6 possible interpretations.

This is a wake-up call from your subconscious so that you learn to see your problems from another perspective, because you are letting them affect your emotions and turn you into a pessimistic person.

According to psychoanalysis, these types of distressing situations in which you are chased by zombies reflect a situation that you are going through or is about to come into your life, which takes over all your thoughts and does not let you breathe easily.

You have gone through a difficult experience that has managed to mark you emotionally, such as the death of a loved one or a significant loss of something that meant a lot to you, for which you fear that you are vulnerable to others. It can also be clear evidence of your exhaustion and the need to take a break.

You have entered a stage where you trust much more in your abilities and know that you are capable of achieving any goal that you set for yourself.

This only symbolizes your will and the importance of you continuing to do things that way.

This dream symbolizes the distance that you have taken or will take from that person, and the importance of moving forward even if they are not in your life; this only shows a time of change, renewal and adaptation.

A situation marks a before and after in your life, because it is a drastic change that you must learn to assume in order to adapt without any problem.

The advantage is that this dream is not always negative, as it can only be the completion of a stage to give way to something much better.

The walking dead are part of popular culture and appear frequently in movies, books and television series. And they are also fundamental characters in Halloween, but do zombies really exist?

In your dreams yes. Dreaming of zombies is a very frequent dream that presents a particularity: the same dream can have a negative and a positive meaning. You want to know more? We tell you in our dream dictionary all the meanings of dreaming about zombies.

When interpreting the dream with zombies, one must take into account the basis from which its dream symbolism starts. We are talking about the living dead, the walking corpses, the dead who resist dying, the dead who come back to life, which is, in a way, a rebirth. We are talking about beings from beyond that return or who do not want to leave the most here or the world of the living.


This leads us to understand the double meaning of almost all dreams about zombies.

On the one hand, this determination to stay alive is positive, not to give up or to transform their current state.

On the other hand, the meaning can be negative because these zombies are assumed to have bad intentions and usually come hand in hand with violence, death and destruction.

A very important aspect related to zombie dreams is mental turmoil, emotional overflow or life crisis. In times of uncertainty or if you live in places with great dangers, be they natural catastrophes or disasters caused by humans, zombies usually appear in dreams as a symbol of this lack of certainty. Is he alive or is he dead? Neither one nor the other.

You have to take this into account because there can be many different situations in your dreams with zombies.

Several people can have the same dream with zombies and that its meaning is different for each of them. What does it depend on whether the meaning is negative or positive? As always, from your vital context.

And how do you know if it has a positive or negative interpretation? As always, of the emotions that the dream transmits to you. We then go on to discover both meanings, the positive and the negative, of the most frequent dreams with zombies.

The positive meaning of dreaming that you are a zombie is very encouraging. It speaks of a brave and determined person who has the reins of her life and who goes down the path that she chooses herself. If she doesn’t like a place, she moves and changes it. If you don’t like the moment she’s living in, she completely transforms it.

But if the dream produces negative emotions, sadness or even feelings of guilt, it is because you feel that you are in a moment of physical and mental exhaustion and that you live like an automaton. You have no direction, you do not find the meaning of life and you move by inertia. Try to wake up from this nightmare as soon as possible.

We also talk about nightmare when you dream of a zombie apocalypse. The world has changed, it is no longer what it was and now it is a barren terrain swarming the undead who try to increase their ranks at the expense of the living. We have seen it in many series and it is a dream that occurs when your mind goes into catastrophic mode.

Do not think that dreaming of a zombie apocalypse does not have its positive meaning. Has it. And you find it if you stop to think about death from the perspective of the step prior to rebirth.

You cannot be reborn without first dying, you cannot transform yourself without being completely lost. And the same goes for the world. Does our society need a drastic change? Does our world need a rebirth?

If you are dreaming that several zombies are chasing you because they want to kill you, you fight against them and in the end you kill them, it is normal that you feel good in the dream.

You feel like a person who has fought and won, who has not allowed himself to be hurt and who has enough strength to face whatever it is. Even those undead.

But it may also be that when you kill the zombies you do not feel strong, but guilty, without strength or without motivation.

Why did you kill the zombies? You don’t even know it, you did it without thinking, because it’s supposed to be what you have to do. Wake up and assess who is making the decisions in your life.

You may be in a bar having a coffee and your friends are zombies, you may be walking down the street and everyone around you is undead or you may have them at your house visiting, family, friends or neighbors, all of them less zombies you.

This dream indicates that you feel out of place, that your differences Thanks are distancing you from the people around you, that you do not fit in that place and in that moment of your life.

Are the others in the wrong place or are you? We do not dare to point out if this dream is positive or negative, that will have to be decided by you when you wake up.

Dreams About Zombies – Interpretation

Zombies invade your dreams? Do you think video game characters can come to life and appear in your dreams? Do you want to find out once and for all what it means to dream about zombies? If all these questions are in your head, read on to answer them once and for all.

As a general rule, dreaming of zombies is related to loneliness. It is possible that you are living a difficult time in which you try to hide your feelings from others and you want to get away for a while from the world around you.

Of course, not all dreams featuring zombies are the same. The meaning depends a lot on the context in which the dream occurred, so now we are going to know some of the most common dreams to know what their meaning is.

If you dream that you are a zombie it means that you have gone through some painful and complicated situations that have made you much stronger than you were before.

On occasion, this change, in real life, can be interpreted as indifference or insensitivity to the people around you.

Likewise, the fact of dreaming of being a zombie can also be related to extreme tiredness and uncomfortable fatigue. If this is your case, the dream is telling you that you should take a break and adapt your schedule. If you can, take a vacation.

Dreaming of a zombie attack is one of the most common dreams that one usually has. So, if you have had a dream in which a herd of zombies are chasing you, don’t worry, we can say that it is almost normal.

The meaning of dreaming about being attacked by zombies is related to the fact of letting yourself be consumed by problems and worries, so, if this is your case, it is better that you do not drown in a glass of water, everything has a solution.

Go to your loved ones and expose your situation. Together you can find the solution and thus you can stop dreaming that a group of zombies are behind you in your dreams.

If you dream that you are killing a zombie, or that you have managed to kill it, it means that you have a very great desire for improvement. You are a person who sacrifices a lot to achieve a goal and you always get what you set out to do, whatever it is.

Dreaming of a zombie apocalypse means that you are going through a stage of radical changes in your life. These changes are not negative, quite the opposite, but, perhaps, you find them a little hasty and you feel a little confused.

Keep in mind that all dreams related to the end of the world, including this attack of the undead, are related to a time of very great changes.

This type of dream shows that there are unresolved conflicts between you and that person, which means that there may be an emotional breakdown and that your paths end up parting now.

In addition, the fact of dreaming that a friend is a zombie can also mean that a new very fruitful stage awaits that friend.

If a dead man rises from the grave he becomes an undead, and dreaming of an undead is not a very satisfying experience.

Dreaming of an undead means that you are trying to eliminate something from your interior that you have not yet been able to solve.

There are two kinds of zombies, the slow and the fast. If a slow zombie appears in your dreams, it means that you need motivation in your day-to-day life. You may need to set yourself new challenges to find that motivation.

This dream can also give rise to another interpretation. If the zombie, or the zombies, that is chasing you is slow, it may mean that you are tired and that you urgently need a little vacation to rest and disconnect.


Dreaming that you are a zombie may seem unusual to us, but everything we dream of can have a meaning. T

oday it is common to dream of zombies as many movies and video games have been produced worldwide. It should be noted that a zombie is an entity belonging to the world of the dead.

Zombies are not breakers of the future or bearers of good news. Their presence in various fantasy media only brings violence and devastation.

Likewise, everything that comes into contact with it becomes another medium of chaos.

Among the famous movies and games that exist are: Extermination, Resident Evil and The Walking Dead series.

The subconscious leads us to dream these things, it is interesting to know what they mean and their details. Dreaming of zombies refers to a generally traumatic experience.