Dreams About Fighting – Interpretation and Meaning

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Having dreamed of a fight does not mean that you are an aggressive person, these dreams involve other aspects.

It can appear at any time and age to reveal personality traits that you do not know, are hidden and therefore are ignored.

The states of aggressiveness are explosions caused by some situation that makes us act impulsively wanting to attack the other and leaving reason behind, which basically differentiates us from animals. Our ability to think is what we have to avoid falling into temptations but it is often unavoidable for some.

Dreams about Fighting – Interpretation

However, these dreams as explained above, do not have to do only with that type of people, since the standard meaning is the frustration of the unrealized goals that we can all feel at some time.

It means that an unexpected situation will appear that will cause you a big surprise.

This is not to say that it is a good thing, as it could also be a warning that you have to prepare for something bad. It will be a situation that will make you think about your life and want to change it.

This dream is very interesting in that it prepares you for good, regular and bad changes and in any case it gives you a clearer vision of how you should face each situation in your daily life and know how you should behave.

Having clarity of each of your days prepares you for everything and this dream offers it to you. It is just knowing how to specify how the fight was and in what intensity, so that you can know how drastic the change will be that you will have to face soon.

It is the need and the concern to break with those schemes that control you, for example, the monotony that you currently live that cause you a feeling of dissatisfaction and not of fullness.

This dream is a clear invitation to turn your daily life around. It is necessary that you evaluate where is the exact point that you need to modify.

Once you do, you will surely be able to undertake the rest of things with another vision. It is a matter of moving a piece so that everything flows.

It is something very recurrent and more with known people. If you identify the person with whom you are fighting in the dream, it means that you must fix any disagreement you have with him. School is a place where we have lived moments that marked our lives forever.

If in your dream you return to that place it is because you must return in some procedure that you have carried out and that you must correct.

It is very important that you pay attention to what happens in the dream, how you feel and the emotion you express being in that collegiate fight. This will give you clues to identify what things in your present life you need to solve.

You don’t have to worry, winning is positive. It encourages you not to stay behind and get ahead of the bad situation and achieve your wishes. If you are successful in the dream, it is because they will be in waking state.


You need to give yourself a chance to be more relieved, meet with positive people to help you cope with this situation.

It means that you will lose your home or suffer very serious financial loss. Be grateful that you have dreamed of this because that way you can make quick forecasts. Do not let time pass and act so that the disaster does not surprise you.

Review your finances and your debts. Try to make a payment plan. This dream is a very important alert that you must heed, because you can really go through a terrible moment.

It is a sign that you have to be attentive to aspects of your personality that have been hidden. It is very possible that your way of being conceals who you really are.

Maybe you try to be in a public way, because you are not satisfied with the way you see yourself. You don’t like something about yourself and that is why you hide it, but that makes you suffer. You must make decisions and be honest with yourself.

It is related to problems that are approaching your life. The magnitude of the conflicts to come will be measured depending on the severity of the fight, so you must arm yourself with courage and warp Throw the situation or obstacle whatever it is.

This type of dream is always good because it gives you a vision to project what you should do in a pressing situation. You must always act but sometimes you get paralyzed and sleep shakes you up to start solving.

It is related to serious problems that you face with your partner and you should find a way to solve them as soon as possible. An unresolved argument brings many more serious and damaging to the relationship. It is an opportune moment to promote a healthy conversation and to stop. It is likely that the relationship is flawed and they will not get a way out.

If you start a conversation you can reach momentous conclusions about what you should do. You cannot live in eternal conflict. You must heal spiritually, this type of struggle weakens you.

It means the confrontation with an adversary which intimidates or disqualifies you. You will learn to have value and to respect yourself, at the same time wealth and social improvement can be presented in spite of those who intend to ruin you. If you see yourself fighting with someone who is a threat, it is because you are really brave and you also apply a sense of justice and that is your best weapon.

It is part of the change through reflection and respect for others. You start to listen to the people you love and therefore it is a shift towards valuing the rest. You always want people to appreciate each other, you like harmony and that is why you intercede. It is an excellent way of being the one that characterizes you.

It means an upcoming criticism or correction of the work you do, to improve its quality both for the workplace and for professional growth. Don’t see this occasion as an obstacle.

Although it is not pleasant to receive corrections, they must be accepted as part of personal growth.

It has to do with problems and conflicts between friends or acquaintances that you will have to endure. You would like to see your friends happy and in harmony and it distresses you to see them arguing, so you dream of this situation. It is important that you strengthen this way of being and inspire your friends to be at peace.

It has to do with the workplace. Conflicts will arise at work that do not have to do directly with you, but could still affect your pace of work. You are very tense because some work situation complicates you. Try to see how to find the stillness that you require in this environment. Do not lose your work, be perceptive and correct and improve what you have to improve.

It is the way in which the subconscious can warn you of a problem or dangerous situation that is about to occur. You must be prepared for each occasion since fights in general are risky, since you do not know exactly how the other person and even you will react to the confrontation.

Dreams about Fighting – Meaning

The dream world is full of mysteries that many times we do not know how to interpret. Sigmund Freud himself said that the dream is a psychic product worth studying.

In fact, it is normal that things happen in them that are difficult to decipher and that sometimes have nothing to do with what happens on a day-to-day basis, which is even more disconcerting.

One such dream, for example, may be dreaming of a fight without having been involved in one.

This does not always mean something negative, as other aspects may be involved.

Also the interpretation of those dreams will depend on whether it is you who participates in the altercation or if you are only as an observer.

Broadly speaking, dreaming of a fight has very varied interpretations, but, in general, it is the omen of drastic changes. It can also be a call from the subconscious to take up actions that you have missed, warning you about the need to control your most complex emotions and fears. Discover how to manage emotions.

Now, to know for sure what it means to dream of a fight, you must be clear if you are in it or just watching it. We will see these meanings below.

To dream that you are fighting with someone you know is a sign that something unexpected is going to happen and that it will completely surprise you. It may be a positive fact, or on the contrary a bad surprise.

That is why you must be prepared for a surprising turn of events, where you may have to think about making certain changes in your usual routines.

Also, the acquaintance you are dealing with can be your own representation as a symbol of some feelings that you have to face.

Dreaming that we fight at school with familiar people usually happens often. If you can identify the other person involved, it means that you should speak with him to clarify a situation and smooth out any roughness that has you with a certain level of discomfort.

On the other hand, school is a familiar place. This indicates that you should return to a known site to correct a mistake previously made on it. It can be the house where you were born, an old job, or a city you visited.

To dream that you fight with someone and lose is a sign that you are going through a bad period of pain or anguish in your life.

So, it is good that you take some time for yourself, to take care of yourself and vent a little, because if you do not do it, your physical and emotional state can worsen.

In addition, it can be the harbinger of material losses of great importance, such as a house or even a job. It can also be a legal problem in which you run the risk of not doing very well.

Dreaming of a fight and winning has a positive connotation. This type of dream is interpreted as that you are willing to get ahead and fight for your goals.

Specifically, it means that you know your true essence and you will not allow anyone to divert you from your goal.

In other words, you will achieve everything you set your mind to. In this article, you will find information on how to say what you want.

The fact of dreaming that you are fighting with your partner denotes that perhaps you are not bringing out your own personality or you do not like something about yourself and this causes divergences in your environment.

You must work on it in order to make more frank decisions. If you fight with your partner, you should find a way to solve the conflicts as soon as possible. In this article, we tell you how to reconcile with your partner after a fight.

The meaning of dreaming of a fight with your boss warns you about a criticism that is to come in your work and with which, surely, you are going to feel uncomfortable. However, it may be for your personal growth.

Therefore, do not feel attacked, but you should see it as a great opportunity. In this article, you will see how to take advantage of the opportunities that life offers you.


This dream puts you in front of your true essence. You don’t know how to lose because of it, you fight daily and constantly to give your best.

If you are in situations of chaos or conflict at the present time, feel calm, because this dream expressly tells you that you will get away with what is happening.

It means the complete opposite of the aforementioned. You are in a period of violence, pain and mortification, for example, the death of a friend or family member. It is a difficult time for your life. You may even feel physical discomfort because you collapse under certain circumstances.