Dreams About Elevators – Meaning and Interpretation

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If you are afraid of the elevator or something significant happened to you in the elevator in reality; then the symbolism of your dream about elevators is not difficult to interpret.

However, if no special feeling binds you to the elevators, and you dreamed of it, it can mean many different things.

Depending on whether the elevator is standing, is broken, or going up, or down, etc. the meaning of the dream is interpreted.

These are all possible situations that will determine the meaning of your dream about the elevator.

In this text, you will find some of the possible meanings of your dream about an elevator.

The Most Common Dreams About Elevators

Dreaming of seeing an elevator

If you saw an elevator in a dream, that is a good sign. It means that a friend will help you in a difficult life situation.

If you are currently in trouble, one person will give you a hand and get you out of difficulties. You will realize that this person is your true friend, and you will be eternally grateful to her.

Also, an elevator in a dream can be interpreted as a new chance in life that you should take advantage of. You need to be brave and step into the unknown. An elevator, in this case, means success.

Don’t let the elevator go without you. Grab your opportunity!

Dreaming of riding in an elevator

This dream has positive symbolism. You will soon experience the success you have always wanted, but did not dare to admit it to yourself.

You have overcome your ego and are ready to listen to the advice of older family members or colleagues. It will prove to be a key decision for your future development.

To dream of riding in an elevator is one of the most prosperous dreams.

Dreaming of an elevator going upwards


To dream that an elevator is moving upwards has a similar meaning as a previous dream about an elevator, and it also means something good. Some kind of success and prosperity.

In the coming period, you will experience a lot of pleasant and positive changes.

People will praise you for the success you have achieved, and you will be extremely pleased with yourself and your newly found life mission.

Metaphorically, an elevator that climbs to heights means that you will also climb the social ladder and that more and more people from your environment will appreciate you.

In addition, this dream may mean that you will soon have some monetary or another material gain.

Dreaming that an elevator is moving upwards at high speed

A dream in which an elevator rises uncontrollably and eventually breaks through the roof of a building expresses your fear of success.

You will most likely be promoted at work, but you will not be able to cope with great responsibility. You will feel like you are losing control of the situation.

It would be best for you to relax and let things take their course.

Dreaming that the elevator is moving down

Dreaming of an elevator going down means that you currently feel very bad and have no will for anything.

You need to endure through this period. The motivation for the future will surely emerge. Now is not the time to start something new.

Something bad may have happened to you in the past that you cannot forget so you could move on.

Don’t let the past dictate your present and future. Look at things positively, because life is only one. Make the most of it.

Let your past be only your teacher, not a judge.

Dreaming of a quick descent in the elevator

If you dreamed that the elevator would descend quickly while you were inside, such a dream may indicate an encounter with someone who will have a great impact on your life. This person could even become a close friend of yours.

Dreaming of an elevator moving sideways

If you dreamed that you were in an elevator that suddenly started moving to the side, such a dream indicates that your feelings are not clear to you.

Maybe your career is stagnant, or your relationship with your partner is not moving to a higher level. You may feel as if you have reached a certain level in something and cannot move from that place.

This dream can also mean that you are dealing with unnecessary things and trifles, forgetting the more important things in life, such as your spiritual growth and personal development.

Also, this dream can indicate a feeling of disappointment, because some choices that you thought were good caused unexpected losses or delays.

Dreaming of an elevator moving horizontally

This dream is often associated with issues of mind, heart, and spirituality, rather than with physical or career tasks.

In essence, your daily responsibilities prevent you from reaching a higher level, whether it is spiritual growth or just improving yourself as a person. You should think deeply what is truly important to you. Do not spend your days on banality.

Dreaming of an empty elevator

If you enter an empty elevator in a dream, the dream can be a symbol of the usual ups and downs of life. That dream can refer to daily routine and obligations, but also to some unusual events that make life more interesting.

Dreaming of an elevator full of people

If you dreamed of being in an elevator full of people, that is not a good sign and may indicate that some inconveniences or even accidents will happen to you in the near future.

A dream is a warning to watch where you are going and to take care of your own, but also the safety of your family. Be careful who you let near you in the coming period.

Dreaming of being stuck in an elevator

This dream is similar to a nightmare.

If you dream that you are in a broken elevator, it means that you feel constrained in life. You feel like you’re trapped.

You perceive like you can’t live freely because you always depend on someone else’s opinion.

Besides, you think that no one in your environment appreciates your hard work and success. You need someone to acknowledge your hard work in order for you to keep working.

A stuck elevator can also represent exciting moments that await you in the future. It is possible that you will get something good out of a bad situation and that you will be grateful for everything that happened.

Dreaming of getting into an elevator or standing in front of an elevator

This dream indicates your need for change. You feel ready for change, and now you are just waiting for the right moment.

You are simply not satisfied with the situation you are in at the moment and you want to change it as soon as possible.

If you are determined to change your life, you will surely succeed. Be careful not to hurt someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Dreaming of an elevator going down to the basement

If you dreamed of taking the elevator down to the basement, you will probably make some decisions, which will lead you to a dangerous or humiliating situation.

Sometimes this dream indicates choices you have to make even though you don’t want to.

This dream may also symbolize that you are aware that something bad must happen. Sometimes it also indicates a deliberate choice of a negative experience.

Dreaming that the elevator is collapsing

If you dreamed that the elevator is collapsing, it means that you have become realistic in life again and that you have stopped idealizing some people or situations.

Now you stand firmly on the ground again. You know what you want, and you will do everything to make it happen.

If you have just stepped out of a collapsing elevator in your dream, it means that you will save yourself from some unfavorable situation.

Dreaming of objects and people in the elevator

If you dreamed of being in an elevator with objects and people, it means that you need the advice of someone wiser and more experienced in order to improve something in life and yourself. You probably wouldn’t agree with that, but that’s the way it is.

You want to be absolutely independent, and you don’t want to admit to yourself that you don’t know all the answers.

This dream may also indicate some traits that you see in others and want to incorporate into your personality.

Sharp objects always mean something bad, and soft and round ones symbolize comfort and pleasantness.

Dreaming of being late for the elevator

If you dream that you are late for the elevator as if it were a bus, it indicates that you will come up with a new and efficient solution to a problem.

If you find the perfect solution, you will probably prevent feelings of disappointment or discomfort.

Dreaming of an elevator door opening and closing multiple times

If you dreamed that you were in the hallway and watching the elevator door open and close more than once; it is usually interpreted as a sign that you will start pleasant and satisfying sexual encounters with a new or unexpected partner.

With this person, you will probably try things you have never tried before. And you will enjoy it.

Dreaming that the elevator stopped during the night

This dream means that you have no reason to worry about things in your life and that you should relax and enjoy.

Dreaming of running towards the elevator

To dream of running towards an elevator is a good sign. You will probably soon meet someone who will take a significant place in your life, a friend or a partner.

The same meaning has a dream in which the elevator goes without you, or you cannot find a place for yourself in it.

Dreaming that you can’t get in the elevator

If in a dream you could not enter the elevator, it may indicate the need to overcome obstacles and difficulties in order to achieve a goal.

If there were people in front of you, who were also waiting to enter the elevator, you should have more patience and invest more effort and time in achieving your goals.

These would be interpretations of some dreams in which an elevator appears as a motive. Don’t forget to take into account all the circumstances and remember as many details from the dream as possible.

Only in this way will you be able to read the dream in the right way and discover what it is telling you.