Dreams About Gorillas – Meaning and Interpretation

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If you saw a live gorilla, for example, in a zoo; it would not be strange that it came into your dreams as well.

These animals of imposing build and size would surely leave an indelible impression on you, even if you watch a show about them or see a photo of them.

However, many of our dreams are not inspired by what we saw or heard on a particular day but come from a lesser-known source.

Dreaming of gorillas is not a common occurrence, bearing in mind that these are quite rare animals, nor is it common to see them in the real world.

Dreams of these great apes usually have deeper meanings.

Since gorillas represent a variety of things, like eagerness, masculine strength, raw forces of nature, domination, and aggression, but also tenderness, motherhood, parenthood, community, peace, and protection, imagine how many meanings your dream of gorillas can have.

Remember the details from the gorilla dream, as well as the feelings you had.

Was the gorilla aggressive, or calmly watching you from a safe distance?

Were the gorillas male or female? Was it one or more gorillas? Details are essential to interpret a dream in the right way.

Gorillas and the way their community is organized have always fascinated people and forced them to explore these large, human-like animals.

Gorillas have similar genetic material as humans, which makes them even more interesting to study.

The Most Common Dreams About Gorillas

Dreaming of running away from a gorilla

Dreams of scary and dangerous animals that chase you always mean that you want to escape from problems. This dream is a sign that you need to face some difficulties in life.

The gorilla is a danger and a threat here, which you will not be able to avoid, but you will have to handle it.

This dream can also represent both your inability and unwillingness to face the bad consequences of your actions.


Also, an angry gorilla in a dream can represent a dominant and manipulative person who makes you feel helpless and without self-confidence.

If you are a little surprised by the emotions in your dream, it means that you are not even aware that someone is controlling you.

Dreaming of fighting a gorilla

If you dreamed of fighting this strong animal, it means that you are finally ready to deal with some bigger problem in your life.

You may finally be able to stand up for yourself and your attitudes or face some inner demons.

If you managed to drive off the gorilla, it means that you will be able to overcome the problems and troubles in real life.

If a gorilla hurt you and beat you, you need more time to gain strength and deal with the difficulties.

Dreaming of a friendly gorilla

If you dreamed that the gorilla was good and kind to you, that is an extremely positive sign.

If you communicated with a gorilla in a dream and she was gentle towards you, it means that there are some precious and noble people in your life. These people care about you and love you. Maybe it’s your parents or some close friends.

It is also possible that a warm gorilla means a person who is above you in social and material terms, and who respects you and cares about you.

You may soon meet (or have already met) a person who will greatly affect your life. This person will support you in every way, but will never try to manipulate you or control you.

Dreaming of an aggressive gorilla

This dream is the opposite of the previous one. If you have dreamed of an aggressive gorilla that has not yet attacked yours, it means that you still have a chance to avoid some project that will harm you or some unscrupulous person.

Also, this dream can mean that you are afraid of some rude male person. Maybe it’s your superior or father or husband.

Basically, you can still avoid harm if you act calmly and wisely.

Dreaming of a dead gorilla

The dream of a dead gorilla is not a good sign as it speaks of the loss of a person who means a lot to you in life.

Maybe that person will go somewhere or make some big changes in their life that will not include you.

The dream is there to prepare you for this as well as for the fact that you need to forgive that person. It should help you lessen your fears and sorrows.

Dreams of a dead gorilla could represent big losses and help us deal with such difficult situations.

However, if this dream does not cause heavy emotions in you, you will overcome problems and finally feel strong enough to face those who are trying to manipulate you.

Dreaming that you have killed a gorilla

If you killed a gorilla in a dream, it implies that you will surely solve some major life problems.

Also, you may find yourself in trouble because of your recklessness. You will get out of that problem, but you should be a little more careful and watch what you say and do.

Dreaming of a gorilla at the zoo

If you dreamed of being in a zoo and watching a gorilla, that’s a good sign when it comes to friendship. Looks like you’re going to make a new friend.

Most likely, after meeting that person, you thought that he/she was arrogant and superficial. However, it turns out that you had prejudices and that the two of you are very similar.

This person may be a sincere friend for the rest of your life. Open your heart, and the right person will come to you.

Dreaming of buying a gorilla

If you dream of buying a gorilla, you will have a nice trip. Even though you will go on business, you will feel wonderful on that trip, as if you have found yourself.

You will visit some beautiful city or place. You will fall in love with that place so much that you will think about moving there. Eventually, you maybe move to that place and start a new adventure in your life.

Dreaming of having a gorilla for a pet

This dream with such unusual content has a negative connotation.

A gorilla as a pet means that you have some problems in everyday life. These problems concern love and partnership.

You are in a relationship or marriage where you currently have difficulties that you do not know how to deal with. You need to be patient and wise so as not to aggravate the situation you are in.

Dreaming of feeding gorillas

You should pay more attention to what you spend your money on.

If you continue to spend irrationally, you will wake up one morning bankrupt.

There is no need to buy all those things you buy. After all, ask yourself why you spend so much money when you don’t have big savings.

Shopping comes to you as a therapy, but it is not a solution to emotional unfulfillment.

Dreaming of a gorilla in a cage

This is a dream that warns you not to rejoice over someone else’s trouble and not to build your happiness on someone else’s loss.

Everything in life changes, so your current situation will naturally change. It is essential that you do not make enemies for yourself and that you are not proud of something you should be ashamed of.

Dreaming of a gorilla in the jungle

To dream of a gorilla in its natural habitat, can have two meanings.

The first is that you should watch what you say when you are in a larger group of people. Simply, not everyone shares your sense of humor, and many are bothered by your bragging.

Another meaning concerns your family. You may become close with some family members when going through a difficult period.

Dreaming of a white gorilla

A white gorilla in a dream means recovering from an illness. This is an extremely powerful message presented in a dream.

This may apply to you or someone close to you.

Dreaming of a gorilla with cubs

This dream says that you do not pay enough attention to your family members (children may be), and because of that you feel bad and you are constantly nervous.

Nothing is lost. You just need to get better organized and manage to spend part of the day with your loved ones.

All in all, the family is the most valuable. Never lose sight of it.

Dreaming of being a gorilla

Dreams with this content are rare, but they have been recorded. People sometimes dream that they are gorillas.

This dream means that you mean a lot to someone in terms of support and security.

In addition, it can mean that you will suddenly save someone from some trouble. You will be the right person at the right place.

Dreaming of petting a gorilla

This dream means that your enemies are weak and cannot harm you. They pretend in front of you that they think you are pleasant because they must not come into conflict with you.

No matter how hard they try, they can’t disrupt your plans or get in your way. You are well aware of this fact.

You have been working on your self-confidence and power for a long time. Now, you come to the point when you are not afraid of anyone.

Dreaming of a gorilla in the distance

This dream means that one person is watching you from a distance. That person wants to come into your life to harm you for some reason.

Surely you can remember who that person is. Don’t let her get close enough to you as she will plot against you.

Dreaming that you are in the wild and that the gorilla cubs thought you were their mother/father

In the past, you pretended to be someone else, and that is bothering you now.

Many believed you, and now you are sorry for that. Now you do not know what to do so as not to disappoint those who trusted you.

You should tell them the truth. Truth is eventually the best cure for everything, although it is sometimes a bitter cure.

Dreaming of feeding a gorilla with a banana and hiding it in your house so that no one could harm it

You are trying to find out who is persistently sabotaging all your opportunities and chances.

When you find out that it is someone who is your friend, and who is also fighting for himself, you will not be able to be angry, but you will completely let him show and prove himself, because you know how unenviable is a situation in which he is at the moment.