Dreams About Kittens – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams about cats and kittens are common and are dreamed equally by those who love these animals and those who do not.

The very connotation of dreams is related to a specific situation, and can be bad or good, depending on the way someone dreams of a cat, experiences it, sees it in his dream.

The cat is known as a dexterous and cunning animal that always gets on its feet. According to popular belief, a cat is an animal that has “nine lives”; which indicates that she is always ready to get out of any problematic situation.

It symbolically means resourceful people who know how to reach the desired goal, either to flatter someone, or to be double-faced, under the “mask” of kindness, honesty, and integrity.

Let’s see what’s of the previously said about cats applies to the kittens that appear in a dream.

The Most Common Dreams About Kittens

Dreaming of a cat with kittens

This dream signifies some impending inconvenience and poverty. You will probably welcome people without money in the house, wanting to help them.

However, this will not work out as that person or persons will not honor the agreement. You will lose your peace and privacy. Also, they will stay longer than they said.

This dream warns you to think carefully before letting someone stay at your home.

Dreaming of seeing a kitten without a tail

Cats need a tail to maintain balance, and without it, they are completely incapable of defending themselves.

This dream implies that you are in some sense “handicapped”, because you have no self-confidence or faith in yourself, and you are doomed to collapse and decay even before time.

You have decided for yourself that something has no purpose and you have foreseen failure for yourself.

According to old beliefs, “thought is connected with a positive or negative outcome”, when you think badly or negatively, you will get such a reality in every field of life, and in every moment that awaits you.

Dreaming that a kitten suddenly attacked you or bit you


Sometimes you are very selfish, stubborn, and self-centered, and you tend to give life lessons to everyone.

You often behave arrogantly and present yourself to others as the best and untouchable.

People often resent these traits of yours, because you always have the desire to dominate, and you never change or give up on telling everyone how they should live.

You are currently very lonely and emotionally empty and unhappy because of these character traits.

Change something. Have more understanding and love for people. Nobody is perfect.

Dreaming that kitten has scratched you

Whether you dream that a cat or kitten has scratched you, it means that you will soon be unpleasantly surprised, and that probably has something to do with someone in your life and their insincerity.

It can happen that a person who has always been kind and friendly to you, will show another face and attack you for no apparent reason. You will ask him/her for an explanation for such an act and you will feel that you did not deserve the treatment you received.

Also, this may apply to a family member, who will ask for some property to be divided so that he gets more; which will lead to quarrels and problems.

Dreaming of hearing the meow of a kitten

If you hear a kitten meowing in a dream, it is a warning about unpleasant events. You may have a conflict with a person who will want to bring your dirty laundry to the public.

They will put you in an awkward situation and ask for something you are not able to fulfill in exchange for being silent and pretending that you have never met.

It would be best, in this case, to postpone the final agreement with this person, because he or she will go far away from you at some point. Be patient.

Dreaming of a kitten meowing contentedly

This dream has no positive connotation and is just the opposite of the peace and serenity that the kitten expresses in your dream.

Namely, you will face some bad circumstances or you will hear unfavorable news, and you will be very surprised or simply unprepared to do anything because you will not know exactly what to do.

Dreaming that a large number of kittens are hanging around your legs

You have very insincere friends or even open enemies, who are lurking for the opportunity to use you, and you do not understand their intentions at all and trust them, and you work on their advice.

You have to understand that you don’t have to trust everyone, and you have to break away from some excessive environmental influences, and people who are both manipulators and selfish.

Dreaming of seeing a kitten hunting a mouse

This dream means something positive for you. You will show perseverance and patience when it is most needed, especially when everyone else loses faith and hope in you.

You will achieve some great successes, profits, results in every sense, because you tried and advocated for everything you believe in, and the reward will be a realistic outcome of everything you fought for and what you sincerely wanted.

Dreaming of a kitten sleeping carefree and peacefully in your lap

This dream can be associated with the saying “evil never sleeps”, and clearly means something negative.

You will probably clumsily resort to some immoral, illegal, or cunning actions.

Sometimes it is not quite true that “the goal justifies the means”, so when you become aware that you were wrong, you will wonder if something was worth losing your self-esteem and reputation in the eyes of dear and close people.

Dreaming of beating a kitten

To dream of beating or killing a kitten implies that you will have one enemy less in the future. You will probably defeat a person who has resented you on a business or private level by trying to take something that is yours.

You will try to influence that person with kind words, but she eventually will not respond to that, so you will have to be rough.

Dreaming of caressing a kitten

This dream means that those whom you have helped or done well, do not repay you in the same measure. It means that some people around you are ungrateful, and you didn’t expect that from them.

Also, you may have helped someone while expecting something in return from that person, but you didn’t get it.

Either way, you will be the villain in the whole story, which will provoke you to end any relationship with that person.

Dreaming of seeing a kitten sleeping

You are finally facing a good and harmonious period in all aspects of life, and you will be able to unburden yourself and enjoy the love or the results of your work and commitment.

You will have real friends around you, your family; you will gain money and be promoted at work, and you will achieve the desired peace to which you have essentially aspired for a long time.

However, you should not relax completely, but remain careful so that you can always cope with a sudden problem.

Dreaming of a dead kitten

Dreaming of a dead kitten means that you should be careful in traffic. For example, do not use the phone while driving.

Also, you should be careful while crossing the street.

A dead kitten in a dream suggests some sudden danger. Therefore, extra caution is required.

Dreaming of a kitten asking you for food or attention

The mentioned dream does not have a good connotation, but it is in a way “sobering” and contributes to you becoming wiser because others have manipulated and used you enough in the past.

Namely, you will realize that someone you trusted actually perceives you just as an “aid to the goal”, and you will resolutely “cut all ties”, leave space for yourself, and fight for personal attitude and your integrity and identity.

Dreaming of feeding a kitten

This dream suggests that you are expecting some unforeseen expenses.

You will be left with less money in your bank account, but you will save your dignity.

Dreaming of a Siamese kitten

There is one person near you who greatly appreciates you and loves you. That person has many virtues and can help you a lot in life. Don’t take her for granted.

Dreaming of a Persian kitten

One person relies heavily on you, and the security you instill in that person means a lot to her.

The meaning of a dream can be simpler. If you’ve recently petted or heard a cat, it must have left an impression on you.

Kittens and Colors

Dreaming of a black kitten

When we actually see a black kitten, we consider it a negative sign.

However, when you see a black kitten in a dream, it means that you have no reason to worry.

You are most likely a superstitious person who avoids sitting on the edge of the table, turning the bread upside down, etc. which is why you imagine that something bad will happen to you if you do the opposite.

It happens that you burden others with potential dangers that can happen to them and that you often check where they are and what they are doing.

Relax a little. The control that a person has over one’s life is very limited.

Dreaming of a colorful kitten

There is one person with dishonest intentions near you. She will reveal herself during a conversation.

Pay attention to what people are saying so that you do not end up deceived or hurt.

Dreaming of a white kitten

If you see a white kitten in a dream, it is a warning to beware of flatterers. There are probably people around you who find it easier to please everyone and say what others want to hear.

In that way, they do not resent anyone, but they harm those who listen to them because they become subjective and sensitive to criticism.

Dreaming of a yellow kitten

The dream of a yellow kitten signifies the jealousy of your loved one. Jealousy can come both from a friend or a partner.