Dreams About Flood – Meaning and Interpretation

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We have already talked about dreams with water in many cases, since the importance of this element in dreams is one of the highest.

Something that we have not talked about so much is floods, which is why it is the topic that we deal with in this article, dreams with floods.

Knowing in advance the strength and symbolism of water, it is to be expected that this is also one of the most significant elements when it occurs in dreams.

Dreams about Flood – Meaning

Even if it is about water, as we have already seen in other articles, it is not the same to dream of clean or crystalline water than to dream of rain or sea water.

In all these dreams the element is the same, but the way it is presented is different and therefore its meaning also varies.

In order to correctly explain all these interpretations, we have had to group the dreams related to water in different contexts, although in this case we are talking about water but also about a natural catastrophe.

In these types of dreams in which the risk of death is even experienced or great destruction is seen, the emotions are so strong that they can cause very sudden awakenings in the dreamer.

Despite all this, they are dreams and we should not let them affect us so much once we have awakened. The best we can do is write down the details of the dream so we don’t forget them and try to calm ourselves by controlling our breathing.

The general meaning of dreaming about a flood explains the presence of problems, although we are talking about a very common dream in people who have suffered some very serious traumatic experience in their lives or have experienced a fairly large flood.

In these cases the dream should not be interpreted, since it is precisely one of these reasons that have generated its appearance.

On the other hand, the news itself or even a movie may have also caused this dream. Look for the possible connections of the dream with your environment and if you do not find any, you can continue to interpret this vision that includes a message.

Dreaming of a flood in the bathroom represents your fear of change. You know that it is a matter of time before your life takes a 180 degree turn and you do not know very well how you are going to face it. You fear being harmed even though this is what is commonly described as fear of the unknown.

It doesn’t have to be anything bad, in fact, it may be changes to help you be happier. Don’t be afraid and use that change to move forward and feel better about yourself.

When you live in a dream a great flood and also the water is very dirty, problems approach your life. It is very likely that these problems also affect people in your environment such as family, partner or closest friends.

You will not be the worst responsible person if you are going to have to look for solutions because you are the best suited for it. With sure effort you will be able to solve this situation and save more trouble for the rest.


Seeing the panic that other people live in the flood, swimming desperate to save themselves or protect their belongings is one of the most traumatic dreams.

As if that were not enough, the meaning is also negative, nothing more and nothing less than a great epidemic or problem is going to affect many more people than you imagine.

It can be a health issue, a bank failure, some large-scale scam, or the loss of jobs for many employees.

Whatever the problem, we recommend that you start saving and monitor your health from now on, since we cannot know with total precision the origin of the problem.

Dream of house flooding and we are not able to find the source or control the water, you will have to overcome more than one family dispute. This symbolizes the lack of communication or the clash of different points of view.

The most common is that these frictions end in distancing, although it is something that you should avoid at all costs. Family will always be family and it is not convenient to fight with anyone so close.

To improve these uncomfortable situations, try to control yourself, measure your tone and words, and express yourself as gently and calmly as possible.

When it is an entire city that in dreams we see flooded, it means that there are people who seek to harm you, and the worst thing is that they know how to do it.

This is a good dream, because even if it has a negative side, it allows us to know the intentions of certain people and prepare for it.

It is important to continue acting normally but knowing how to choose the words leaving no room to be betrayed. An assured victory against these intentions consists of ignoring or downplaying what that person seeks to cause in us.

On the other hand, dreaming that you help others in a flood is associated with effort. You are struggling to achieve your dreams or to contain your most whimsical and childish side.

You know what you want but what you need, too, and this helps you focus on life. You are a strong person who knows how to cope with problems and immediately pulls up your shoulder when necessary.

Fighting and swimming to be safe from the large amount of flood water is a dream that often appears in people of little character. It is very likely that you have always been the laughingstock of the school or that you have gone completely unnoticed.

This means that you are quite a magnet for those who only seek to cause damage, which makes you more vulnerable. You have what it takes to stand up to all those people, do not let yourself be manipulated or deceived and show that personality that you keep only for the closest people.

Dreaming of a flood or dreaming of water has many meanings, be it clean, transparent, cloudy, polluted, peaceful or torrential water, you must pay close attention to it so as not to lose sight of the signals that you may be receiving from your subconscious in your dream space. Or the premonitions that are being revealed to you.

Water is a vital source for all living beings. Its appearance in dreams represents essential aspects of our life. According to its characteristics, we will face positive or negative aspects.

For example, crystal clear flowing water is associated with our ways of being, with tranquility, harmony, peace.

Meanwhile, cloudy water is a sign of conflict, fear, pressure. When the water is rainwater, we have to pay attention to the context in which it manifests itself, because depending on its intensity and the effects it causes, it may be revealing different realities of our personality or of relationships with the personal, family, work environment, etc.

Dreams about Flood – Interpretation

Beyond the original meaning, there are various interpretations where other elements or contexts are included, which help to better understand the meaning of the dream, we are going to see some of the possible interpretations.

It can be indicative of problems that are approaching your life and that you will have to take care of solving, because you are the right person for it. Question of checking your reality to see what you must change.

This dream is related to the family environment and the possible fights that may appear in your environment and that you will have to face, but that you will inevitably have to deal with some distancing, so you must be prepared for the shock.

These types of disputes will not do your family good, because it is always better to avoid them and propose solutions before.

It is indicative that you are a strong person and willing to help other people solve their problems. You know what you need and what you want and you are willing to go through some rough edges to figure it out.

If in your dream you see yourself fighting not to drown or save yourself in some way from the flood, it means that you are a strong person and that you fight for what you want, even in areas or situations that can be very traumatic for you.

If you see people who are fighting for their lives, especially if there are many, it indicates that problems are coming that can affect many people, diseases, catastrophes.

Remember that dreams are not usually premonitory, but respond to thoughts or perceptions that you have during the day, so you should not worry about this.

It can indicate that there are people who do not like you who are looking to hurt you, although it is not known how long it may take for this to happen, it is something that you intuit and your mind shows it this way.

It is a sign that the problems are going to be solved in a positive way, that there will be no problems in dealing with them. Although the flood in itself is not pleasant, the one with clean water indicates problems, but they will be solved.

When the flood is caused by an unexpected event, such as a heavy rain, it can indicate that something strange is going to happen in your life. A matter of being attentive to perceive changes and possible complications.

It is an indication that something bad could happen, it could be layoffs or unexpected events, such as changes of directors or of that magnitude. You must be attentive to react in time and remember that changes will not necessarily affect you, but may affect others.

It means that there is a person who has a very high level of influence in your life and can handle you at will. Your mind manifests it by showing you being swept away by a flood that devastates you, the flood being that person that affects your life.

If you see yourself or other people swimming in a flood, it may be indicative of a crisis or profound change that can affect many people around you, take that into account when making decisions.

It is a complex dream, because the bathroom is an intimate place in your home, it can indicate that you are sorry to leave your home or that something is wrong in your home.

It can also indicate parts or changes in your house that you fear will go wrong.

If this happens it means that you will soon see an unexpected change in your life. A novelty that is small but at the same time important in day-to-day life and that can suffer it and affect you in such a way that you see it manifested in a dream.

Dreaming of tsunamis is associated with being pleasant, which can indicate that you will have changes in your life, but that they will be positive for you.

As with all change, it will take time for you to fully adapt and that change may suddenly arise and be unexpected.

If you are traveling on a road and you find a flood that prevents you from passing, it is a sign of excess stress. Expectations in relation to your emotions that make you unable to deal with certain issues.


With a flood that carries objects or people, it symbolizes your fear of losing them at once. It may be suddenly, something that you do not expect, but that you perceive can happen.

In general, it has to do with your own insecurities, with which you have to evaluate if what you feel is true or just a thought.

Whatever the type of flood, dreaming that you caused it implies that you feel guilty for some circumstance. It affects you or other people, you see yourself as the cause of a situation, probably a change that can be positive or negative.