Dreams About Having Twins – Meaning and Interpretation

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The twins in dreams: they are really special and can acquire different meanings based on the context in which we find ourselves.

In general, dreamlike twins symbolize ambiguity, inner struggle, uncertainty, diversity in equality. In antiquity they were given supernatural powers; their special understanding has always been valued to the point of believing that they were gods.

The interpretation of the dream could be different if you are women waiting for a twin birth or if you would really like to have twins.

What does dreaming about twins mean? They could recall a strong inner conflict, an indecision that leads the dreamer to confusion, leaving him unable to choose between two opposite but equally valid paths. It could reflect our true nature, the one we repress, or it could also reflect a difficult relationship with us.

Twins symbolism in cultures

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Dreams About Having Twins – Meaning

In the symbolism of the dream world, children represent all that is pure and innocent but at the same time vulnerability and uncertainty.

What does it mean to dream of children? In dreams it can often happen to dream about one’s own children, especially if something happened before the dream that had a strong impact or remained impressed.

But even dreaming of “future” children is very common; children can project an image of ourselves as children, they can fully represent us. In addition to painting an image of us children, they also reflect our fears and concerns.

Most commonly, dreaming about children many times represents an anxious state on the part of a parent.

However, it may happen to dream of a reverse relationship, that is, to dream of receiving a sermon from your children: this happens because many times a parent feels that he cannot know how to manage a relationship and therefore create unpleasant situations.

Dreams about Having Twins – Symbolism

Dreaming of twin brother – Very often people who do not have a twin repeat phrases such as: “who knows what it is like to have a twin”, “I would like to have a twin to be able to exchange with him”, “if I had a twin we would dress the same”, “I wonder if they are really so empathetic”, and so on, this “desire” in dreams is easy to be fulfilled, to give the dreamer a hint of what it means to have someone identical or not with such a close bond. So if you wanted a twin, chances are your unconscious will satisfy you!

Dreaming of young children and / or newborns – as we have already said before, young children can represent a clear image of ourselves. Many times parents are afraid to transmit their fears and concerns directly to their children, unintentionally.

Our unconscious reflects this by showing the similarities between us and them. At other times, young children, newborns, represent that period of transition and transition. Children, especially in the early years, grow quickly: in our dreams they can have a metaphorical symbol of great developments or changes.


Dreaming about future children (or those who don’t) – it can happen to dream about children that we don’t have yet. This kind of dream indicates new projects that will bring many responsibilities to come.

Children can also be a metaphor for general changes that can be part of our working and / or sentimental life. But future children can also indicate an unconscious desire: we could be ready for the big step and have the desire to start a family.

Dreaming of sons – in the cabal, the sons, traditionally were carriers of misfortunes and malaise. In the symbolism of dreams, this thing is not true in fact the male children represent a great strength. This happens because in the family role the male figure is of vital importance as a bearer of traditions and above the entire name.

Our unconscious, very often, is influenced by conventions that accustom us to ideas that are not always true. The sons before represented an essential force for a family and therefore commonly gave a certain priority to them.

Dreaming of twin sons – dreaming of twins can often indicate another face, or a double situation. The twins represent just that in the symbolism of dreams, two aspects of everything. In addition to the essence of our person, dreaming of twin children can express a strong sense of motherhood or fatherhood and the strong desire of a large family.

Dreaming of drowning children – unlike common thinking, dreaming of drowning children is a fairly recurring dream from a parent. This dream represents a fairly clear metaphor: our unconscious tries to make us understand that children are oppressed by disorders and anxieties created mainly by us parents. Often a person who has a strong maternal (or paternal) instinct will never admit he is wrong in not wanting to let his child go.

However, this can have serious repercussions on the type of relationship that is at home, creating a series of conflicts and misunderstandings.

Dreaming of losing children and / or children in danger – this dream represents a sense of strong fear and concern on the part of very protective parents. The fear of losing a child is also the fear of a bad relationship between parent and child.

Sometimes for arguments or arguments, we can create excessive ideas that remain particularly imprinted, so as to create an excessive scene. If instead we dream about our children in a dangerous situation, this is a representation of our fear that blocks us from going further and concentrating on more serious things.

Dreaming of dead (or dying) children – dreaming of a child, who dies or is dying, will bring great anxiety and indicate an unbalanced and frightened state of mind. Our concerns are reflected in our dreams, thus bringing out our maternal / paternal instinct.

In fact, many times this type of dream indicates a detachment for which parents are not ready to face. In this context, the parent-child separation is depicted in a much more drastic way.

Dreaming of twins – it is likely that you are very hard-fought, and confused, in your mind there are more equal but opposite situations, and you do not know how to manage them for fear of the consequences.

Dreaming of Siamese twins – Siamese twins generally have a body part shared with each other, in dreams this sharing could be interpreted as the difficulty of acting out of fear of hurting someone we love.

Dreaming of male and female twins – it is likely that you are in strong conflict with your feminine or masculine side, remember that we all have an opposite side that if we try to repress it sooner or later it will rebel, accept yourself for what are the nuances of your personality.

Dreaming of monozygotic twins – monozygotic twins are generally identical brothers in dreams, this equality is reflected as another part of us, a perfect mirror that puts us in front of the nature of what we do not accept, maybe you are in conflict with yours exterior part.

Dream of dizygotic twins – dizygotic twins, on the other hand, are different twins, in dreams this inequality in equality is reflected as a double personality which we do not always accept, therefore internal conflicts arise.

Dreaming of dead twins – it is probable that you are in a period of rejection towards your person, something that concerns you in depth has put a strain on your acceptance process, a part of you has just passed away. Alternatively if you have just suffered a grieving of a person you loved very much, this dream may reflect the metaphor behind the phrase: “a part of me is dead”.

Dreaming of being pregnant with twins – If we make a speech about pregnancy, for women or for couples, dreaming of giving birth to twins could reflect their desire to be parents; it is a strong call to a large family.

Dreaming of twin children: o Dreaming of twin children or dreaming of twin babies could certainly recall a strong sense of motherhood or fatherhood, but it could also reflect particular conflicts, a problematic period where you are strongly inconsistent with your thoughts, there is a lot of confusion.


Very often people who do not have a twin repeat phrases such as: “who knows what it is like to have a twin”, “I would like to have a twin to be able to exchange with him”, “if I had a twin we would dress the same”, “I wonder if they are really so empathetic”, and so on, this “desire” in dreams is easy to be fulfilled, to give the dreamer a hint of what it means to have someone identical or not with such a close bond.

So if you wanted a twin, chances are your unconscious will satisfy you!