Dreams About Keys – Meaning and Interpretation

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Keys are essential objects in the lives of people. Almost everyone in the world owns some. That is no wonder; they are important because their primary purpose is to ensure our homes and belongings’ safety.

People use them to protect their privacy and private matters. Locking and unlocking things is a thing we do daily, many times. So, dreams about keys are often just a reflection of our daily activities.

But sometimes, those dreams hold more profound meanings. They are often related to your inner self. They can indicate opening up to someone or something or closing yourself from a person.

Dreams about keys often signify a personal transformation in which you open up to changes, new opportunities, and ideas that interest you. In some cases, keys in a dream represent control, independence, and freedom issues. Also, they are a symbol of secrets.

Sometimes they symbolize solutions to specific problems you have or repressed feelings and denial. If you are a person that has difficulties expressing emotions or opinions, it’s not unusual to dream about keys.

General meanings of keys in a dream

The appearance of keys in a dream generally symbolizes opening new doors, opening yourself up to something n your waking life. Of course, different scenarios regarding keys in dreams can signify a whole range of things.

Often keys are associated with working hard and moving forward with agility. Sometimes they represent the connection to your higher self and also new opportunities.

In a spiritual sense, keys represent the purpose of life and the control you have in it. If there were car keys in your dream, that dream symbolizes gaining wisdom, movement, and progression.

Using a key

If you saw yourself using keys in your dream, it signifies your hidden talents. Those could be identified in an unusual situation. Doors represent new opportunities in life. So, if you could open them successfully with the key in your dream, it means that your own talents will be used for the greater good.

If you are not able to unlock the door, that indicates specific blockages and delays in life. You should know that your talent won’t be enough to achieve what you want. Sometimes this dream signifies your tendency to forget about the good things in your life.

Dropping keys while trying to unlock doors 

If you dreamt about being chased in a dream, and you open the door and want to shut it, but you cannot find your keys, or you drop them on the floor, calm down. That is a sign that you should relax and be calmer.

The inability to lock the door when you need to protect what you gained in life indicates that you have an opportunity for growth. But, you need to move your focus to your own goals and objectives. 

Dreaming about finding a key


This dream can represent many vital areas of your waking life. Sometimes they are associated with accomplishments; you try to help other people a lot. They take advantage of you in return.

If you found a golden key, it’s a good sign; it means that you will have much positivity and enthusiasm for your life. You are working hard, and the effort you put in over the years will pay off. If you are working on a project, it will be a success.

Receiving keys in a dream 

If you’ve been given a set of keys in a dream, that is considered a good sign because it suggests that you will get several good chances. If those keys are car keys, it is an indication that somebody else will give you a much-needed opportunity. It’s precisely what you need to progress in life. 

Silver keys in a dream

This dream is an indication that you will find out about a secret. Sometimes it suggests a new opportunity that could lead to financial gain. A silver key in a dream is also a powerful symbol that indicates protection from others. 

Seeing several keys in the dream

If you saw more than one key in a dream, it’s a sign that you will go on a journey. Adventure in a work context is very possible. You will show affection to other people.

This dream can also be interpreted as a message that you should not “rule with your feelings” because you could be deceived and led into doing something wrong.

If you saw a pile of keys on a table, you should be careful. This signifies you possibly making errors because you are unsure about which opportunities to take. If you dreamt about a set of car keys, this indicates that you are scared of change and don’t know which way to take. 

A golden key in a dream

This is a good sign because it indicates that you will have the freedom to make crucial decisions regarding your life and future. It’s a sign of wealth and prosperity, but also of your power to change any given situation for the greater good.

Suppose you used a golden key to open a door or start o vehicle. In that case, this dream indicates that you are going to use the opportunity to progress.

Appearence of a key or several keys

If a key or several of them appeared in your dream, you should ask yourself this question; What is the problem I have that needs a solution? A key in a dream is the omen of new settings, discoveries, fresh ideas, feelings, and thoughts.

Sometimes it represents the knowledge that was hidden from you before. You should be open to a drastic change in your life or personality. It will jumpstart a new beginning.

A key in a dream is a symbol of discovering the unknown, and it’s typically related to your psyche. It often indicates personal development and spiritual growth. If you dreamt about losing a key, it is probably the omen of a life period coming to an end. 

Finding a key

If you found a key in your dream, it means that you have met your soul mate. Sometimes, this dream is a warning. If you are planning a trip or a drastic change in your life, you need to be careful. This is not the time to make the trip or make a big decision. Consider postponing those.

If you’ve been taken captive and don’t have the key, it’s a sign that you’re experiencing many problems at the moment. If a key appears out of the blue, take it as s suggestion that you have to find a solution for issues that are currently bothering you. 

Spiritual symbolism

Spiritually speaking, keys often appear in a dream when it’s the time for liberation from an incriminating situation. It means that you should be heading towards positive situations and attitudes. If the key in your dream was silver or gold, this dream indicates strong spiritual power.

Using a key in a dream signifies that you are possibly involved in a confidential matter. You need some explanations. Forging a key in a dream foretells a happy relationship in your life, being disturbed and maybe even destroyed.

If you found yourself in a key shop, it’s a symbol of your inability to impose your love on someone. If the key was in your hand, it’s an indication that you are confident, sure of yourself and your decisions li life. If you had a key cut, you could expect new opportunities very soon.

Losing a key 

This dream signifies a dispute with someone that will upset and maybe even hurt you deeply. It’s an indication that you won’t be understood among your loved ones. Sometimes this dream represents a loss of a significant opportunity.

If you found a key in your dream, it’s a symbol of liberation from an embarrassment that has been bothering you lately. It’s a sign that you have plans that will lead to new chances, especially on a romantic plan.

The appearance of two keys in a dream 

This dream is an indication that you have two possible paths in your life that you can take. But, you’re not really sure which direction to give your focus to. Remember, a key itself is an opportunity for the greater good.

Dreaming about losing keys 

A loss of a key in a dream symbolizes uncertainty or gossip in your life. You will soon find out about a specific person’s real character, which could cause problems in your life.

If you lost your house keys in a dream, it is a sign that you will experience much passion in the future. House key represents your own relationships in waking life and implies you finding somebody treating you unexpectedly.

If you’re trying to find keys in a dream, be careful. You could experience possible confusion in the future. The mere fact that you cannot find your keys symbolizes your inability to see opportunities placed before you. Usually, when this dream happens, your behavior is obsessional.

This dream is an indication that you have a tendency to avoid difficult situations and are unlikely to use your time to the best of your ability. Maybe you’re wasting your time on a project that will not have the financial consequences you desire. 

Seeing someone else with your keys

If a person holding your keys was elderly, this dream is a sign that you will have to acquire some problem-solving skills if you wish to progress in the future. This older person with keys serves to indicate that you will have to take action soon and resolve issues in your current life.

If it’s a child holding keys, take it as a sign; soon, there will be some unconventional problems. But, if the child uses the key to open a door in the dream, that is a sign that you will probably learn valuables lessons from a person younger than you.

If you gave keys to other people in a dream, it’s a sign that there is an element of your life that you feel became somewhat impractical.

This also signifies daydreaming and less productivity. Sometimes it indicates that you are giving away something in your life. 

Dreaming of receiving keys from someone

This dream has an overall good meaning. If the person giving you keys was someone close, it’s even better. This usually indicates you getting help at the moment that you most need it.

You are probably going through a challenging situation in your life, but help is on the way. Things will probably turn out just fine, but with help from a trustworthy person.

Sometimes this scenario in a dream indicates your family’s expansion and possibly a new member of it, a child.

Giving a key to someone 

If you gave someone a key in your dream, it symbolizes you confiding to someone about your private matters. Sometimes this dream means handing over control over some situation to another person or handing over some responsibilities.

In some cases, this dream indicates a new phase of your life and a drastic change. 

A key chain full of keys

This one does carry positive symbolism. This dream often symbolizes your power of authority in a specific situation or your high status. Sometimes it signifies your adaptability to problems, but also people. You are capable of adapting to any situation.

This dream can also be a sign of a trip you are soon going to take or an indication of meeting new acquaintances. Sometimes it signifies a change in some of your beliefs. 

A key chain with one key

This dream is usually a bad sign. It indicates that you are possibly too focused on a project that is destined to be a failure. This key is a symbol of your attachment to the goals which won’t happen.

In some cases, this dream reveals your fear of risks and taking a chance in life.

A key chain with two keys 

This one is interesting because it indicates a complete turnover of a particular situation in your waking life. 

Dreaming about broken keys

Broken keys in a dream symbolize failure and loss of status. You should therefore be careful with your current plans and endeavors.

Not being able to find a key to a door 

Suppose you searched for a key, but you didn’t find one. In that case, this dream represents obstacles and challenges that are currently bothering you. You probably have difficulties in solving your problems or are occupied with current issues in personal affairs. 

Dream of keys (women)

If you’re female and you dreamt about keys (opening doors or losing them), you need to study to get ahead in life. The keys are a representation of different patterns in your life. If you weren’t stressed about a key in a dream, it’s a sign that you will fix current problems in your life.

If you’re a male and keys appeared in your dream, that suggests new opportunities on the horizon. This can be either a new joy or a new opportunity. 

Puttin a key into a keyhole

This dream is not a good sign because it usually indicates hearing some bad news or having a negative experience, typically work-related. 

Looking at a key

If you were looking into keys close details in your dream, this is a good sign. It’s a symbol of good fortune that you will soon experience. You are in for some good offers. You could make some right decisions which will lead to increase of your wealth and reputation.

This dream usually appears when your progress and career advancement are on the way. It also signifies improvement of your living conditions and financial situation.

Keys rattling

If you heard keys jingling and rattling somewhere near you, it’s good news. This is a confirmation of you being on the right path. You’re making all the right decisions, and your goals are what they should be.

A key covered in rust 

This dream holds essential symbolism. You should really think about the following; you have talents and abilities that you have neglected. Those need more appreciation from you, don’t take those positive things for granted.