Dreams About Pigs – Interpretation and Meaning

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Pigs are interesting animals. They are one of the most spread mammals on earth and serve as an excellent benefit for humankind for centuries as food and a source of clothing. Domestic pigs are also widely present in the human diet, feeding people for centuries.

However, some people don’t consume it for religious reasons.

Some people keep pigs as their pets since they are intelligent animals and can be really cute. But other than as useful or pets, pigs also hold a substantial symbolic value in many cultures.

Pigs as spirit animals. People usually think of pigs as dirty animals because, well, they live in mud. At first glance, they aren’t really admired by people.

However, pigs are intelligent and friendly mammals. It’s no wonder they come to as carriers of messages from time to time.

If a pig appears to you as a spirit guide or your power animal, you should feel optimistic because this mammal is here to support you.

It can remind you to keep being curious and friendly in all matters of your life. Sometimes they come as a sign that you need to pay more attention to your surroundings.

If you dreamt about a pig and want to know what it means, before I go to symbolism and different scenarios of pigs in a dream, you need to ask yourself something.

Are pigs cute to you? Or they don’t appeal to you because they are muddy and filthy? Do you find them intelligent? The answers to these questions could help determine which of these possible meanings might apply to your dream. Context is important.

In dreams, pigs signify stubbornness, filth, gluttony, overindulging, selfish nature, or greed. These dreams can point out people in your life with these traits, or they reveal some of your characteristics. Maybe you should consider which and change them.

Pigs in a dream could also be a sign of positive changes, mainly if the animal appearing in it seems healthy. If that is the case, you should expect business success and maybe progress in your career because those mammals symbolize prosperity and abundance.

Dreaming about pigs often signifies new opportunities coming your way, so be careful not to miss them.

Common symbolic dream meanings for pigs

Prosperity and abundance: Pig in a dream often symbolizes abundance. That’s why some people place pig statues or symbols in their homes to attract prosperity and wealth.

Sometimes pigs indicate that you have some illusions about specific people or matters in your life, so you should reevaluate your beliefs.

Affection, love, friendship: The color pink is usually associated with love, respect, and attraction, which you may have been looking for in a relationship.


Intelligence: Pigs are intelligent animals. If you dreamt about one, that could signify that you have new knowledge or insight regarding something.

Newness: If you dreamt about baby piglets and their mother, that indicates new beginnings. Maybe it’s about a new relationship or business endeavor. Sometimes it symbolizes your desire to be taken care of or nurtured by someone.

Feelings of guilt, shame, and low self-worth: This dream symbolizes that you don’t love yourself as you should. It can mean that you do not hold love towards another person, especially if you don’t have a positive association with pigs.

Legal concerns: Pigs are usually a slang term for police force. For some people, this dream could mean feeling guilty over illegal actions or fear of police involvement. It also symbolizes your concern about authoritative people in your life.

Having a pig as a pet: This dream can mean two things. You feel like you have taken a new responsibility or enjoy taking care of others or business matters.

Different dream scenarios

As mentioned above, pigs in dreams can symbolize intelligence, abundance, positive changes, success. But they also represent gluttony, greed, selfishness, and stubborn nature. Consider the context of your dream so you can rightly unscramble the messages you got in your subconscious.

Dreams about pigs in general

If several pigs appear in your dream, be prepared for some misfortunes on your path. Issues you will face aren’t massive problems, but you should deal with them on time.

Be careful. Avoid gambling or playing the lottery if you dreamt about pigs. Be patient and wait for better times.

Pig in a mud

It’s a dream representing your relationship with your partner. Maybe you feel like you aren’t getting enough respect and appreciation, but you’re unsure how to tell them this. This dream also appears if you feel like emotions between you two are not mutual. You are afraid about the future of the relationship.

Pig standing far away

This dream is a sign that you are going to experience something enjoyable. Maybe you will meet someone new or do something you have never done before. This experience will enrich your life. You will definitely feel like a different person after that.

Dreaming about several pigs

Several pigs in a dream are not a good sing. Usually, they symbolize gaining an unpleasant reputation. You should mind your words and actions. Someone might be trying to use them to do you harm. You should also look out for certain things from your past that could come up again and make your life problematic.

Feeding a pig

This dream means that you will take measures and succumb to an uncommon behavior to settle your financial problems. Sometimes it means just getting thrifty, and sometimes it signifies your starting doing things you are not used to.

Killing a pig

This is a good sing. Killing a pig in your dream represents gaining a substantial amount of wealth shortly. It could be a winning lottery ticket or unexpected inheritance from a distant relative.

Sometimes this dream is linked with people’s careers. Maybe you are in for a promotion at work or a raise. Keep up the excellent work.

Dream about a wild pig

A wild pig in a dream represents some negative things in your life. It could be from your personal or professional life.

Dream about a pig and piglets

If a pig and piglets appear in your dream, this is a good sign because it means you’re going to increase your material possessions. Maybe you should play a lottery or simply try to get a raise at work; you could succeed. It’s a good time to invest.

Dream about a pig running around

Think about your behavior towards people in your life. This dream signifies your rudeness to certain people that you have not treated with deserved respect, even though they really deserved better. This is a sign that you need to apologize and make things right before it’s too late. You should also mind your words and actions in the future.

Running into a pig

Such a dream is not a good sign. If you dreamed about unexpectedly running into a pig, it indicated a possible encounter with a period of bad luck and maybe even disappointment soon.

A pig inside your house

This one is a good sign because it symbolizes good health or a good recovery if you’re experiencing health problems lately.

Dream about a filthy pig

A dirty pig in a dream symbolizes a lack of respect in relationships with other people. It could mean you’re not treated the way you deserve. Sometimes it’s a sign that you might experience rudeness and offensive attitude. It will probably come from someone close to you, like your partner.

Dream about a skinny pig

A malnourished pig in a dream is usually a bad omen because it indicates problems with children or subordinates’ issues at a workplace. It can also mean financial difficulties or issues in a professional sense.

Dream about an unhealthy looking pig

If a pig in your dream looked unhealthy or sick, this is a sign of minor workplace problems. It’s not that bad because it can be quickly resolved with the help of your colleagues.

Dream about a well-fed pig

Healthy looking and well-fed pig in a dream is a perfect sign. You can expect financial gain from your business or some new partnership and lucrative contract.

Feeding a pig

This is a symbol of your saving abilities. Someone might call you thrifty, but this shows that you are possibly consciously making a better future for yourself and those close to you.

If you’re feeding several pigs in your dream, that indicates an improvement in your well-being. If pigs are eating from your hand, it’s a sign you will succeed without help from anyone. But be careful. If the pigs are refusing to take food from you, that could mean some conflicts.

Dream about a pig squealing

A pig squealing or grunting in a dream is not a good sign because it signifies some bad news coming your way. It is probably about a friend you haven’t seen in some time.

Observing a pig from a distance

Watching a pig from a distance is a good sign in a dream. It’s an announcement of prosperity ahead, and you should use it wisely. You have a chance to make your future and the future of your family.

Riding a pig

This dream symbolizes the possibility of engaging in some eccentric activities in the near future.

Dreaming about several pigs

You should mind your words and actions in the future. This dream holds a warning; watch your behavior because you could jeopardize your reputation. Try to avoid misbehaving or acting out; it could cause people to disrespect you.

Dreaming about cooking a pig alive

Although this is an unpleasant dream, it might signify a profound transformation you will undergo soon. Don’t be afraid because it’s a change for the better. You are prepared to erase negative aspects of your life.

It signifies that you are ready to leave the past behind so your path is cleaned for new people and your life experiences.

Dream about a pig’s head on a platter

If you dreamt about a cleaned pig’s head served on a platter, it’s an indication that you should finish any unfinished tasks that you have. This dream also represents a person with an influence that could help you financially.

Chopping off a pig’s head

This one does not carry a good sing. Such a dream might signify a danger on your way, and it would be smart to avoid risky situations in the near future.

Selling a pig

Selling a pig is a good sign. It indicates you getting something that you have always wanted. But, you will have to invest some time and effort to get what you want.