Dreams About Monkeys – Meaning and Interpretation

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Monkeys are the closest species to humans on the planet. They are exciting and cheeky animals. And while many of us find them cute and interesting, those animals can be mean and nasty, possibly even dangerous.

Monkeys aren’t prevalent symbols in dreams, but they appear to bring fun and joy to our lives. They are our subconscious reminding us to loosen up and try to have more adventure or fun in our lives.

Monkey can, in this context, mean that maybe you should relax a little bit.

Warning sign

On the other hand, monkeys appear in dreams to warn us about someone in our waking life trying to do us harm.

These animals in dreams symbolize playfulness, immaturity, childish behavior, instincts, insight, intuition, betrayal, and deceit.

Monkeys in a dream remind you about the importance of your tribe, strong bond with your family and friends.

Trust your intuition

Monkeys are intelligent creatures. If you saw them in your dream, this is your subconscious telling you to trust your gut feeling and intuition in making significant decisions.

Maybe you should alter your approach to handling issues before identifying the problems you need to solve to move forward.

These cheeky creatures often symbolize fake and dishonest friends or colleagues and help you see who your real friends are and who is just out to get you. If a monkey appears in your dream, it’s often an indication that you need to remove negative people and destructive influence from your life. A monkey in a dream can also be a sign of oppression.

Maybe you should grow up a little?

Monkeys also represent immaturity and childish behaviors, so you should think about getting a little more serious in life and not act childishly in serious situations. It can also mean that you should silence your rebellion because it’s not the right place to put it.

Dreaming about monkeys sometimes signifies a lack of focus that can lead you to jump from one thing to another without finishing what you started. If that’s the case, you should pull yourself together, think about your goals and priorities on the road to a new beginning, new relationship, or business endeavor.

While monkeys symbolize several things mentioned above, it depends on these animals’ actions in the dream, or context, what you make of it.

Dreaming of a monkey in general

If you saw a monkey in your dream, that is not a really good sign. You should be careful and watch over your health because this dream can indicate health issues. It reveals your selfishness and warns you about your self-absorbedness or not caring about others’ feelings and opinions.

More often than not, monkeys in a dream symbolize betrayal and deceit. Sometimes they indicate the humiliation of someone close to you, while you’re not able to do anything to help.

Sometimes seeing monkeys in your dream signifies the playful and easygoing side of your personality.


Group of monkeys

Bad news, this dream is not a good sign because it often indicates encountering some difficulties on your path, and soon. It can signify that a person or a situation in your waking life is not who or what it seems to be. Be careful with the people surrounding you. They could be pretending to be someone else and are trying to deceive you somehow or take advantage of you.

You should be on the lookout for people trying to take advantage of you and should know it could happen soon.

Sometimes these dreams signify that you’re seeing life as a game and should get serious in some situations.

Having a monkey on your shoulder

This is a good sign. Suppose you dreamed about a monkey sitting on your shoulder. In that case, it foretells that you will probably get a visit from someone in the upcoming days.

Monkey imitating a person’s behavior

If you had this dream, you should consider getting more severe in some aspects of your life. Monkey imitating someone usually means that you’re immature and are acting childishly.

Attacking a monkey

If you’re dreaming about attacking the animal, it could indicate your aggressiveness or moodiness in behaviors towards other people. It signifies your conflict with someone or just randomly getting in those situations with people surrounding you.

Monkey on a branch

Dreaming of a monkey on a branch often signifies some issues bothering you inside. It means you’re probably using your energy to avoid dealing with problems for quite some time. This is a sign that those issues have become a burden and that you should consider taking action.

A monkey could be swinging from a branch. It means the same thing. You should confront your issues you’ve been avoiding for some time.

Monkey climbing on a tree

If you dreamt about this, you should be careful. Look around you; this dream might be a warning that someone from your surroundings is trying to humiliate you or do something terrible to you. You should pay attention to someone close to you that could be working on a plan to get you.

Keep to yourself for a little bit. Don’t share your plans or valuable information about your future endeavors because someone might be trying to take all credit for your future success.

Dead monkey

If a dead monkey appears in your dream, that is a good sign. It signifies that you will be able to defeat your rivals or obstacles and be successful. It also means that you will be able to free

yourself from your rivals’ influence and be in control. You will be able to block the harmful actions of others.

You should be aware that this is a critical phase in your life, and you should make the most of this constructive energy. Sometimes this dream is a sign that you should start behaving more maturely and like a responsible adult.

Being bitten by a monkey

A bite of a monkey in a dream indicates a new love interest or beginning a romantic relationship with someone you are in love with for some time. But you should be careful with this. You could be falling in love with someone over your league or someone who is already taken. That leads to severe consequences, and you should reconsider getting into something like that.

If you’re an older person and dreamt that a monkey bit you, this dream indicates that your health will worsen and that you should mind your habits and lifestyle. Think about your diet and bad habits.

Monkey in a cage

Dreaming about the monkey in a cage should be seen as a warning sign that there is something dangerous on your way. Be careful in every situation you find yourself in and think about your steps soon.

This dream also signifies you sticking your nose where you should not. Don’t get involved in other people’s personal business because they could resent you. Maybe you want to do good, but you could really be doing more damage and cause even more problems.

Petting a monkey

Monkeys in this dream represent your weak enemies or rivals. You should not worry because they won’t be able to damage you in any way or form. You can go about your business without worrying that they will interfere with your plans.

Monkey jumping around

Be careful; this dream represents people around you that are not that intelligent and could possibly be out to hurt you. Maybe they are your friends or colleagues. You should probably avoid them because there really is nothing good that can come out of those relationships.

Monkey making funny faces

This is a sign that you will meet a person that will become your lover or partner. If in your dream that encounter happens in a zoo, it means that you will meet this person in a public place and that you should expect an unusual meet. It signifies an interesting relationship and one that will last for a while.

Living with monkeys

If you dream about living with monkeys, that is not a good sign. It can symbolize your everyday life where you’re a subject of constant humiliation and embarrassment from people around you. That can result in low self-esteem and self-confidence. You should be warned. Leave this circle of people no matter how hard that may be. If not, you could have significant problems in the future. It is basically a symbol of negative influence in your life.

Monkey jumping back and forth

Be careful. An agitated monkey is a bad sign in a dream because it represents your uncomfortable feelings coming from your great intuition. They basically warn you about some trouble coming your way soon. Consider it as an alert of problems or bad encounters.

Sometimes this dream represents your physical or emotional burden. You could be drained because of some unfavorable circumstances in your life. This dream is also a warning sign that your partner may abandon you or that you will end a friendship.

Monkey eating

This dream symbolizes some adverse financial circumstances that will be present in your life in the soon future. It means that there is a struggle on the way. You should be really careful in managing your finances, or there could be significant consequences.

Sometimes this dream signifies that you have unresolved issues in your life, and you’re stuck in trying to find a solution. Regardless of that, you should have self-confidence and believe that you can handle difficult situations in your life and any problem that is coming your way.

Having a monkey as a pet

This dream is a bad sign because it often indicates that you are troubled by your fear and worries. Regardless of whether those fears are groundless or not, you are not able to control them.

Take this dream as a message to stop worrying so much and be optimistic about your actions’ outcomes. It’s a mental battle; you just have to control your thoughts and expectations.

Walking a monkey

Monkey on your leash is a possible warning that might be trying to tell you to think about your friends and people surrounding you. Some of them might not have your best interests in their heart. You could encounter their dishonesty or them trying to deceive you or take advantage of you.

Being afraid of a monkey

If you feel afraid of a monkey in your dream, that could be a sign of problems at work and colleagues trying to accuse you of something you did not do. 


Chasing a monkey

If you are chasing a monkey in your dream, consider it a bad sign. It indicates that someone could be trying to manipulate you or is doing that just now. It’s a person who doesn’t really like you and could ruin your reputation if you allow it.

Dreaming of a monkey dressed in clothes

Think about some people in your life. Is there someone that has some bad habits and can’t shake them off, even if you’re helping them? This dream means that person close to you just cannot change, regardless of how much you try and help.

Feeding a monkey

Also, a bad sign. Someone in your surroundings, a person that you trust, could betray you.

Holding a monkey in your arms

If you are holding a monkey in your dream, that could signify a new love interest.

Dreaming about o loud monkey

Monkeys do tend to scream sometimes. Sometimes it’s cute, and other times can be scary. In this case, if a monkey in your dream is screaming loudly, that could mean that someone close to you is trying to battle some addictions. You will probably learn about this later.

Significant symbolism

In conclusion, dreams about monkeys hold significant symbolism. Most of the time, they represent encountering difficult times or serve as warning signs that someone could cause you trouble shortly. They also suggest that you should have a positive attitude towards life, especially yourself, because that is one way to tackle weighty issues in life.

Positive changes are afoot if you act more mature, don’t fear the future, and believe in yourself.