Seeing Water In Dream Is Good or Bad?

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Water is the essence of life. There is nothing more critical for the survival of humans, animals, and the whole planet we all live on.

A human can go a month without any food, but you wouldn’t last even a couple of days without dehydrating.

Up to sixty percent of the human adult body is water, so it’s safe to say it’s one of the most important elements there is. 

Important messages are coming

Water is a source of life, and it is a prevalent dream symbol. It symbolizes our emotions and subconsciousness, so it often appears in dreams.

If you dreamt about water, important messages are coming from the depth of your Soul. You should be aware of those. Dreams with water in them can be good or bad, depending on the dream scenario and context.

Often the water in a dream symbolizes your life energy and spirituality. This element in a dream is a sign of comfort and satisfaction of our needs.

Water can also reveal your current emotional state and bring some repressed feelings to the surface.

If you have some emotions that you’re ignoring, the water in your dream appeared because you need to confront them. You are probably unaware of these emotions, so this dream happened to understand and deal with them.

Spirituality and new beginnings 

A dream with water can also indicate your way of expressing emotions. It is a symbol of your spirituality or new beginnings. Sometimes those dreams signify creativity, but it could also be a symbol of your Soul.

This mysterious element can flow gently, bring life to all living things. Still, with time and persistence, it can also destroy everything.

If you saw calm and tranquil water, it’s a sign of your calmness. If the water in your dream was tumultuous, it’s a sign of strong emotions, fear, anger, passion, or anxiety. 

Clean or muddy water?

Generally speaking, the water dream symbolizes your own internal feelings and how you emotionally respond to life. If the water is clean, you could denote that dream as a sign of purification that will essentially flow through your life. If the water is choppy, that represents specific difficulties in controlling your emotions.

Water in dreams can hold either positive and negative interpretations. Many books and materials analyze the symbol and gravitate towards believing that the water is connected to our emotions.

Of course, the details and type of water, and context of the dream, are essential because they help us decipher the true meaning behind a dream. 

Seeing water in a dream – good or bad sign?

Water in dreams can have a positive or negative connotation, depending on the details of the dream.


As we all know, water is one of the four essential elements of life. It’s only natural that it holds powerful symbolism from which we can denote or feelings, issues, problems, and solutions.

As I mentioned above, clear water represents peace and tranquility, even contentment. This element is connected to peace, happiness, purification of our thought, healing, and letting go. In the western occult, water holds the meaning of purity, fertility, and circle (flow) of life. You should be careful if the water is murky or choppy; you could experience some difficulties and emotional struggle. 

What does psychology say?

Psychology also sees water in dreams as symbols of inner and outer purification and a fresh start. In a spiritual sense, water as a clear fluid represents vitality or rebirth.

Water plays a significant role in our dreams, and if it’s sparkling and clear, that is a good sign—murky or choppy water not so much. If you saw this element in your dream, ask yourself, what do you feel?

In dreams, water can appear in many different ways or forms. Did you dream about the ocean, a lake, the tap water, or rain? Interpretation of the dream depends on the context and scenario, but it’s usually connected to our emotions.

Complex meaning of water dreams 

Depending on the circumstances, a dream with water in it has several complex meanings. If you saw shallow water, it could be a sign of your missing vitality.

Deepwater is a symbol of the spiritual and the unconscious. A strong current represents the passionate one while running water symbolizes inner balance. Diving in the water signifies a longing for the original.

In some interpretations, deep water is also a sign of hidden feelings and emotions. Shallow water can represent low energy and passivity, and icy water repressed emotions caused by emotional hurts and disappointments in the past. Melting ice in a dream is a symbol of openness to expressing feelings and new emotional experiences and releasing them. 

Seeing a sea, lake, or rain in a dream 

The dream interpretation of the sea symbolizes the universal consciousness inherent in all knowledge. If the ocean was shallow, it represents superficial emotions. Thundering Surf is a symbol of passion and pleasure, and a calm lake signifies contented existence.

The lake could also be a sign of a transitional phase in life, turning to the higher self. If you looked at the water and saw your reflection in it, it’s a sign that you should make peace with your dark side.

River in a dream represents life and the way of life. It can appear as a small brook or as a large current. If you’re crossing a river in your dream, it’s an indication of changes. If you saw a canal, it signifies the birthing process. But, if you dreamt about a deep river, you should take it as a sign to give more attention to your interpersonal relationships.

What about rain? 

Rain in dreams can also provide essential insights. If you were drenched in it, it signifies difficulties on the emotional level. A drizzle represents relaxation and satisfaction.

If you dreamt about a cloudburst, it’s a warning; watch your exuberance of feelings.

Flood is also a powerful symbol in a dream; it shows that you are too focused on negative emotions. If the rain was whipping, you could expect threatening clashes. 

Dreaming of drowning

In general, this dream is a symbol of helplessness in difficult life situations. It’s a sign that you are pushing the unpleasant feelings. This dream also indicates low self-esteem and loss of control in incriminating situations in life.

People who dream about drowning are usually living through turbulent events and duties in their waking lives. That can create a lot of stress.

Drowning in a dream can be considered a warning about risks such as financial distress or the loss of valuables. If you were drowning in seawater, you should take better care to avoid mistakes. If you dreamed that you rescued yourself, take it as a good sign; you can escape from hopeless situations. 

Swimming in the dream

This dream represents your exploration of emotions and objective consideration of your problems accompanied by lightness. Symbolic of swimming is here to show you that you have the power to fight through difficult or uncertain times.

Did you swim in clean water, or was it polluted? That is also to be taken into consideration while interpreting a dream.

Being in a boat

In dreams about water, boats represent changes that show you how to maneuver your ship through life and the depths of your emotional part.

Take the ship’s state into consideration because it is a symbol of the state of your feelings and emotions.

Color of the water in a dream

Clean and clear water is associated with positive things, but dirty or dark water indicates mental stress.

If you saw a black, roaring sea in your dream, it signifies your inner trouble and excitement.

Psyche and purification 

The water is mostly a symbol for feelings, our psyche, and the subconscious. It’s a soft element, flowy and influential.  Sometimes a dream of drowning indicates the fear of repressed and overwhelming feelings that are flooding you.

Muddy or murky water

Muddy or murky water in a dream is not a good sign because it signifies danger and misfortune. Some upcoming events could shake up your reality. You should prepare for some negative consequences that you will have to deal with.

Clear and clean water

Seeing clear water in a dream is positive. This is a symbol of good fortune, prosperity, and success. Some pleasant experiences are underway.

A dream about blue seawater 

Everyone loves to see a beautiful blue color of the sea, it does us good for many reasons. It’s no different if you see it in your dreams; this dream indicates pleasant encounters with someone soon.

Dreaming about sun and water

If you were at the beach or another place where you could see the sun and water, that is a good sign. This dream symbolizes happiness and satisfaction in your life in general.

It also serves as an announcement of a fortunate period for you. You should be optimistic about it. You are clear and confident about your choices and emotions and are in control of your life. 

Water with a calm surface

Suppose you observed a calm and smooth surface of the water in your dream. In that case, it is a sign of your organizational competence and accomplishment of your goals.

This dream signifies the success of your endeavors and the ability to use things to your advantage.

Fear of water in a dream

If you were scared of water in your dream, think about the following; do you have any regrets about something you did or did not do? This dream is a sign of that realization and a message that you cannot change your past actions and need to live with the consequences and accept them.

Drinking a glass of clear water 

This dream is a good thing; it symbolizes the fulfillment of your goals and desires. It is also a sign that you can decide what your incentives are and how to pursue them. Sometimes this dream indicates new opportunities and experiences.

Someone handing you a glass of water

If you felt thirsty in a dream and someone gave you a glass of water, this is a good sign. It usually signifies longevity and happiness.

Washing in water 

You can overcome any obstacle on your path. This dream is basically a sign of success in life. 

A dream about water boiling

Water boiling in a dream could be a warning sign; you could experience unexpected expenses or loss. Think about your spending habits and relationship with money. This dream could indicate that you need to manage your finances better.

Dreaming about carrying water

There are considerable problems in your life, but this dream indicates that you will overcome those obstacles and get rid of the negativity you’ve been harboring.

Walking on the water surface

This one is also a sign of success in life. It indicates that you have the ability to overcome obstacles on your path.

Drowning in clearwater 

If you dream about drowning in clear water, this doesn’t hold the symbolism as mentioned above drowning. If the water was clear in your dream, this signifies that you will successfully deal with minor problems coming your way. Any issue you’ll encounter, you can handle. 

Pouring water on somebody 

This one is not that good of a sign because it symbolizes your involvement in a scandal or embarrassing situation. This compromising situation that you might involve yourself in could cause a lot of regrets. There is more bad news; you will not be able to amend any of those. 

Swimming in dark-colored water 

Swimming in dark water could be a sign of receiving some disturbing news that could occur while you’re traveling.

Dreaming about diving

A dream about being submerged in the water symbolizes that you’re experiencing problems that won’t affect your family. It will only affect you, but there is a good thing here; you can overcome difficulties with ease.

A dream about bloody water 

A water-filled with blood symbolizes a period of misfortune in your life. This bad luck or negativity entering your life will last for a while so you will need to persevere until better times come along. 

Water flooding your house

This is an unpleasant scenario, and it holds negative symbolism. Suppose you powerlessly observed your house being flooded in a dream.

In that case, it’s a sign that you’re having problems fighting the negativity that is deep inside you. You need to search within to discover the reason behind your feelings and then try and find a way to deal with them.

Water running from the faucet

If you dreamt about water running from the faucet, you should review your life. Dealing with life responsibilities and ‘have to’s’ is often making us neglect who we are sometimes.

This dream typically happens to remind us of our life and persona, without work, relationships, and grown-up problems. 

Dreaming about restless water

Waves or restless water in a dream symbolize allowing emotions to take over control of your life.

If you walked through turbulent water in your dream, you should find a way to control them and not letting them control your mind. It would be smart to think about your reactions to words and actions over the coming month. You are probably overreacting, so learn to take control of your mind sometimes. We all tend to think with our hearts, but at this point, listen to your rational mind for once. You know the saying: „You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.“ 

Getting sprayed with water

This dream indicates that you are numb to the people trying to open up and talk honestly with you. This scenario usually symbolizes a fear of opening up with your emotions.

Giving water to someone

Offering a drink of water to someone in your dream represents real friends in your waking life. This is a perfect dream to have because it implies that you are always here for your people when they need you, and vice versa. Offering someone a glass of water indicates that you have real friends in spiritual terms.

Drinking saltwater

Unfortunately, many books say that this dream is a bad sign because saltwater symbolizes heartbreak and disappointment in the future. You trust a person, but they will criticize you and share negative opinions about you.

This dream also signifies emotional issues and problems in a relationship. But, you will work things out by healing. For example, in the Wicca tradition, salt is connected to protection and healing.