Dreams About Owls – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreaming of an owl means a good omen. It is a symbol of wisdom and professional success.

The dream about owl can mean, in addition to wisdom, intelligent choices and good advice.

It can also mean the power of discernment and the ability to decipher mysteries.

Dreams about Owls – Meaning

The owl has always been seen from many angles. While Native Americans viewed her as a symbol of wisdom, Africans viewed her as the bearer of secrets. In the middle Ages, it was considered a symbol of sorcerers. In mysticism, it is always a symbol of wisdom.

The dream about owls, therefore, has different meanings, depending on what happened.

The dream about the owl can mean, in addition to wisdom, smart choices and good advice. It can also mean the power of discernment and the ability to decipher mysteries.

If in the dream the owl provides you with information or “insight”, this may imply the answer to a question you have been thinking about. This dream bodes well, meaning that a phase of worries, disappointments and losses may be at the end. The main concerns may be dissipating.

Dreaming of the ox flying is a good omen, it means that you will earn some unexpected money. It is a sign of success in studies and at work. When you have that dream it is a message from your subconscious. That is to say that you are acting without discernment. If there is a problem in your life, face it and solve it.

When you dream of a colorful owl that means that someone is distrustful of you and is watching in all your attitudes. Beware of close people who are not so friendly.

When the owl in your dream is dead, it is better to pay more attention to your relatives and close people. One thing that you are doing is not pleasing your loved ones.

It can also mean symbolic death, a step in your life, such as a change of employment, residence, an academic graduation, or even the end of a divorce.

When an owl looks at you in your dreams it is also a message from your subconscious, but this time to pay more attention to your business and professional life.

The color white is always a sign of peace. When you dream of a white owl, you are receiving spiritual protection to get rid of something that may bother you, some unforeseen event will occur, but you will come out unscathed.

Unlike the white owl, it is also a protection that you are receiving, but you will not be able to totally get rid of something that is going to get in the way for a while.

If a brown owl appears to you in a dream, beware of possible discussions with close people. Seek to be calm in all situations so you don’t have problems.


If you dream of an owl inside your house, be attentive to how your love relationship, if you have one, is being taken over, both by you and by the other person.

The owl inside the house represents disagreements within this type of relationship due to the abusive behavior of one or both parties. If you are going through such a time, talk to your partner and try to reach an agreement to ensure their happiness.

Often times, there are people close to us who pose as friends, but do not really want our good. Colorful dream owl

Dreaming of a colorful owl is a warning sign, it means that someone close to you may be wishing for something bad to happen to you. Stay alert and make sure you walk with the right people who don’t want to hurt you!

If in the dream you relate naturally to the owl, you may be in a more understanding and wise phase. He is willing to understand the other better and also to know himself even more.

When we are inattentive in waking life, it is common for an owl to appear in dreams. The baby owl shows a stage of paralysis in indoor maturation.

Thus, when we are leading life without worrying about learning and obtaining knowledge, this dream manifests itself as an alert.

So if you’re feeling precocious and immature, immediately consider dedicating yourself more. Remember that the owl has very large eyes and can rotate its head 360 degrees, this symbolism is linked to the way you must see life when dreaming of a baby owl.

A large or immense owl shows decline. In this case, the decline can be the most diverse and simply symbolizes your downfall or inability to perceive yourself as divine and spiritual.

Also, vicious and recurring thoughts or habits reveal a lack of control and a mind that lives in dreams and illusions.

Therefore, consider taking care of yourself and reinforcing your personality by going within yourself.

If when dreaming of a white owl it observes us or flies very close to us, it means that there is a close being that has us in its thoughts and prayers.

When dreaming of a white owl, we can identify several things that will tell us what the dream is about, such as: Dreaming of a white owl that flies in circles means that in the family or work environment, you are under a great load of stress. The owl shows us our ability to concentrate and how we should focus.

Dreaming of a white owl on our shoulder is usually described as very beautiful, since the owl is by our side protecting us. We are confirmed by the fact that in our projects we must be attentive to all challenges in order to overcome them.

Perhaps if you pay attention to the details a little more, you may notice that you dream of an owl looking at you.

Although it sounds curious, this also has its explanation. This dream may be very rare, but many claim that, when dreaming of an owl looking at them, they begin to speak or sing.

Dreams about Owls – Interpretation

They say in Mexico that “when the owl sings the Indian dies” and although much is said about the symbolism of this bird, the truth is that also in dreams this animal, also known as owl, is in charge of announcing negative events, although It is also positive, so if you even had a dream vision with this creature of the night, you have to know all the meanings of dreaming about owls, incredible!

As we mentioned at the beginning, owls could bring bad omens to your life, but thanks to the fact that not all dreams are the same, you should know that not everything is negative, because these mystical birds have more to say than you think and many times they can be very positive messages, unimaginable!

Owls are popularly considered to be wise beings of nature, capable of adapting when needed, and although all of this is very positive, you must understand that they are also related to moments of anxiety, worries or changes in your life that will not always be positive or that they will be difficult for you to see as such, so you should pay close attention to how you felt during your dream, since that is key to interpreting it correctly.

Next, we share other meanings of dreaming about an owl, so try to remember all the details of your dream, so that you can choose the closest interpretation and good luck!

Soon some situation that will arise in your life, will drive you to a very big change, this could even be a city of residence, so try to be alert, and do not be afraid of change, remember that this bird also represents that you have a great ability to adapt to new situations.

This dreamlike vision seems to be more of a nightmare than a peaceful one, since it is a bad omen, and to dream that you hear this bird sing or scream means that someone is very close to dying, creepy!

At this moment you are anxious about a conflict that you have very present during the day, the same with which you cannot stop thinking, hence even in your dreams it becomes present, so it is time to breathe and let things flow Remember that thinking about it all day will not solve the problem.

Your life is in chaos at this moment of your life, you have all kinds of negative conflicts that may be present in your work, economy or love, and even if you think that these problems are becoming eternal, the reality is that dreaming of an owl announces that soon this bad streak will end soon, so do not be discouraged!

To dream that this bird is your best company at home, is a good omen, since someone very attached to you is about to get pregnant, congratulations!

Dreaming of owls is something excellent, not very common. It represents, having good luck, having good eyesight and intuition for business.

Owls are nocturnal birds of prey, they seem to never be in a hurry to go to sleep, just as many young people today are night owls and are always alert to noises and sounds.

Dreams about owls or owls can be an indication that you have neither hearing nor sight problems.

You adapt easily for example when changing a city or for example for work reasons when you find a job abroad.

These changes are going to overwhelm you at first, but you will always bring out the positive and you will look for the most appropriate to adapt to your new life.

Like the owls or owls that we popularly believe that live in the branches of trees (that’s our image) they also live in bushes, bushes, even abandoned houses. They adapt easily to any place.

Will they have anxiety? Or maybe they have always been used to a sleepless night? Bad thing it is! We already talked in previous posts about the guide to sleep before in case you want to take a look or tips to beat insomnia.

They can tell us thousands of stories, since they are aware of everything that happens around them. Surely the owl knows us by name, and knows who is who, in two words the owl is: Good people.

Often, we remember owls and owls illustrating beautiful tales and stories. It is not known why they draw it so many times with glasses because they have great eyesight.

Children like owls and owls so much because they transmit tranquility – they have everything under control – but make no mistake because like all birds of prey they are extraordinary hunters.

For this reason dreaming of owls and owls can mean that we like to get the things we want quickly. We do not beat around the bush, when there is something we want we will do everything possible to achieve it. Whether they are material goods as objectives and goals.


Dreaming of owls according to Greek culture meant wisdom. The owl was the favorite animal of the goddess Athena. This beautiful Greek goddess was the symbol of many Greek coins along with an owl.

Likewise, those who were lucky enough to dream of owls, experienced the joy of sudden great wealth.

Or, failing that, the growth of their businesses. Dreaming of owls in ancient Greece was a symbol of good fortune and the protection of the gods.

Like you time, dreaming of owls can vary in many ways, but all agree with the fact that it is a mythical animal full of many meanings.

Dreaming of a white owl has a deeper meaning than usual. The color white is a symbol of purity and health. Dreaming of a white owl can be an indication that our health needs to be supervised.