Dreams About Poop, Feces – Meaning and Interpretation

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Not every night you have dreams of happiness, joy, or love. There are nights when, without being a nightmare, dreams become such an unpleasant dream experience that you want to forget it as soon as possible.

This is the case of dreaming about human poop, a dream that you should not try to forget because it has an important message.

Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of human poop.

Dreams about Poop, Feces – Meaning

Dreams with feces can present you in the most varied situations and surely none of them are positive.

However, in the meaning of this dream with human poo you find the key to the moment you are living and that can help you improve. What do dreams with human poop talk about?

They are very unpleasant dreams, that’s true. They are dreams that speak of low self-esteem, humiliation, an inferiority complex, fear of making a fool of yourself, not feeling capable, not feeling accepted, insecurity and shame.

Such a number of negative emotions are difficult to digest in the same dream.

But you don’t have to digest them, that’s why they come in the form of feces. At the end of the day, feces are all those things that our body has left over. Our body expels them naturally and you should also do it as soon as possible.

That is the message of this dream. As you will see, the only thing your dreams want is to help you be happy, even if they do it with messages of this type.

Dreaming of human poop, like dreaming of garbage or dreaming of dirt, are always surrounded by negative sensations that can remain upon waking.

Remember the message to throw away what is left over, to expel the negative, what is hurting you. And if the poop you dream of has stained you, remember the purifying symbolism of water in your dreams.

Most of us have this annoying experience sooner or later: You walk around like that, don’t look at the sidewalk in front of you for a short moment and suddenly – yuck: a hearty kick in the middle of the legacies of a dog, its owner or mistress apparently had no desire to remove the mess …

But feces in a dream?! Why do we dream of something that disgusts us – and what does such a dream about feces actually mean?

The traditional interpretations of the dream symbol excrement come from a time when most people earned their living as farmers.

Before the invention of chemical fertilizers at the beginning of the twentieth century, manure and liquid manure from the excrement of farm animals were the easiest way to make depleted soil fertile again. Therefore, dreams that include feces are generally considered a good omen of wealth or financial gain.


You dream that you are constipated: It is possible that you are too petty in the awake life, you take everything a little too precisely, you keep your money too much or you are exaggeratedly afraid of losing it.

In the dream you experience your “big” toilet trip as a clear relief: You will be able to free yourself from the heavy burden of an adverse situation

In a dream you played with your feces: If you manage your wakefulness responsibly, you will be spared money problems – just don’t get reckless now! The excrement in the dream suddenly turns into something else: You are probably lacking reason and “adult” action at the moment – this dream appeals to your sense of responsibility

In a dream you step in feces or in a dog poop: You want to free yourself in real life from something that you do not (anymore) like, for example from a conviction after stepping into the heap, your shoe is dirty: You have problems actually giving up on this aspect

The psychological dream interpretation sees the dream symbol feces from different perspectives. For most psychoanalysts, the feces in the dream symbolically stand for something man-made, for something essential that the dreaming accomplished, completed or ended in his waking life.

Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychoanalysis, saw in the excretion of the feces in the dream the symbol for a loss – especially if the dream was dreamed of a child.

Freud suspected that such poop dreams could result from a very strict, restrictive upbringing that describes the completely natural processes of the human body as something disgusting.

The dream about feces signals that normal needs are not met: This can affect the child’s play in mud and dirt, but also the sexuality defined as “dirty”.

For the spiritual interpretation, excrement is the dream symbol for the unfulfilled longing to overcome negative situations, relationships or feelings, and thus to gain more space for the beautiful sides of our existence and the expansion of our spirit.

Since everyone inevitably produces feces and urine, it is of course also dreamed of in other cultures. In the Arab culture, dreams of stooling in the toilet are interpreted to mean that you will soon be investing a lot of money in your home.

Using someone else’s toilet means throwing yourself into an expense for someone else. Eating shit symbolizes that money will be made in a dishonorable way.

It is better to step into a heap, because you expect a lot of luck in the Arab dream world. The meaning of urine dreams hardly differs from the European one.

Dreams about Poop, Feces – Interpretation

A dream that everyone has probably had is that they need to go to the bathroom urgently. You have to pee in your dream and then wake up with a real urge to urinate.

The meaning is obvious in this case, because the brain has drawn the dreaming’s attention to the fact that his bladder is full and it would be appropriate to wake up soon for the purpose of misfortune prevention.

However, it is not always that easy to interpret dreams about body fluids and general body excretions, because urine, feces and other metabolic end products appear in our dreams in many different ways.

Regardless of whether you step into excrement in a dream, are plagued by the constant urge to urinate through to incontinence or have to vomit – messages that want to be interpreted are also hidden in these rather unsavory dreams.

When interpreting dreamed body excretions and fluids, the context in which the dream symbols occurred is particularly important.

After all, there is a big difference between stepping into a pile of excrement, just seeing it, throwing it at someone, throwing it in the toilet, or pissing it off.

One should try to approach the interpretation of such dreams in a neutral way. It would be unwise to ignore dreams like this because they may make you feel disgusted.

A neutral approach to dream interpretation can help reduce possible feelings of disgust.

After one has interpreted these dreams and knows what is causing them, one can ensure that the coming nights can be passed without dreams of digestive end products and other unsavory foods.

Probably the most common dream on this topic is probably the aforementioned dream bathroom. If one dreams of body functions and these shortly afterwards also become noticeable in the real world, the dream interpretation is quite simple.

However, if the dreams cannot be traced back to a direct connection with the corresponding actual need, one cannot avoid dealing with the dream symbols, their manifestations and interactions with them.

First of all, the toilet is a place to let go. The indigestible is eliminated, the unpleasant, disgusting and dirty is disposed of. What is often forgotten is that when something ends up in the toilet, space is created again for something new.

After going to the toilet, you actually feel relieved. In this sense, a dream of a toilet is to be interpreted positively, because the subconscious signals to the dreaming that he has recognized that he has to free himself from something or has perhaps stripped off disturbing contaminated sites.

In addition to this general meaning, the dream symbol toilet has many other possible meanings, depending on how the dream toilet was presented and what happened there.

If you use a toilet in a dream without any special incidents, everything is usually in perfect order. Natural bowel movements are generally interpreted as an act of relief and liberation. Something that oppressed or oppressed the dreaming is eliminated, the soul is about to regain its balance.

On the other hand, in a dream about a toilet, one’s own sexuality can also be revealed. Going to the toilet is usually a private, intimate act whose connection to the genitals cannot be denied.

In addition, bowel movements are one of the most primordial urges, just like the sex drive. If you dream of a toilet, it can also mean that you have sexual longing or suppressed feelings of pleasure that you would like to live out.

If the normal use of a toilet is not possible in the dream because it is possibly blocked, defective or extremely contaminated, the origin of such a dream often lies in a mental imbalance of the dreaming.

Although he has the urge to free himself from contaminated sites and let go of them, he is prevented from doing so. Probably the dreaming or something in his environment just does not allow the letting go at the moment.

In the dream interpretation, such dreams stand in this sense for mental blockage. The dreaming should become clear about what exactly is blocking him. If he manages to recognize and release this blockage, he will be able to come to terms with himself again. This process is often accompanied by dreams about cleaning or repairing a toilet.

Dreams of feces or, colloquially, poop, are usually interpreted positively in dream interpretation. Sigmund Freud saw dark matter as the “first product” of every human being. For him it was indeed something that man produces, creates. In Freud’s sense, there would be a pile of poop in the Dream a symbol of an important work of a person.

Another positive view of fucking dreams is that the soft mass, which is described with such a hard word, is a legacy from which one has separated. The heap can stand for a variety of things, but they all have in common that they are unpleasant things that can now be viewed from the outside.

If one has dreamed of poop, the meaning can also lie in the fact that the poop stands for something that the dreaming rejects.

He is confronted exactly with it in the dream, he may also step into the pile, as a result of which the rejected thing sticks to him. The dream interpretation goes in a completely different direction, when actually poop rather than feces is in the foreground.

Poop in the sense of common usage can also be interpreted very negatively. For example, some interpreters of dreams interpret dreams of a lot of poop, for example in a sewer or cesspool, as dreams of death, but not quite as positively as dreams of death are often.

The meaning of such death dreams lies here rather in the fact that the dreaming actually deals with death and possibly fears to die soon.

Now, secreting isn’t the only way poop can appear in dreams. It is surprisingly often that people interact directly with feces in dreams, and they are even used as a toy. If you play with a pile of excrement in a dream, this is interpreted positively.

The dung heap is mostly symbolic of success, in the sense of the saying “turn poop into money”.

On the other hand, it can also mean that you are in a financial emergency or simply do not want to take responsibility for your actions.

Just as often, people dream that poop turns into life. This is to be taken literally, because in such dreams the brown metabolic end product often turns into a person, but more often into an animal. It does not play a subordinate role for the interpretation of dreams, into which animal the heap turns.

In general, metamorphosis represents a lack of impulse control and problems with taking responsibility.

The type of animal can provide an indication of which area of life or which character trait these difficulties relate to.

If, for example, poop becomes a cat, this “damn beast” probably indicates that the dreaming has problems with his female side.


The excretion of feces is mostly symbolic in the interpretation of dreams for liberation from something unpleasant.

You simply leave something depressing behind you. It is also compared to coping with an emergency situation, because in normal usage we usually say that you have to go to the toilet.

The use of the word must make it clear that this is a kind of compulsion, you have to relieve yourself, and it cannot be avoided.

But a dream of a well-groomed defecation does not always have to do with achieved or to be achieved bliss.

Some interpreters of dreams also assume that poop in dreams means that one does not feel loved. Colloquially, it could therefore mean that “someone gives a poop about me”.