Wheelchair – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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A wheelchair is a symbol of dependence and the need for someone to be your support.

You can’t function on your own and you depend on other people and their words. You like being liked and when you are alone you feel devastated. You need constant confirmation of how good you are and without it, you feel worthless.

Dreaming about a wheelchair is a symbol of weakness and self-doubt. You can’t make a decision on your own without checking it several times and asking other people if you are wrong.

You need to have more trust in yourself and stop giving other people credit for everything you do. You need to be more independent and stop waiting for others’ approval.

Seeing a wheelchair in your dream is a sign of your inner insecurities and that is a reason why you always need someone to support you.

If you were in a wheelchair in your dream it means that you feel completely useless and dysfunctional when it comes to social life and that is standing in your way to success.

Sometimes we need to realize that no-one can do anything for us if we don’t want to help ourselves. Try to be your own support instead of asking others to always be there for you.

The most common dreams about wheelchair

Dreaming of wheelchair

As it is said in the beginning, a wheelchair is a symbol of mental weakness and insecurities. You don’t find yourself as a strong, independent person and that is keeping you away from success.

This dream is telling you that you should take things into your hands and start controlling your life instead of letting other people control it.

Maybe you feel immature or you don’t believe in yourself and that is the reason you had this dream.

You need to start working on yourself if you want to be independent and you need to be brave. You should know that there will be times where no-one will be there for you and you will have to be your own support.

Also, this dream indicates that your need for others is getting in your way in achieving goals. You are afraid of failure and you don’t know how to handle that pressure.

Dreaming of being in a wheelchair

This dream is a symbol of feeling completely useless and incapable of living on your own.


You think you need someone to take care of you constantly and you don’t want to let toxic people go because you are afraid to be alone.

It’s better to be alone than to be surrounded by people you don’t like.

Being with someone just because there is no-one else available right now means that you are not ready to start a relationship no matter if it is a friendship or a love relationship.

You need to learn how to be alone with your thoughts and life will start getting easier for you.

Dreaming of someone else in a wheelchair

If you saw someone in a wheelchair in your dream it means that you feel like you need to support someone.

That person might not really need your help, but he/she is trying to keep you close to them. You can’t stand that stress anymore because that relationship is suffocating you and making you feel trapped.

You are not forced to do anything and you can always leave.

A person in a wheelchair is a symbol of helping people in need and is a sign that you are always willing to show support.

However, if you feel like nobody is taking care of you and supporting you, then what is the reason to be supportive of others? That should be a mutual thing and you deserve someone to take care of you.

Dreaming of buying a wheelchair

If you went shopping for a wheelchair for yourself in your dream, it means that you find yourself incapable and you might think that you are not strong enough for everything life throws at you.

Maybe you work too much and you need to take some time to rest. Or, it could be that you feel worn-out by everyday tasks and you don’t see yourself as strong as you were before.

Again, a wheelchair symbolizes the loss of courage, strength, and motivation. Maybe you feel tired of pleasing everyone around you and you should give yourself time to relax.

Dreaming of selling a wheelchair

This dream is a very positive one because it indicates a change in your behavior and thoughts. You are about to stop being so clingy on others and you are taking your life into your hands.

The symbol of this dream is a change in your attitude and the way you see yourself. You are no longer a needy person who always needs other people to support you.

You can take care of yourself and that is why you are selling a wheelchair in your dream. You are ready to make a change in your life and you no longer need the approval of others.

Dreaming of being pushed from a wheelchair

If you had a dream about being pushed from the wheelchair, it means that someone is going to scam you. A person you trust will take advantage of you and will deceive you.

You will be helpless and it will hurt you because you trusted someone when you were vulnerable.

That doesn’t mean that you will stay vulnerable. It will show you that you are your own biggest support and you can always trust yourself.

Dreaming of your partner in a wheelchair

If you had a dream about your partner in a wheelchair, it means that your relationship is going down the hill. Maybe you feel like you are always in charge and you are tired of being the only one who shows effort in a relationship.

You feel like your partner expects you to do everything and you no longer want to serve them. You know your worth and you know that they don’t deserve you.

Dreaming of getting up from a wheelchair

This dream indicates that you are relieved and you feel much better than before. Having this dream indicates that you will manage to deal with every problem you have and you will overcome any trouble.

Getting up from a wheelchair is a special dream and it is a symbol of overcoming problems, becoming stronger, and letting go of negative things in your life.

Maybe you will overcome an addiction to something or you will stop practicing your bad habits. Either way, this dream is very positive and it is a sign of a transformation that will occur within you.

Dreaming of seeing someone getting up from a wheelchair

If you saw someone you know in this dream, it means that he/she will overcome their problems. It is possible that you will help them get better and you will be proud of yourself.

Also, this dream can mean that you want someone to get better and you hope you can help them out.

On the other hand, maybe you feel like you are helping someone get better and you think that you are the reason they don’t give up.

Dreaming of pushing a wheelchair

If you had a dream about pushing a wheelchair it means that you carry a big burden on your shoulders. Whatever it is, it’s stopping you from living a normal life and it is distancing you from happiness.

You need to let go of that burden as soon as possible because it affects your subconscious mind and is getting in your way with success.

Another meaning of this dream is that you are trying to help someone but that person doesn’t need your help. You give everything from yourself to help them and they don’t appreciate it.

Dreaming of people in wheelchair playing sports

This dream is telling you that nothing is impossible. Whatever plan or idea you have, it can become reality. You can do anything you want.

The symbol of this dream is hope and it is telling you that you should never give up your ideas and plans. You can make everything work and you are capable of doing impressive things.

This dream is very positive and it is supportive for you. Your subconscious mind is telling you that you can do anything and you should listen to it!