Dreams About Shaving Head – Meaning and Symbolism

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What’s the first thing you mark about a person? Is it their eyes or their mouth? Or do you first notice the hands and gestures or the color of the hair?

There are so many physical factors that define a person and make them unique. One of those features is hair.

There are so many souls on this planet, and they are all different. And they all have different hairs, lengths, colors, shapes, hairstyles, or they don’t have hair at all. Some people don’t have hair, and the reasons behind it are various.

Some of them are because of medical reasons; others decided to be bald because of fashion. While some people don’t like hair, and they don’t want to have it.

Some people want to be cool or practical. There are even some cases where people are bald by their political choice, and that’s often unacceptable by the public.

And how do people get to this unique hairstyle or no-hairstyle? It is by shaving their head. For some, the act of shaving the head can be heartbreaking because it reminds them of sickness and various diseases.

While for others, it can signify something that you never want to experience because it is a sign of judgment and shame. And there are, of course, individuals who don’t think about shaving their head as something more different from shaving their beard or washing their hands.

But what does it mean when you occasionally dream about it? What does it mean if you have visions of shaving your head? It must feel peculiar to have such a dream, especially if you are a woman.

Would you like to know what does it stands for? Would you like to learn it is a good sign or an unpleasant moment?

You are at the right place now because we know all about shaving your head and why it occurs in your dreams. Whether it is done for fashion or other peculiar reasons, we will share our discoveries with you.

After reading this piece, you will follow your dreams more and know what you shall do next. Are your dreams just there with no reason, or does the Universe communicate with you that way? We’ll help you find out.

What hair symbolizes?

We first need to familiarize you with the meaning hair has in dreams. Hair is often used as a specific symbol in various cultures worldwide and the dream world. It’s important to know that it symbolizes some powerful things essential in a human’s life. Hair often symbolizes the strength of a person and the confidence and control they have over their life.

Other potential meanings that hair can represent are the power of knowledge, consciousness, and abundance.

It’s vital to consider this because shaving hair can mean losing many of the things we just mentioned. But it oughtn’t to be like that. We’ll tell you more about it in the upcoming lines.

Sweeping changes are about to happen in your life 


Observing the things, we mentioned before, we can conclude that shaving the head can signify a crucial change in a person’s life. It can mean that you will face a complex decision-making process and that you will need to decide on something that you would never do.

It can also be that some changes and decision-making are already happening in your life, but they are too confusing for you.

Even if everything about it comes to you as a shock, you should embrace all of these changes with arms wide open. You are strong enough, and whatever happens in your life, you will survive. And you will come out of everything more vital and wiser.

You need to let things go

If you shaved your head in your dream, it could mean that you have made some decision in your real life in the past, and now you are feeling guilt-ridden about your decision. It is not strange or unusual to experience such an emotion, but it for the best to just let things go.

It would help if you didn’t cling to the past actions you’ve made, and you need to continue with your life. With the act of shaving your head, you want to punish yourself because you believe you now deserve to hurt.

It happens, but you need to forgive yourself; you deserve to forgive yourself and live your life as a free person. And not someone who is a slave to the past and his past mistakes.

You are ready to let go of the past 

If you did make a mistake in the past, but you are ready to let it go and continue without remorse, a dream like this can be a sign that it’s finally time to do it. You are now introduced to a clear path that is going to lead you to repentance. And you will be finally able to get rid of all the negative energy that has been fueling in your body and mind. You are going to feel the relief, and you will enjoy your life once again.

It can also be that you are just introduced to some new things in your life; it doesn’t have to be that you’ve made a mistake. It can be that you will be introduced to a new way of thinking, with new energy, or with a new way of life. You are entirely ready to let go of everything that has to do with the previous.

It would be best if you also distinguished the difference between cutting your hair and shaving it. If you cut your hair in a vision, you’re not entirely ready to move on. But if you shave it off, you are hundred percent set to continue with your life in a new style, more relaxed and tranquil. And you want to do it as quick as you can, and that’s the reason why you’ve decided to shave it off instead of just cutting it. By doing it this way, you are avoiding the doubtful phase and the phase of shock.

Something different and thrilling is about to happen

A nighttime vision like this can also remind you that you are about to end a particular phase of your life. You are closing one door, but you are opening a new one. A dream that has this meaning is, in most cases, a good sign. It can symbolize the end of your schooling and the start of adult life.

It can also represent the start of your new family. Or it can represent something that has to do with your career; a new job, new position, or even a whole new career.

If you can see yourself in these explanations and experience something similar in your life currently, then dreams like this are often an indicator of that phase.

You are going to solve something utterly tricky in your life

Are you having some problems in your life? It can be correlated with your love life or something that has to do with your family? Or you’ve been having some difficulties at your workplace?

Well, you’ll be happy to hear that if you’ve seen yourself shaving your head in a vision, it can suggest that you are finally going to solve that ongoing problem you have.

It’s not going to be smooth, and it’s not going to happen overnight, but it will happen eventually. And you will finally be going to feel relief.

You are very humble

Maybe you can’t see that by yourself, but it could be that you are a very humble person. Shaving a head in a dream can be a sign of that trait.

It can be a great gift to be humble but also a considerable burden. You are constantly putting others in the first place instead of you. And that needs to change. We are not telling you to be selfish, but you need to think about yourself first and then others.

It is because only if you are feeling good and well situated will you be good for others. Remember your needs are the most important.

You have a lack of confidence

Unfortunately, shaving your head can signify that you have very little confidence or none at all. You don’t believe in yourself; you don’t think that anything you do is good, and you are not aware of your abilities and values. You need to stop for a moment and think about why this is the case.

While you think in a way that you are not worth it, you are not going to succeed in life, and you are not going to be happy. It would be best to believe in yourself because no one other will do it for you. Be brave, and know that you are worth it.

Dreams about others shaving their head

If you’ve encountered someone in your dream and seen them shave their head, it can serve you as a caution.

Something like that can be that your business plans are not going to work. It would be best if you waited for some time before putting things in motion or thinking about everything twice before starting what you’ve planned.

Dreams about shaving your head if you are a woman 

It can be said that it’s normal for men to shave their heads, but is it for women? It happens, but not that often, so it can be considered an action that’s quite weird. And what does it mean to appear in a dream?

In most cases, it can be seen as a caution but focused on your money. If you’ve planned to invest some amount into anything, please pause that plan for a while. You will also have some financial struggles shortly, so you better be careful about what you are spending your money on currently.

Dreams about a bald man

If you’ve seen a man that’s freshly shaven his head, you are lucky. It is always a good sign to see something like that in your dream because it indicates a monetary gain in the upcoming days. And it would be best if you invest that money into something worth it, instead of spending it all.