Dreams About Tarantula – Interpretation and Meaning

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Let’s raise a hand who is afraid of tarantulas! Tarantulas are a species of spiders that have a big hairy body and long hairy legs. They can’t be small, but some varieties can be more than 10 cm in length. Just thinking about them makes us creep out.

The exciting fact about tarantulas is that they are not venomous spiders. They have long teeth, and they can bite you, and you don’t want to experience that because it doesn’t just sting, it hurts.

But besides that and a possible minor wound, you will be okay. You can’t die from a bite of the tarantula. And many people don’t know this fact, and immediately as they see a tarantula, even in a picture, they run away, thinking that these spiders are poisonous.

Some varieties have hairs that can irritate the skin of a human or even an animal, and it can also cause severe irritation in contact with the eyes. But you won’t be rubbing a tarantula all over your eyes, would you?

On the opposite side, some people are fascinated with arachnids, and tarantulas are their favorites. Thus, it is not uncommon for people to have these spiders as their pets; it’s pretty popular.

There are many varieties of these spiders, and we can say that there are around 900 of them. Smaller, more significant, more colorful, hairier, uglier, or cuter, depends on who you ask.

Tarantulas naturally live all over the world. You can find them in all the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. But you can’t find them in big cities, because they mostly live in rainforests, deserts, savannas, forests, mountains, all over in the wild.

So, if you ever see a tarantula in your city on the sidewalk, there is a possibility that it’s a runaway pet of someone.

In horror movies and Sci-Fi movies, you can see enormous tarantulas that hunt and eat humans, but it’s a bit different in real-life. Tarantulas mainly feed on insects, arthropods, and other spiders. But some also hunt mice, bats, lizards, small snakes, and even birds, but no humans. So, you are mostly safe.

There are some myths that their venom is lethal and that it can be used as a hallucinogen drug, but that’s not true.

We said that tarantulas don’t eat humans, but we didn’t say anything about humans eating tarantulas. You probably think that can’t be the case, considering their hairy body and legs, but think twice. For example, in Venezuela, a tarantula is a delicacy.

Probably you also have a fear of tarantulas, but why is that? It’s because for ages they are being portrayed as an object of fear by people. Some people even have a real phobia regarding spiders in general, and it’s called arachnophobia.

What’s the meaning of tarantulas in dreams?

In most cases, it’s not a good sign to dream about tarantulas. Of course, it depends on a person. If you love tarantulas, and you even have a tarantula as a pet, then dreaming about them doesn’t mean anything. You are just dreaming about something that you love and something you have daily interactions with while enjoying it.

But if you a slightly different opinion about them, then the meaning of your dreams can differ. If you fear them, then it’s definitely not a good sign to have dreams about them.

In most cases, the dream signifies that you are going to experience a betrayal of someone close to you. Or you will get disappointed by someone that you never thought will do such a thing to you. But people are unpredictable, just like spiders.


Sometimes a dream about tarantula can mean that you will find yourself in a problematic situation, and you will need help from a friend, but you will not get it. And that will hurt you badly, just like a bite of a tarantula. You will be hurt and angry at the same time.

In other cases, a tarantula doesn’t represent a close person going to betray you; rather, it represents your enemy. If you see many tarantulas in your dream, it signifies that you are surrounded by people that want to harm you, people that will do anything to destroy you.

Also, it can be that you will lose something precious in your life or that you will have to do something that you don’t like doing.

The meaning of a dream often depends on your current life and your physical state. It can be that a dream with tarantulas is a warning that your health is going to worsen and that you immediately need to do something about it.

Sometimes, a tarantula symbolizes the dark side you have. Yes, every person has its dark side; it’s just someone who chooses to hide it, others to kill it with kindness, while some choose to let that dark side out in the open. And a dream can imply that your dark side is finally going to be shown. It is going to be something that even you are not aware exists.

Often dreams show you the state of your love life, and with tarantulas in your dream, there is nothing good to be shown. You will get badly disappointed and even break a relationship. Or it’s just the fear you feel towards the relationship or that your partner is going to leave you.

Also, it can be that you feel trapped in your relationship and that you want to leave it, but you don’t know-how. It would be best if you let go of bad things and forward in your life.

But, it’s not always negative. Believe it or not, sometimes a dream about tarantulas is a good sign. It can mean that a difficult period in your life is about to end and that you will finally have time for yourself.

Also, it can mean that you will have success at work and that you will beat your competition. Someone, your boss, possibly will finally see your hard work, and it will reward you.

Finally, in rare cases, it can be that a dream featuring a tarantula is a sign of your spiritual struggle and a sign that you need to focus on your spiritual development.

But, enough of the speculations, to be sure what your dream means, you need to know the details of it. If you do remember them, you are fine, and after reading this text, you will know what your dream means. So, let’s begin, and see what the possible tarantula visions are there.

Dreaming about tarantulas

If you don’t remember anything else except the fact that you saw a tarantula or more than one in your dream, it can be that someone will force you to take on a very unpleasant conversation.

Also, it’s a dialogue that you successfully have been avoiding for the last time, but now it won’t be possible to do it.

If you saw many tarantulas in your dream gathered in one place, it is a good sign. You are going to have a family gathering soon, and you will enjoy it.

Also, if you need something like that, you’re going to gain help from a family member. If you are having problems, this dream suggests you seek help from someone, and in most cases, someone will help you.

This dream is also a reminder did you are lucky to have people there willing to help you and that you should be grateful for it.

Dreaming about tarantula biting you

We’ve already mentioned that tarantula bites are not venomous, but they can be extremely painful.

So, to dream about something like that is never pleasant. And on top of that, a dream like this is not a good sign as you may be expected. It’s a bad sign and a warning that you are hurting someone.

Your behavior is the problem in this case, not the other way around. There is a possibility that you love to talk about other people, gossip, or even criticize people in person. All of those are bad traits and habits, and you need to change that as soon as possible.

A reasonable person doesn’t act like that, and if you continue to do it, you will end up alone. No one will want to be with you, hang with you, or even talk to you.

And if you do all of this at your workplace, then it’s even worse. You are putting yourself in danger of ruining your reputation or even losing your job. You need to change your habits and become a better person.

A dream about tarantula biting can signify a warning about some future trouble that you will end up in. if you don’t change your behavior, people will stop talking to you and exclude you from everything.

Also, in some cases, it can be that your coworkers are incredibly envious of your success, and they’re trying to hurt you by sabotaging your work. It doesn’t have to be a job situation. It can be that people close to you are envious of your success, for example like your siblings or even your romantic partner.

Another interpretation can be that you are bound to fail a project and experience grant financial loss.

You saw a small tarantula in your dream

If you encounter a small tarantula in your dream, that’s not a good sign. A dream like that can be a sign of your ignorance. You are currently having the same problems you had in the past, but if you weren’t ignorant and learned from past mistakes, you could be able to solve your problems quickly.

Or it can be that you’re refusing to learn from the current problems you are having and the big problems you have you see as minor.

Another possible meaning is that you will be involved in a scandal or that some minor problems will occur shortly.

You saw a gigantic tarantula

A dream like this is a classic representation of your personality. It signifies the way you talk about things and situations.

A gigantic tarantula means that you often exaggerate when you talk about things. It means that you are always making a big deal of nothing.

You had a dream where you had a pet tarantula

Finally, a dream like this is a good sign. It can be an indication of a new beginning. It could be that you will start a new job, enroll in University, start a new project, or start a new romantic relationship.

It also means that you will be satisfied with whatever you start and that you are going to be successful.

In your dream, you killed a tarantula

A situation like this in a dream can be both good and bad. It can be that you will succeed over your rivals or your enemies if you have them, and you will end up as a winner. If you had a difficult in your life, it could be that it is finally going to be over. And this is all good.

But it can be that you would be experiencing some financial problems and that you will have some severe losses.

Before doing anything regarding your job, you better think twice because you will regret it for the rest of your time if you make a mistake.

A tarantula was chasing you

A dream like this can be by far the scariest dream, but you deserved it.

If you are experiencing dreams like this where a tarantula chases you, you behave immaturely, and by doing so, you are hurting other people. You should reconsider your actions and start being responsible for once in your life.

Tarantulas were walking all over your body

We think that not even people that love spiders would want to be in a situation like this. But actually, a dream like this is a good sign.

It is a sign from the universe, identical to you, that it is time to relax a little bit because you deserved it.