Dreams About Miscarriage – Meaning and Interpretation

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There isn’t a thing or a feeling in this world that you can compare with when people find out that they will be parents for the first time. It is a unique mixture of emotions; love, excitement, happiness, and even fear.

But on the opposite side of the specter are the emotions parents, especially mothers, feel when they experience a miscarriage.

A miscarriage is something that commonly happens to women once or even more times in their lives. But the fact that it is a common event does nothing to mitigate the fact that it is a dreadful and painful experience. It is something that can leave traumatic consequences on a woman.

But it is also a topic that isn’t common among people. Is it because it is too painful? Or do people consider it a topic that doesn’t need to be spoken about? Society puts some kind of stigma on miscarriage, even though many pregnancies result in miscarriage, almost 20 percent of them.

Couples trying to have a baby and experience miscarriage often feel discouraged to talk about it or even discouraged to give it another try.

Because of that, we as a society must normalize miscarriage and let people know that it’s normal, and that it happens, and that it’s going to be alright. We shouldn’t shame women or couples for this terrible experience.

And what about dreams about miscarriages? We can’t compare dreams with a real-life situation, but the dream can also be terrifying. After having a dream of miscarriage, you can wake up and feel confused, lost, sad, and terrified.

If you’ve been having dreams like this, you should know that it’s something normal, especially if you are a woman who wants to have children and even someone who is already pregnant.

We know that it’s incredibly frightening for pregnant women to experience a dream like this, but that surely doesn’t mean that a dream like it means that a miscarriage will happen.

In situations like this, a dream of miscarriage is often a sign of fear and anxiety of losing your baby. A fear like that is normal because you want all the best for your baby. It’s normal to feel highly emotional after experiencing a dream like this, and you shouldn’t be scared.

But there are many other explanations why dreams like this are happening and what do they mean. In no case are they a foretelling of something that will happen, somewhat a mirror of your current emotions.

A dream about a miscarriage is a representation of your current emotional state, and it does have some significant meaning on a spiritual level.

As we mentioned many times before, when you are trying to figure out the meaning of your dream, decipher it, or ask someone to help you, it is best to have as many details as possible.

It would be good to remember the whole situation in your dream and the tiny details surrounding it. We also know that you will forget many things due to shock or subconsciously try to suppress them.

But it would be good to try and write as many possible things as you can remember to decode your dreams more easily.


Now it is the moment to talk about the emotional background of dreams like this and what they can possibly mean.

In your dream, you’ve experienced a miscarriage

A dream like this is never pleasant, and it can often be quite disturbing. And it is good to know that a dream like this is a sign of upcoming changes in your life.

The type of change or changes depends on you. The changes that are about to happen can be both good or bad, but you are the captain of this ship, and you decide where you want to go.

A dream like this happened to let you know that changes are on their way and that you need to prepare yourself for them.

Another good thing that this dream tells you is that you shouldn’t be scared of the changes; instead, embrace them. And it would be best if you found a way to adapt to them as quickly as humanly possible.

One more piece of information that you should remember is that no matter if the changes are good or bad, the outcome will be positive.

In your dream, someone else had a miscarriage

It’s possibly not that disturbing to dream about someone else having a miscarriage, but it can feel strange. It’s normal to dream like this if your partner is pregnant and afraid for her and your baby.

Also, you can be worried about some other woman that’s close to you, and that’s pregnant. It can be your sister, your friend, and a dream-like. This shows how much you care for them and how much you want them to be happy.

But if that’s not the case, then a dream like this is a bad sign. It’s a sign of you losing something, or even more not getting something that you want. You will try to do something, but you will fail. It’s directly connected to your success because something like this implies that you could be successful, but something or someone is blocking you.

In your dream, you had a miscarriage alone

Just by reading this heading, we can feel chills going through our body, and we can’t imagine how it feels to experience a miscarriage all by yourself. You can’t compare it to reality, but a dream can sometimes be highly realistic, and you can feel highly terrified by it.

A dream like that is never a good sign. It is a sign of a betrayal, and in most cases, it is the betrayal of a person you trust the most. It doesn’t have to mean that someone is about to happen, but it can symbolize your fear of being betrayed.

For some people, a dream like this can be a representation of their character and their openness. Introverts and those who don’t like being with others, the ones that can be called loners, will often have dreams like this.

In your dream, you had a miscarriage at your house

Unfortunately, we have another terrible scenario. When you dream about having a miscarriage at your home, you dream about things that you don’t like, and they have a connection to your house. You probably are not happy with something, it can be a tiny thing, but it can also be something huge that you can’t ignore anymore. Often those are problems that you have with your partner or your family members.

A dream like this happens when the atmosphere in the home where you live is highly hostile. To stop having dreams like this, you need to confront the people you share your house with, openly talk to them about the problems you are having, and tell them what bothers you the most. Only with an open talk can you find the solution and end this circle of negativity.

In your dream, you had a miscarriage at a hospital

Unlike the previous scenario, this one is a good sign. If you dream that your miscarriage occurred in a hospital, even if the dream wasn’t pleasant, the meaning behind it is good.

It’s the universe that’s showing you that you are protected and loved by the people who surround you no matter what happens to you. You should cherish what you have and show love to your close ones as much as you can. You should be more than grateful for what you have because not everyone is lucky like you.

Another possible meaning is that you managed to take on so many responsibilities that you are drowning yourself in obligations that you can’t manage to carry out. You are at the edge of burnout, and you need to slow down. Alongside this, you should also do a health checkup and see if everything is okay with your health. Don’t wait to have a severe health problem.

In your dream, you had a miscarriage in a car

A nighttime vision like this is considered strange, but it has its meaning. It is a sign that you have a deep desire to break free from something and have a clean sheet in your life. You want to move on and to improve your life.

Another similar scenario is if the car was moving while the miscarriage happened, and if that was the case, it means that you experience a recent loss in your life, and now you need to make a plan to deal with it.

In your dream, you had a miscarriage on the street

Even more peculiar from the last scenarios is the one where you have it on the street. It’s both peculiar and alarming, and it’s normal if you felt traumatized once you woke up.

It’s a sign that you need to do something that you are unwilling to do.

It also means that the thing you will do will fail, and you know that, but the people who are pushing you to continue are not aware of it. Often it has to do with some work-related stuff.

In your dream, you had a miscarriage, but you didn’t feel any pain

A dream like this is another dream that doesn’t have a good foretelling. It’s not a good sign to dream about having a miscarriage without feeling any pain.

It’s a sign of conflict and problems you are experiencing or experience in your relationship.

The essential thing you should do in a situation like this is to think twice before doing anything. It is not a moment for making impulsive decisions.

In your dream, you had more than one miscarriage.

One is horrible, but more are even worse. A dream where you have had several miscarriages is never a good sign. It’s a representation of your fears.

The main fear causing a dream like this is your fear of not being good enough and failing life. You believe that everything you do is not good enough and that it never will be. Why is this happening? It’s probably because you experience a certain amount of failure in your life, and now you can’t imagine how success looks like.

One, two, or more fails are not an indicator of your whole life. You need to start living your life and stop fearing every little thing. Find the courage within you, and start taking risks.

In your dream, you had a miscarriage, but you couldn’t deal with it

If you experience a miscarriage in your dream, and after it happened, you couldn’t accept what happened, it’s not a good sign.

It’s can often be interpreted as a lack of acceptance from you towards the current changes in your life.

Many things are changing in your life at the moment, and you just can’t deal with everything at once. Or if they are not happening, they will start soon.

If that’s the case now, you are at an advantage because you can prepare for the upcoming changes and welcome them with your arms wide open. Change is constant, and there isn’t life without change.

The best thing you could do in your life is to accept the change, learn how to embrace it, and use it to your advantage.

As quickly as you adapt to the new way of life, the more you will be calm and your life happier.

In your dream, you experienced a violent miscarriage

A miscarriage is an event that is everything but pleasant. And to make it a violent miscarriage is something that no one deserves and no one wants to experience.

If you had a vision like this, we are very sorry for you because we can only imagine how it feels and how you felt once you woke up. We are also very sorry to inform you that a dream like this indicates a bad thing. It’s a sign that the plans you have for the future are going to fail.

If you have some business plans, it would be best to pause them for a while rather than begin unraveling them now.

If you do elect to carry on with your plans, you need to be very careful because if you fail, it can be that the failure is going to be very unpleasant, and it could leave you without anything.

It can also be a symptom of stress that results from the business plans you have for the future. You are very excited for them, but also very anxious, and you must relax.