Dreams About Getting Robbed – Meaning and Interpretation

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Many dreams can make us feel scared and leave us lying in bed covered in sweat, staring at the ceiling. And one of those dreams is the dream about getting robbed.

No one wants to find themselves in a situation where someone is robbing them of their belongings while not knowing are their belongings the only thing that is about to get robbed.

The act of robbery can be traumatizing for almost anyone, and to dream about it can have almost the same effect.

But you should know dreams like this are not a common thing; you will not hear many people say that they’ve had a dream in which someone robbed them.

If you occasionally have visions about theft, about someone hurting you and robbing you of all your belongings, it is possible that you are scared for your life, or your belongings, for some reason.

And if that’s the case, you need to consider why it is like that, and if the threats are real, you should try and protect yourself. There is also the possibility that you are scared for someone else’s security, someone that is close to you.

It could help if you think about the people who surround you and try to think about someone who can hurt you. If that’s the case, you need to distance yourself from those people and defend yourself and your family.

Also, there is a chance that you have some time, a belonging of yours that’s very precious for you, and probably even highly valuable, and you are scared that someone is going to steal that from you.

If that’s true, and you have some valuable object or money in your house, consider putting it in a safe or a bank account.

Time has changed, and you never know what can happen and who can come to your home. Because of that, it’s always best to keep your precious thing in a safe place, like a bank, where you know that a professional will guard it.

If you don’t have any valuable possession that you are scared of losing, it might be that you are afraid of losing someone.

Maybe you are anxious about your relationship, and you constantly think that someone else will come and rob you of the love you have.

Another possible interpretation of a robbery occurring in a dream is that you are afraid of losing your job. It is just like with the relationship situation; you are insecure. You lack confidence, and you don’t believe in yourself enough, and for that, you are in a constant state of fear that you will lose your job. You are in a constant state of fear that someone else will come and steal your position.

There are so many possible explanations that are hidden behind a dream about the robbery. You feel that you are being robbed of your youth and that you are not using these days of your life as you should.

It could be that someone from your family, a parent possibly is not letting you live your life as you want it. You don’t have your independence, and your subconscious can’t stand that, and it’s sending you signals like this because of it.


In some cases, a dream about being robbed is literally that. It is a warning sign that someone will rob you of something in the near future and that you will lose something that is highly precious to you. Sometimes we can predict things, and we are not even aware of it.

Thus, it is crucial to listen to yourself more, pay attention to your mind and the signals you are getting from the universe. Believe it or not, there are guardian angels that are following you and trying to help you as much as they can every day.

But they can’t help you if you deny their help. You need to open your mind so that the help can enter your life. Be grateful for your guardian angels, and let them help you.

A dream about being robbed doesn’t have to imply that you will get robbed, or it has to do anything about a physical object. It can signify a conflict between two people; you and someone you care about.

It could be that someone is attempting to manipulate you or take advantage of you. And there are also cases when people, your siblings, or coworkers are taking credit for the great thing you’ve done. And it doesn’t feel perfect to be in your shoes, and the dream about being robbed often can mean your state of mind caused by these events.

And to conclude this story, we need to mention that it’s not always the case that you are the victim. It might be that you are the aggressor this time.

Maybe you are robbing someone of something. Maybe you are the one that is taking credit for someone else’s good deeds. And your subconscious is trying to tell you that what you are doing is not good at all. And with a dream about you getting robbed, your subconscious tries to explain how it feels when someone does what you are doing

. Think about it; maybe you are the problem, maybe you are the one causing other problems. Be honest, and if it is the case, you need to start changing your behavior and attitude. With your doing, you are not going to achieve anything in your life. And eventually, you are going to lose everything you have.

And finally, it can mean the worst possible thing. You are in permanent fear of losing a loved one. But you are scared that someone you love is going to die.

Often dreams like this are not real, but sometimes they can be. Sometimes there is a real treat of someone you love leaving this world before its time.

Let’s start with deciphering the possible dream situations.

A person was robbing you

In most dream scenarios, you are getting robbed by someone, and there are no many other details from that dream, or you just can’t remember them.

What’s important is that a dream like this isn’t a good sign. It can signify that you are feeling lost currently in your life and this world and don’t know how to act around people or situations. You could also have problems in your relationship that you don’t know how to solve. Your privacy is invaded, and you are feeling threatened.

It’s never a good thing to feel violated by someone or something. Someone’s actions are hurting you, and you don’t know how to act because of that. What should you do, you may ask yourself?

The initial thing you are required to do is confront that person. You can just stand and be the observer of your life; you need to act. It should be more proactive and be the main character of the story called your life.

Confront that person that is causing you harm, and tell them how you feel. In most cases, that person wasn’t aware of what she was doing, and if you tell them, they will change. But there are also cases when people are just mean and evil, and if you notice that someone is not getting better after the confrontation, it’s time to eliminate them from your life.

And there is forever a likelihood that you heard a story from someone that was robbed, or you saw something on the news, and now you are reliving that event. It’s normal, it’s the way our brain functions, and in those cases, the dream doesn’t mean anything.

You saw the person who robbed you

Another dream that doesn’t have a good meaning. If you directly saw the person that was robbing you, it means that out there exists a person that hates you, and that person doesn’t wish you well. The person doesn’t hide the negative feelings it has towards you and often shares their thoughts with other people.

In most cases, it is someone you know and someone that you had a prior relationship. And why is it happening? You tell us. In most cases, it’s because you were the one that ended the relationship on bad terms.

You didn’t see the person that robbed you

A dream like this is another bad omen because, in this case, you can’t see the person that caused you harm. And that means that in real life, too, you can’t see who is causing you harm.

Someone is playing you from the shadows, and you are not aware of it. Maybe in real life, you think that this person is your friend, while in reality, that person wants to destroy you.

You saw someone else being robbed

Unfortunately, this also is not a good sign, and it would be best if you didn’t have dreams like this. A dream like this has to do with your financial power. It signifies that you will have financial problems and that a severe loss will happen to you.

It can be that you are spending more than you should and more than you are earning, and shortly, your bad habit will develop into a catastrophe.

If you don’t change something you will end up without anymore, you will not have to pay your bills.

Use this dream message wisely, and start investing your money. You should start saving and having a spending journal to help you see where your money goes.

Once you establish a budget that you can spend, everything will be more accessible and fall into its place.

You found out that someone robbed you

Finally, we found a good sign in all of this robbery charade. If you ever had a dream where you weren’t present when the robbery happened, and you found out about it later, it’s a good thing.

Something like that can imply that you have a solid will to release all of the negative energy you have piled up inside you. And most importantly, you are ready to start a new, better phase of your life. If you don’t think that you have the will needed, let this dream be proof that you have.

Use this message to find the courage to start from scratch, and clean yourself from all the negative thoughts that are not doing you any good.

Your house got robbed

For some, or can we say for many, a house robbery can be a nightmare, not a dream.

And we feel the same, because who would want their house to get robbed. And it is terrible, as it sounds like.

A dream like this is never a good sign, and you need to be careful if you have dreams like this occasionally. Your house being robbed can signify that you are having, or you will have problems in your relationship or your marriage. You will have significant problems with your marital partner or your romantic one.

But it can also signify arguments and conflicts with another family member, often your kids. But it’s not all black and white.

A dream like this can help you, and guide you, to talk to your family member and resolve the problems you have, civilized.

Your car got robbed

Another dream, another bad sign. It’s similar to the previous scenario, and it signifies problems you are having in your relationship. It often suggests that your relationship is going to break due to trust issues.

You managed to avoid getting robbed

Like in real life, if you avoid getting robbed in a dream, it’s a good sign. It’s a showcase of your ability to overcome problems that are surrounding you

. Every problem that occurs, you can solve with just a little bit of thinking and patience. There is another possible meaning that it’s not that good, and it signifies that you are running away from your problems.

If that’s the case, think about it, and understand that it’s time to confront your problems.