Dreams About Smoking – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about smoking are one of the most interesting dreams to interpret because they are dreamed equally often by smokers and non-smokers, which is very interesting.

These dreams have a wide range of interpretations, and it would be good to remember as many details as possible to make the interpretation as accurate as possible. It is interesting to note that these dreams also burden non-smokers.

When we talk about cigarettes, the story of nervousness and anxiety is often closely related because it is assumed that people light a cigarette to calm down.

For smokers, it is a sedative that helps them get through the day, or when they get annoyed, it is often enough to inhale a couple of smokes and reduce nervousness.

For many people, this is an addiction that I can’t live without for a single day, let alone for a longer period of time. Cigarettes are also associated with the concept of relaxation and the morning when drinking coffee.

Many smokers tie a cigarette to the beginning of a new day. Smoking and enjoying nicotine cigarettes is an old habit that has been present for centuries and continues to be so in the future.

There are various reasons why people choose to smoke cigarettes; not everyone smokes for the same reasons. Some smoke because it reduces their nervousness, some because they want to be popular in their environment because cigarettes in some adolescent years reflect maturity.

When you see some people smoking expensive cigarettes or smoking cigarettes, they demonstrate power and wealth. People would rather fill a pipe and smoke it than wrap a cigarette, but it is common to enjoy nicotine.

What we can report as a conclusion is that everyone who started smoking started by wanting to become part of some social norm because smoking is a social habit.

Most of the controversy is about how people experience smoking because opinions are the opposite.

Some people experience smoking as a bad habit, which can lead to death or serious illness, and others experience this habit as enjoyment and a moment of relaxation. This vice has long divided people into two camps, and those two extremes, those who hate smoking and those who like to enjoy cigarettes.

In the following lines, we will deal with the interpretation of this dream and the variations in the interpretation depending on your dream’s details.

Dream interpretation depends on whether you smoked or not in your sleep and whether you have that habit of waking up.

Also, the meaning of sleep depends on what you think about smoking; do you like it or not?

These dreams primarily remind you that you are a very nervous and anxious person going through a very stressful period. This interpretation of the dream is true, especially if you know that you catch a cigarette every time you are under some pressure.


If you don’t like cigarettes and challenge that awful habit, and you’ve dreamed of smoking, it means you have to re-examine yourself when you wake up. You need to ask yourself the following questions; are your life attitudes in place, whether you make the right decisions, whether your thoughts and actions are in harmony, and are you proud of your actions shortly?

If you enjoy smoking and it gives you pleasure, it means that you have beautiful things and pleasures ahead of you. A period of relaxation and hanging out with friends is coming. If you dreamed of smoking, it means that someone will invite you for socializing or coffee.

This dream can symbolize even your most hidden desires and passions; what you can’t resist; what puts you in some danger is what a cigarette means to you.

People who try to quit smoking often dream this dream; because they fight fiercely against this ugly habit. Your subconscious tells you that you enjoy smoking so much and that you can’t resist it that even at the very thought of giving up cigarettes, you start dreaming about it; that is, the subconscious sends you a signal to sleep as well.

Dreams about smoking yourself

If you dreamed of smoking, don’t worry, the dream has a positive connotation and means that you have a good life period ahead of you.

This dream is especially positive if you dreamed of smoking in your house, garden, or living room. It also means the same if you dreamed of drinking coffee and smoking in your favorite cafe or someplace that is very comfortable for you.

The dream also means that your guests will soon be visited by some guests you haven’t seen in a long time or that you will see some family members you haven’t seen in a long time.

If you dream of smoking in your home, it means that yours will soon be visited by someone you haven’t seen for a long time, or you will receive a phone call from a person you haven’t heard from for many years.

If you dream of smoking in your favorite cafe where you like to spend time, it means that you will meet someone you want to meet for a long time. That person can also be someone you have admired for a long time from the sidelines, but you did not have the courage to take the first step.

You may meet a good friend or co-worker with whom you have lost contact. If you meet a new person, they will most likely change your life in some way, bring dynamism, happiness, and joy. It does not necessarily mean that the meeting will have a romantic or love character, often after such dreams, you meet a mentor or a person who will be a role model for you in the future.

The interpretation of a dream also depends on what you smoke and how it, tobacco, and whether you wrap it in cigarettes or fill pipes. If you smoke quality and expensive tobacco in a dream, it symbolizes your social status, power, and wealth.

If you smoke cheap tobacco, it means that you are addicted, that you do not have clearly defined attitudes, and that you do not fight for yourself in life.

Dreams about smoking a cigarette

The most common are dreams where people dream of smoking cigarettes, which smokers most often dream of. Sometimes, this dream is also dreamed by people who do not smoke, so the dream has several meanings.

The dream of smoking often reflects smokers’ need for more nicotine, especially if they really enjoy it. Cigarettes are often associated with family and friends’ gatherings so that these dreams can be interpreted that way on some level. If you dream of smoking, don’t be surprised if your friends invite you to a party. Social activities are always related to food, drinks, and cigarettes, so always think about that when you dream this dream.

The meaning of a dream can also be this; you will be present at a party where you will share your experiences with other people of the same interest or visit an exhibition in a museum or be part of the party. In short, you will be part of an event that a large number of people will attend.

Dreams about smoking a cigar

If you dreamed this dream, it means that you are a real hedonist and you know how to get the most out of life. You are generally a relaxed person who likes to enjoy the little joys of life, and you think you deserve it because you work hard.

The dream tells you that it is time to enjoy and relax after completing a business project that has been completed. All the effort you put in at work has finally paid off, and it’s time to enjoy it.

Symbolically, a cigarette in a dream means luxury, wealth, hedonism, and success in business. The dream sends you one simple message that we often forget: life is beautiful with all the little things in it, and sometimes it is necessary to be present in the present moment, enjoy it, and indulge in pleasure.

All the pleasures that please you are reflected through this dream, and at the same time, material pleasures are meant and small things that are free and make our people happy.

The dream of a cigar means that you are aware of happiness while it is happening.

Dreams about smoking a pipe

First of all, this is a promising dream that positively connotates maturity, responsibility, and a more beautiful manner. Men who dream this can consider themselves men with clear attitudes and pronounced gentlemanly manners.

Even if you are not a smoker and dream this dream, you have style and know what you want from life. Even this dream for some people means eccentricity, while for most, it means conservatism and traditionalism.

People who dream this are traditionalists who have a conservative attitude, find it difficult to change their beliefs and opinions, love organization, and everything is in order in their lives.

You like people the most when they are kind and educated because you think that is the future of human progress. For yourself, you think you are more mature and older because you already have a lot of knowledge and experience. It can also mean that you are very serious about life and conservative, and people see you as unavailable, tight-lipped, and difficult to cooperate with.

People who dream of smoking from a pipe have a high level of self-confidence at work every day.

Dreams about someone else is smoking

This is a dream that has several meanings, and in the following lines, we will try to explain as many of them as possible. Well, let’s go in order.

If you are a smoker who does not smoke in your sleep and sees another person smoking, it symbolizes your jealousy.

If you know a person who smokes in a dream, you are jealous of him or some aspect of that person’s life, and if you do not know that person, it is jealousy caused by someone you met some time ago.

This dream can also mean something forbidden or unattainable for you at this stage of life. A dream can reflect your anxiety by not controlling an awkward situation you find yourself in.

If you want to be with someone who is already busy and doesn’t want yours, it can show through this dream.

If you see a person smoking and you are not a smoker in real life, it means that you will argue with a family member or a close friend. You will be right at the end of the discussion, but the quarrel will be hard for you.

An argument will happen with a close person from your very stubborn environment, and the whole situation will be irritating for you. This dream can also mean that you are a person full of prejudice which is a judgmental person.

It often happens that you shape people by yourself, that you want to make them think and act like you even though it is not good to do. You can’t expect everyone to share your beliefs and ideals; that’s not normal.

If people are cold and reserved in your company, you want to shape them yourself. People do not like it and think about stopping doing it. Be flexible, and people will love yours more. Tolerance is something you should strive for.

Are you a smoker, or do you hate this habit? Do you mind when someone smokes near you? Have you ever dreamed of smoking, or have you seen another person in a dream do it?

Did you have a desire to light a cigarette when you woke up? Do you see the pleasure in smoking as well as in food and drink? Can you resist? How did you feel while smoking in your sleep? Were you relaxed or annoyed? Please answer these questions in the comments below and share your valuable experience.