Dreams About Wasps – Interpretation and Meaning

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When you encounter a wasp, it is not usually a good feeling, is it? Well, dreams about those dangerous insects, known for their venomous sting are not, are also usually not a good sign. They carry bad omen in dreams because they often signify troubles, conflicts, obstacles, hardships, and pain.

If you dream about wasps, they usually sign that you’re feeling beset by temptations, setbacks, and even a wish to harm your enemies. Dreams about those insects can have various meanings.

Still, in most cases, they indicate misfortune that is expecting you in a coming period.

Wasps symbolize negative feelings, disagreements, challenges, and troubles on your path. Sometimes this dream signifies you being taken for granted or being taken advantage of by someone around you.

You should be warned

They are a symbol of anger, aggressiveness, negativity, and sometimes even evil. Sometimes wasps come as a warning for you to be prepared for problems on the way.

Often these dreams reveal your negative emotions, feelings of anger, or aggression towards someone.

If you are harboring resentment for someone, this is probably your subconscious searching for a way to express those destructive emotions. Mind them because they can do you damage.

Sometimes wasps in a dream hold a warning about some deceptive people around you that you should be careful about. It’s a sign that you should think about how you trust and reevaluate your friendships or acquaintances.

Wasps can also be a symbol of hatred, jealousy or envy.

These insects are also connected to “insight” in a spiritual sense. Because they usually appear in dreams when we need to work better in a group, or if we need to communicate with friends in a better way. In this sense, a wasp is associated with our approach and interaction with others.

Although dreams about wasps are often a symbol of misfortune and obstacles on your path, these dreams can have other meanings as well. The real purpose of dreaming about wasps can be deciphered if you take all details and context into account.

Different scenarios

Below I will mention the most common of wasps dreams and how to interpret them correctly. You will find out what they actually mean and what you should maybe be aware of.

Dream about seeing a wasp

If you were a wasp in your dream, you should know that such vision can carry both good or bad sign. This dream is a symbol of anger, jealousy, anger, hatred, and vengeance.

Think about why you’re dreaming about this? Maybe this reveals you’re negative feelings towards someone, or someone is feeling those feelings towards you.


Sometimes wasps in a dream represent receiving some good news soon. But it can also mean misunderstanding or gossip. This dream sometimes signifies someone from your surroundings behaving aggressively towards others. It is because they usually lack communication skills or are just inadaptive.

Dream about a wasp chasing you

This dream is a good sign because it indicates someone really likes you and is interested in you in a romantic way. You can expect an invitation to a date in the near future.

Dreaming about being stung by a wasp

Be very careful, because this dream signifies that there are some envious people around you. They could pose a threat to you because they can’t really stand seeing you succeed.

Someone could be spreading lies and false rumors about you. Sometimes this dream signifies some inner torture that you brought to yourself. If you’re overwhelmed with fear, addiction, or compulsive behavior, this dream is a symbol of those emotions.

Sometimes it’s about hatred and envy directed towards you from someone in your waking life. This dream is sometimes a warning of sudden separation from a loved one or ending a relationship due to conflict or change in character.

Dream about a wasp stinging someone

If you’ve seen someone stung by a wasp in a dream, such a dream is probably a good sign; it indicates victory over your enemies or rivals. Take this dream as a symbol of your ability to anticipate things, making you always one step ahead of your competition.

A dream about provoking wasps

You don’t want to make wasps angry, but if you did just that in your dream, or maybe stepped on a nest, it is not a good sign. It signifies some unexpected events – tragedy or betrayal.

You should be careful and think about other people’s intentions. It’s an ugly truth, but you should be aware that not all people around you have good intentions and that they mean you well. Some people around you may have a desire to harm you in some way.

Dreaming about wasps buzzing

If you heard the sound of wasps buzzing in a dream, this is a sign of success in avoiding a threat without hurting you.

A buzzing sound is a bad omen, probably about finishing a project or a task you are currently working on due to some unforeseen circumstances. Buzzing of wasps in dreams sometimes serves as a warning of the sickness or death of someone close to you. You could experience immense pain soon.

A dream about a wasp nest

A wasp nest in your dream signifies an upcoming period of frustration, stress, depression, and unhappiness with something significant to you.

If you discovered the nest unexpectedly, it’s a sign of possible bad relations in your workplace. Some of your colleagues are trying to set you up or undermine your efforts.

Killing a wasp or removing a nest

If you dreamt about killing a wasp, or their whole nest, such a dream is a sign that you are ready to confront people standing against you. This is a symbol of your victory over your rivals. More so, you will do it with extreme decisiveness and will be brave about the whole thing.

Wasps are bad omens, and your attempt to get rid of them is a good sign; you are trying to resolve obstacles in your life, and you won’t let anyone keep you from your goals. 

A dream about destroying a wasp nest

This is not the same as removing a wasp’s nest. This dream indicates a period of separation in a romantic relationship. Sometimes it’s a symbol of conflicts between marital partners. It usually indicates quarrels between romantic partners and can be taken as a sign of potential break-up. 

Dreaming fo becoming a wasp

Suppose you dreamt about turning into a wasp. In that case, that is a sign that you are becoming overwhelmed with negativity, and it is doing you real damage. You are probably full of negative energy and thoughts. If

you don’t really believe in yourself and don’t have enough self-worth, this is a sign that it’s time to change your way of thinking. You should gain some self-confidence because this is the only way to achieve your goals and live a happy life. 

A dream about people close to you turning into wasps

Suppose some of the most important people in your life turned into wasps in your dream. In that case, this is a sign that your relationships with them are becoming damaging to you. Destructive relationships are sometimes the main reason for not getting ahead in life.

Sometimes, this dream symbolizes toxic relationships in your life, and sometimes it indicates that some people have authority over you.

A dream about a wasp stinging an animal’s nose

If you’ve seen this in a dream, it is a warning. Beware of the people that aren’t your real friends. Some people might be using your generosity and kindness.

Dreaming about a swarm of wasps

This dream is a good sign. If you saw a swarm of wasps in a dream, it’s a sign of the respect your bosses have for you and the work you’re doing. They may be envious of your status. But here is good news; you might be getting a promotion soon.

Being stung by a swarm of wasps

This is really an unpleasant dream, and it holds a severe warning. It signifies getting involved in some difficult situations. Some of them will contradict your values and beliefs, which could lead to you feeling very stressed.

If you’ve been stung by the wasps in your dream, it indicates that some people close to you are pressuring you to do something you don’t want to do. They will probably be angry when you refuse to do what they want.

Sometimes this dream is a sign that your enemies will attack soon. Someone holds hatred and envy towards you, and those feelings are growing; you should be very careful. You should know there are false friends around you, and they will try to deceive you. Don’t trust everyone.

A dream about crushing a wasp

If you crushed a wasp in your dream, this is a sign that there is possible gossip behind your back. Some people dislike you and are talking about you.

A dream about wasps flying

This is very bad. A dream about wasps flying indicates that you are in a dangerous situation and should be really careful. There are enemies around you, and they are making a plan to hurt you. Be aware; you should take care of yourself and your loved ones in the coming period.

If you observed wasps flying around you, this indicates involvement in conflicts and arguments with people you dislike. There is a good thing in all of it; these conflicts will not affect your life in any way.

Dreaming about a wasp scaring you

If you were frightened of a wasp in your dream, consider this a kind warning to avoid harmful situations. Some of those could affect your psychical and mental state.

A dream about a bee transforming into a wasp

This dream is a terrible sign; bees in drams are a symbol of love and romantic relationships. If you’ve seen this transformation in a dream, you should be worried because it’s a sign of love or relationship turning bad. This dream might be telling you that you will experience emotional disappointment.

A wasp flying by you or moving across a surface

This one is a good sign; you are gonna receive some good news soon, and they will change your life for the better.

A wasp circling you in a dream

If you saw a wasp and circling you in the dream, you will probably encounter a minor conflict. It may be a conflict of interest, but don’t worry; it won’t harm your life. This circling of wasp is a demotion of potential problems around you. You will resolve them shortly and move on with your life.

Dreaming about wasps in your hair

In this dream, your hair represents the brain and ideas in life. So, if the wasp was in your hair, it’s an indication of you going forward to reaching your goals.

If you cannot get insects out of your hair, this is a sign that your determination soon will be crucial. You should not let anything get in your way.

Wasps coming out of your mouth, body, eyes, ears…

Wasps in a dream can be a sign of both good and bad news. If wasps are forming into groups and are flying out of your ears. It’s an indication that you’re going to be a source of good news or harmful gossip.

You have the ability to influence other people by sharing positive and uplifting information. If you saw wasps coming out of your mouth, that is a sign of gossip. If wasps are coming out of your eyes, your subconscious tells you that you’re blind to the truth. If they are coming out of your body, it’s an indication that you will be stung by the truth or reality.

If you see wasps coming out of your family members, this indicates that your actions will affect people close to you. Be careful with the secrets people tell you.

Be careful

Generally, dreams about wasps are associated with scenarios in your waking life like legal difficulties, incarceration, physical or mental illness, family conflict, or conflict with co-workers.

To sum things up, if you’ve dreamt about wasps, you should be more careful in the coming period. Mind your emotions and potential negative feelings, pay attention to people around you because not all of them have your best interests at heart.