Dreams About Wormes – Interpretation and Meaning

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In dreams, worms, even if dreamed of in different situations, are interpreted, in symbolism, more or less with the same meaning: contempt, rejection, a sense of inferiority, envy. The worm in dreams can represent a slimy or servile person but also thoughts that torment or anguish.

What does it mean to dream of worms? In the book of dreams we see that the symbol of worms is present in dreams even when there are digestive problems, this being a natural thing.

But normally the dictionary of dreams suggests that we look at ourselves and our conduct if not inspired by right values; always if looking at the people around us we find nothing strange.

Dreaming of worm in fruit has a meaning that is interpreted as discomfort in the intimate and sexual life of a person.

Even if it is to be evaluated based on the personality and life that one leads. This being a recurring figure in film, various images and cartoons.

Monkey Symbolism in Cultures

Medusa represents the conflict of acceptance of a woman’s femininity and seduction capacity … the myth is reality and is the key to reading for our personal shadows. Was it really a nightmare? What is the symbolic meaning of the worm? And that sink, perhaps represents a container, a belly, a uterus…

Thus, in a Chinese legend, mankind comes from parasites of the body of the primitive being and, in the Icelandic Gylfaginning, the worms coming from the corpse of the giant Ymir get, by order of the gods, the reason and appearance of men.

A similar myth is found in South America, among the Cashihuana Indians for whom the first men appeared, after the flood, in the corpses of the giants that formed the previous humanity.

This conception could confirm Jung’s interpretation that: the worm is first of all the destructive aspect of the libido rather than its fertilizing aspect.

In biological evolution, the worm marks the preliminary stage of dissolution, of decomposition. In relation to the inorganic, it indicates the ascending path of the primordial energy towards life; compared to higher organizations, it represents a regression, an initial and larval stage.

Dreams about Worms – Meaning

Dreaming of a worm going away means that finally something that haunted you is moving away. If, on the other hand, this creeps up to you and makes you sick, you can foresee the presence of someone close to you who is unpleasantly company or who probably haunts you and annoys you.

Dreaming of white or small and white worms has the same general meaning as the worm itself since this figure is the best known, since the worm that we find in nuts and apples is normally white.

Dreaming of red worms, also here the meaning is related to the fact that these are of earth or sand, like worms for fishing that are red whose symbolism brings us back to the passion. Dreaming of black worms is to be interpreted by associating the meaning of the worm with the meaning of black as a symbol of dreams.

Dreaming of green worms could be misleading as it could be like dreaming of an earthworm in which there are noticeable differences in symbolism. Otherwise this worm could mean hope if we bring the symbolism back to the green color.

Worms are very often present in dreams, and as you can imagine they are not very pleasant presences: they arouse disgust, disgust, and sometimes even horror. In dreams appear worms of all kinds, caterpillars, millipedes, worms, woodworms (woodworms), maggots (the small white worms that are used as bait in fishing), those ugly hairy worms, also called ‘wrinkles’.


The worm is a crawling animal; writhes, stretches and shortens; his body is smooth and long, it can thin or thicken. In dreams these characteristics make it a phallic symbol, as it happens for the snake: both these animals can represent the male penis. This meaning can extend to represent, more generally, the masculine gender, masculinity. It can also be a symbol of the ‘voracious’ and destructive side of sexuality.

Weakness, fragility: being an invertebrate animal, the worm has no skeleton; it is an animal that can be easily crushed, very vulnerable. Dreaming of a worm can therefore indicate that you feel weak, on a physical, mental or character level.

Corruption, debasement, immobility, and death: the worms ‘corrode’ from within, things that are apparently healthy are actually damaged and eaten inside. Enemies, annoyances: things you want to get rid of. Beginning: the worm can be a larva that is a form of elementary life, little developed, that often arises from death (it is generated in carcasses and corpses). Child: during pregnancy the worm can represent the child.

In addition, children can dream of a little brother they don’t want in the form of a worm, and they fear the arrival in the family.

Dreams about Worms – Symbolism

Dreaming of worms that come out of the body or from any other part of it – it means that you have freed yourself or are getting rid of unpleasant thoughts or people that have disturbed you so far.

Dreaming of worms under the skin – this is not to be underestimated as the interpretation of the dream suggests that we have something that annoys us but we cannot get rid of it. Most likely we need to cleanse ourselves and our thoughts.

Dreaming of worms in your head or in your hair – this will have the usual annoying and obsessive meaning of something that torments you.

Dreaming of worms coming out of the roof – could mean that there is something above you and that probably makes sense to you, but you can’t easily counter whether they are thoughts or people.

Dreaming of worms in food or coming out of food – could suggest the meaning of being poisoned by someone who serves you food (clearly spiritually). If the food is rotting it is clear that there is something that disgusts you.

Dreaming of worms in stool – this can be seen as a positive thing, as you have probably got rid of a nuisance.

To dream of a solitary worm – means that you have something that eats you inside and that you must free yourself of as something you want to vent to; or certainly it can also mean that you have eaten heavily and your stomach bothers you; there is also the possibility that hearing them talk about in passing has influenced you.

Dreaming of crushing a worm – means you can’t wait to get rid of something or someone that is an unpleasant thought or person.

To dream little worms – means that the thoughts or the people who obsess you are many, small and annoying.

Dream about so many worms – so many worms generally when many worms appear in the dream, they are small in size, but they are very intrusive and difficult to eradicate … they multiply and reproduce visually. Worms in dreams can represent, like all insects and pests, pests, “unwanted guests” that we don’t want.

Dreaming of colored worms – in dreams most of the worms that you see are white, black and green; sometimes also brown, pink and red; but they can be of any other color (orange, yellow, purple, gray …); there are those who have also dreamed of transparent and phosphorescent worms. See the meaning of the single color in dreams.

Dreaming of so many worms in the home – worms everywhere, on the floor, on the walls, on the walls … the invasion of this multitude in your home can mean that you suffer the intrusiveness of troublesome people, or that you are passing stressful, with many ‘annoying’ things to deal with. The house is your private space, in dreams it can also represent yourself and your body. If the worms concentrate on a specific room in the house (for example: the kitchen, the bathroom) this can also help to identify the meaning of the dream.

Dreaming of worms in the bed, under the mattress – many children often do this nightmare; in adults it could be a dream related to the sphere of sexuality.

Dreaming of worms in the closet, in clothes – it could be due to a pressing need for change and renewal of your image and social role.

Dreaming of worms that come out of the tap, in the sink, in the toilet, in the tub – it represents the impossibility to free yourself and purify yourself, that is to free your emotions.

Dreaming of worms in the fridge, on the plate, in the food – this makes it impossible for you to feed yourself; often in dreams worms appear in the most delicious and appetizing foods (fruit, meat, cheese, bread, milk) and are more pleasing to you (mushrooms, coffee, pasta, sugar, chocolate); the dream could be a way of mortifying your natural desires. Food with worms could also be an image of death.

Dreaming of having so many worms on you – worms crawling on your body, falling on you, biting / eating, devouring your feet … are nightmares most probably dictated by the sense of being invaded and impeded in your freedom.

Dreaming of having so many worms on your head, in your hair – the thing you want to get rid of has to do with thought and rational faculties: it could, for example, be a concern, or a mania.


Worms are generally perceived as dirty animals because they live in the earth and are slimy; they can be pests also harmful to humans; but they contribute to making the earth fertile, and therefore also useful.

In some people, worms can be a recurrent dream, repeated over and over, perhaps at certain times in life. Many children also dream of worms, and even pregnant women.