What Do Dreams About Fishing Mean?

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This animal has been considered by many civilizations as a symbol of fertility, both human and animal, probably due to the large number of eggs that usually lay, but perhaps above all for the ancient belief of these populations that in the deep waters of the oceans there was the starting point of life. A life of prosperity and grandeur.

We have said that the sea in the dream represents the individual unconscious and the fish that swim in it emerge towards the conscious layers of the individual.

Often, however, they can represent emotions or refer to episodes that the mind has removed, and that, finding this expression, the dreamer will be forced to consider.

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying fish, the dream speaks for itself: your projects will take flight, in the true sense of the word. You will have to be good, therefore, to concretize the opportunities that will appear before you. If the fish you dream of have unusual colors, it is likely that you will soon receive a declaration of love.

So get ready, the sentimental occasion is just around the corner. If you happen to eat sardines in your dream, this is a bad sign: sad events are announced for you.

Fishing Symbolism in Cultures

Who sees a fish in the dream, can be happy, because this dream image stands for a positive new beginning in life. Maybe the dreaming has just suffered a difficult phase of life. He can now leave these behind and hopefully begin a new phase of life.

Deeply and inextricably linked to the symbolism of water and its representation of the deeper side of the unconscious, dreaming of fish refers to its attempt to emerge from our inner depths.

The fish is a psychic symbol, whose darting in the water represents precisely the upward movement of the unconscious, which emerges from the hidden depths back to the light of consciousness.

The fish was not by chance revered as sacred already two thousand years before Christ. The cult of fish as an image of divinity is present in India, in the Far East, in Egypt, in Mexico.

Dreams about Fish – Meaning

It can happen to dream of one big fish and in this case the dream can refer to changes that have become impossible to ignore. Dreaming of being chased and / or bitten by aggressive and terrifying fish: perhaps by sharks.

If you have not recently witnessed a few films on TV the dream could warn us of the presence of self-destructive energies in the unconscious of the dreamer, of horrible emotions that during the vigil you are forced to repress.

However, dreaming of being eaten by a fish is not always a negative dream. Like the young Giona, we are swallowed up and then returned to a new life, transformed into the belly of the fish.

From the psychological point of view, therefore, this type of dream has a positive value, it is a symptom of inner and spiritual rebirth. The basis for dissolving the chains of negativity and the starting point for experiencing everyday life without any constraints or fears of any kind.

Dreams about Fish – Symbolism

Running away from a fish – this dream symbolizes an important opportunity lost due to bad will, little commitment or bad luck. The dreamer had a thousand and one nights before him, and now he will have to eat his hands for a long time for not having used it properly.

Dead fish floating – the image that evokes indicates that the dream is not one of good luck. Unresolved problems that may affect the sentimental or sexual sphere. It can also predict economic losses and more.


Fish in an aquarium – you feel trapped. You absolutely need to solve the stifling situation that anguishes you and is trapping you. According to a popular and certainly more positive interpretation, the dream indicates on-going gains, in fact the more fish there are in the aquarium, the greater the gains.

Cooked fish – if dinner is normally consumed in the evening and therefore the dreamer is not simply hungry, the dream may indicate in him the need to recover himself from the depths. Stopping to reflect sometimes helps, and can give unexpected turns.

Eating raw fish – especially if those who dream of it are disgusted, the dream could be the representation of some “bitter bite” that you have been forced to swallow in the recent past or something bad that has been accomplished and presented again and again.

Pink fish – this dream refers directly to the dreamer’s childhood period. In fact, goldfish are usually given to children or often won for fishing at some fair. It is however a reassuring dream, which keeps the dreamer in calm waters.

Very large fish – this dream heralds a very happy period in one’s life. Something big will come out of the closet, emerging from our own depths. We will have to be good at catching the smallest clues, even if they will be rather obvious.

Dogfish – this dream is a dreamlike image accompanied by feelings of terror, which indicate the conviction of those who are dreaming of suffering a serious threat in everyday life, before which one is sure to succumb.

A whale – this is undoubtedly a positive dreamlike image that brings good news, especially concerning work or new births. In the near future there will be important news, of those able to cheer up the day.

Dream about full fishing nets – If the nets are full, a fruitful period is announced in one’s life. If they are not, perhaps mistakes have been made. You can always recover no?

Fishing in dreams – it is a very explicit action, it reflects the need to find something lost, to make it re-emerge, it symbolizes inner research. It happens that this dream appears to someone who has started a journey with a psychotherapist. Alternatively, if you are a fisherman, a sailor or a fish vendor, this dream could have a completely different meaning for you.

What does it mean to dream of fishing? it could symbolize a period in which you are doing research in your unconscious, in search of your blocks, or feel the need to find something that inspires you, that will unlock you.

Dreaming of going fishing – this intention is fundamental, it’s like when the therapists tell us that the first step is to admit to having a problem, the second is to do something to solve it, the intention to go fishing in dreams is the first step towards the desire to discover something, to find what is needed, but only you know if that hook was cast in the apparent calm of the water.

Dreaming of fishing – something has moved you in the sea of ​​your unconscious, something pushes you to want to deepen the abyss of repressed and forgotten feelings and sensations, maybe you are in a particular period of life where you feel the need to change but to do it you need to know yourself better.

Dreaming of underwater fishing – you feel completely immersed and concentrated, it is perhaps a “deep” time something big is at stake, and you are swimming in winding waters …

Dreaming of fishing with your hands – you are not afraid of injuring yourself or getting your hands dirty, this symbol reflects your ability to adapt to any situation using the means you have.

Dreaming of a fisherman – the figure of the fisherman in dreams is a bit like Dante’s Charon who only ferries the damned souls, in fact he appears to be the link between the abysses of the unconscious and the light of consciousness, bringing to the surface, for the greater part fish, which symbolize that something forgotten now found that could forever change the life of the dreamer.


The fish is not just a popular food on the menus. In many legends, stories, myths and religions, the vertebrate appears in important roles, which can sometimes be threatening. From great depths he can suddenly appear and devour everything.

There are many different types of fish: common food fish such as trout, carp, sturgeon, perch, pike, herring, mackerel or salmon, but also strange-looking animals such as monkfish, eel, swordfish or the bearded dragonfish from the dark deep sea. Also the seahorse belongs to the fish.

Even a star sign bears the name “Pisces”. If a fish appears in a dream, it is advisable to take a closer look at the interpretation of this picture. Because as a dream symbol, a fish is ambiguous and meaningful.