Dreams of Levitation – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you had a dream where you are levitating and feeling free then this is a good sign for you.

It represents goals, achievements and future chances that will make your life better and you are going to grow as a person during these chances.

Perhaps you are aiming high but you are not currently in a position where you do not have things that are needed for your project.

This could be connected with your job, in most cases it is so you have a vision that you are ready to fulfill but you have no resources in order to achieve your goal.

So this is a sign sometimes that you are having unrealistic expectations and that you are likely to get hurt if you continue with this type of mindset.

Sometimes this is connected with spirituality, perhaps you are trying to be closer with God and you are turning a new page in your life.

People are sinful and it is normal to have regrets and to strive to be better.

If you are trying to be a better person you are probably looking for some answers in religion too, so this dream is connected with your fears and redemption.

These dream can be beautiful and exciting but in some cases they can look like a nightmare, they are complicated.

You have to pay attention to details in your dream, how are you feeling while dreaming about this?

If you are scared of it then maybe you are not feeling ready to do something or someone is holding you back.

These dreams are very common especially while you are younger, imagination can be  a reason behind this dream and dreaming about levitation is more common with people who think out of the box .

Dreams where you are levitating are also indicating that you have a free spirit and that you have a desire to travel the world.

It is also important to remember what is below you when flying in a dream, perhaps it is water or a forest maybe you are flying high or too low it all makes a big impact in order to figure out what your dream is about.

You are figuring yourself also while trying to find a meaning behind your dreams, maybe you will discover something that you already knew but you were too weak to embrace it.


Levitation is symbolic in many ways,  it represents your fears and at the same time your strengths.

Your subconscious is showing you your deepest desires and issues you need to resolve with yourself in order to be someone you are meant to be.

It can also be a sign of maturity and self control that you have mastered.

You are a person with a positive attitude and a positive life so dreaming dream like this is a sign to keep doing what you are already doing it is working out for you whatever that is.

Dreams where you are levitating objects around you is pretty common too, and it is seen in movies so that could be a reflection of your current activities and shows you watch.

Everything connects with everything, you never truly know what awaits you in your life but what you do know is that you should enjoy those little moments.

Flying is a common fear also, so dreaming about you levitating means that you are truly scared but you wish to overcome your fears once and for all.

You have been feeling weak and now you are done feeling that way, now you want to be stronger and ready for problems on your way.

If you actually do have a fear of flying then you are thinking too much about it or there is a trip that you have to take so you feel anxious about it and it effects your mentality and peace.

Maybe you are afraid that someone is going to make fun of you because of it.

Stop worrying about stupid things, everything comes and goes what is important is how you reacted to these situations.

All of your worries won’t matter in few years so slow down and stop overthinking everything be free.

The Most Common Dreams About Levitation

Dreaming of levitating but not going anywhere far- This dream is a good sign for the dreamer.

It is a sign that you are confident and that you learned to understand yourself and all of the things you are capable doing.

There is no more insecurities in your life and you are going the right way.

You will have some trials very soon but you are going to overcome them without stressing and doubting yourself.

Dreaming of levitating and struggling- If you had a dream where you are levitating but struggling with it this could mean that you are doubting yourself too much.

You are thinking negatively about yourself and that leads to insecurities that are taking over you.

Reason behind this could be you and your negative perception or this could be happening because of your surroundings.

Maybe your circle is bringing out the worst of you or they are constantly putting you down and they are laughing at your ideas.

Sometimes this dream is a sign to get out of there as soon as possible.

If you truly want to fly you have to let go of what is holding you down.

Dreaming of levitating and feeling frightened during that- If you had a dream where you are terrified of levitating while levitating this is a sign of your issues right now.

Meaning behind this is that you are feeling unsafe and captured somehow.

Perhaps you are not open enough to change your ways and thoughts.

Remember that your own limit is you no one else, so change your mind-set and you are going to be ready to conquer the world.

Dreaming of levitating very fast- If you had a dream where you are levitating with great speed and you are doing it fearlessly then this is a very good sign.

This dream means that you are ready for something big that awaits you or that you are creating something big.

Change that will happen to you is positive and it will last for a long time hopefully, your luck is going to change too.

You have faced your fears and now you are unstoppable.

Dreaming of levitating with other people-  This dream could be a good sign for you.

When you have a dream where you are levitating with a group of people for example this indicates that you have some kind of power over others or they respect you enough to put you in charge of them.

This could be related with your work place or school, you are a creative person with fascinating innovative ideas that are constantly surprising  people around you.

Everyone admires you and your problem-solving skills that are needed in that kind of environment.

Just be careful because people can use this against you in a way to make you do everything while they relax and enjoy.

Dreaming of levitating while jogging or running- if you had a dream like this where you are levitating while running this indicates your desire to get what you want.

You are finding ways and making some sacrifices in order to succeed.

Your goals are big and your future seems bright in your head and now you want it to become reality.

Time of dreaming is over now it is time to live your life the best you can and to create yourself during process of building your future.

Dreaming of levitating above ground surface- A dream like this indicates that something is ending in your life and something new is starting.

Calmness is a big part of your life right now, changes are happening very fast and you are liking those changes.

You trust the process and from now on you are not worrying about nonsense.

Dreaming of  levitating very high-  This means that you are pushing yourself in order to become the best version of you.

Your limits are disappearing and you are being better and better every day.

Perhaps you are tired of not using your full potential and now you want to see what that even means.

It could be related with your job or some sport that you are being s part of for example boxing, your competition is strong but the only competition that you are considering is yourself.

Dreaming of levitating over water-  It is a sign that you are going to make new memories with people you truly love and cherish.

These memories are supposed to be good and even if the situation is bad you will make something positive out of it.

Water is in your dream so it could be something turbulent or calm.

And this can indicate that you are rising above from a certain situation, you are being the better person so you are ignoring nonsense.

People are trying to get to you and provoke you but you are at peace with yourself so you are not letting them in.

You have accomplished inner peace and love, whatever the problem or an issue is you have yourself and you are true to yourself and actually that is all the matters in this life.

Dreaming of seeing someone else levitating- A dream like this is revealing your generous and vulnerable side.

It is a sign that you are feeling like you need to help someone else.

Maybe it is a sign that you should proceed with medical career or that you should volunteer somewhere.

You are a type of a person that just likes to help others, the problem is when you put their needs over yours.

Always be your number one priority and keep on helping others .

You are also learning so much while helping people, you are discovering parts of yourself that were hidden away.

Also you are practising understanding while accomplishing your desire to help someone.

Everyone needs help sometimes even those who pretend like they do not need anyone those people are the ones who actually need it the most.

Dreaming of levitating in space-  This is pretty common dream especially for people who watch a lot of sci-fi or read about space.

With this dream your subconscious is trying to show you that you are stronger than you think you are and that you should start appreciating yourself more.

It is a sign that you have endless opportunities it is up to you to choose your way in life.

You are a person with great potential and intelligence and everyone around you is aware of that except you so start realising that before you lose your opportunities and fail because of self doubt.

Dreaming of levitating with wings- If you had a dream like this where you are levitating using wings that you have then this is an indication of improvement and good times ahead.

This is actually connected with women that are pregnant or expecting a baby very soon, your life is about to have a greater meaning and you just can’t wait for it to happen.

Maybe you are stuck in the same place and you are becoming impatient but this dream is a sign that patience is the key of success so wait a little bit longer.

Dreaming of levitating downward- If you had a dream where you are levitating downward this is not the best sign for you.

Meaning behind a dream like this is that you are going to fail at something or that you are probably going to have a truly bad situation in your near future.

This also indicates that you are stressed out and everything in your life is filled with negativity that you need to resolve fast because it is affecting your mental health which will affect your physical health and you are just going to have more complications in your life.