Night – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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People in general fear of the unknown so fearing of darkness and night is not unusual at all in fact the darkness is the most common fear with a good reason behind it.

When thinking about darkness and night we picture something or someone harmful waiting for us or you feel like someone is watching you but you cannot really see anything.

So you are just guessing and making assumptions about things you know nothing about, dreaming about night could be an indication that you are judgmental person and that you are making constant assumptions about other people’s lives.

The night represents mystery, it is a reminder for us that we have no idea about anything regarding this world.

It is something complicated yet simple, it is beautiful and magnificent and at the same time it is dark and frightening.

Some mysteries cannot be discovered or understood, perhaps this dream is a sign that you are acting like you know something but actually you have no idea about it.

This can also mean that you are a type of a person that is afraid of taking risks and that you are too limited.

Maybe you have desires that you are not ready to fulfill, your own mind is taking away happiness that comes with unpredictability.

You are afraid to embrace changes and flows that come with this life, you are constantly trying to predict your future while you are aware that you cannot do anything about it.

It can also mean that there is some kind of challenges on your way, your road is unfamiliar and it may be unfriendly.

Night is connected with secrets, so if you dream about it perhaps you have a lot of untold secrets or you are living a lie and no one is aware of that.

Perhaps you are hiding your true identity, you are trying to be something that you are not so that is reflecting bad on your health.

These dreams reveal your fears, secrets, problems that you need to resolve with yourself and others .

Sometimes it is a good sign that something great could happen in your life, a start of something new or that you have a chance to turn your life around if you put some effort on it.

But in most cases it is alarming and it is a sign from your subconscious that you should be stronger mentally and physically for your future.


The most common dreams night

Dreaming of wandering in the dark- Having a dream like this can be scary especially if you do not see the way out of that darkness and night.

Meaning behind a dream like this is simple you are lost in your life, maybe you are losing yourself while trying to please others or pretending that you are something you are not.

Your lies and secrets can be a reason for a dream like this, your subconscious is telling you to just be true and clean especially if these secrets are big this could eat you alive if you do not stop hiding.

But this can also mean that something bad will happen soon to you or someone you love,  perhaps a betrayal and your attitude in this situation is going to be either good or bad.

If your attitude is not realistic and forgiving you are likely to lose yourself while trying to harm someone who harmed you.

Dreaming of coming out of the darkness- If you had a dream about you coming out of the night or darkness this can be an indication that you are getting out of your problems and troubling stage of your life.

Your view is positive and it will save you of a lot of bad situations.

If your life has been hard lately this is a sign that your troubles are soon going to be over and that light will shine over you and your life .

But unfortunately this too can be a sign of possible danger in your near future so if you are a positive person then this is not going to be that big of a deal for you but if you are a person that is panicking about everything then you should be worried or start preparing yourself in order to grow and be stronger.

Dreaming of being afraid of the night– If you had a dream where you are terrified of the night this can actually mean that you have a huge fear of the night and darkness in reality.

So it is common to have a dream like this if you have a fear of falling asleep without any lights on or that you can’t stand the idea of being alone in the darkness.

If you think about it for too long it is going to be an obstacle in your life which will affect you negatively.

Dreaming that the darkness has not frightened you- If you had a dream where you are not afraid of the night it means that you are strong enough to deal with your own problems.

But the problem is that you refuse help from others in any form.

You cannot really do everything by yourself and this is a sign that it is time that you believe that people can be good, probably if you had a bad and hurtful past experience it is hard for you to just let people in but remember just because you have met some bad people doesn’t mean that everyone is like that.

Learn to trust yourself and be open to the world do not close yourself in.

Dreaming that someone has brought you out of the night and darkness- If you had a dream like this where someone is pulling you out of darkness and night then this is a good sign.

It means that a new person will enter your life, someone who will change your life completely.

Perhaps this could be a new love that will teach you how to trust someone again and be free with someone or this could be a new teacher in a way that person that is going to teach you and show you new aspects in life and they are going to be your role model.

Dreaming that you have brought someone out of the darkness– If you had a dream where you are helping someone to escape their night and darkness then this indicates that you are likely to have some responsibilities that are new for you.

Perhaps now you live alone and you have a lot of problems that are a part of adulthood and you are learning how to deal with them maturely.

Or you are in charge of a big project regarding your school, college, job.

Maybe you are going to become a great friend and listener for people around you, people are relying on you.

Dreaming of looking for someone in the dark- If you had a dream like this where you are searching for another person at a night time it means that you are looking for a person that is loyal and trustworthy.

Perhaps you are tired of your current circle of people and their behavior so you just need at least one person that is clear with their intentions and that is not going to lie to you or hurt you.

It is a good sign actually, you are aware of your needs in this life so you are moving forward and improving in many aspects.

Dreaming that someone is calling to you from the darkness-  If you had a dream where you hear a voice that is calling you from the darkness this indicates that your friend or a sibling is going to come to you with a problem that they are not capable of fixing on their own.

Perhaps this person has done so much for you, your life wouldn’t be the same without them and now you know they truly need your help so you will do everything in order to resolve their current issues.

But be careful with advice that you give, you should help people but do it smartly and do not pretend like you know everything because you could get yourself in a position where that person is going to blame you for things that happened to them.

Dreaming of running in the dark-  When having a dream like this where you are running in the dark alone you should know that you are avoiding resolving problems that are appearing in your life.

You are too scared to face your issues and fears and that is holding you back.

Stress can be an outcome from these actions.

Dreaming of being lost in the dark-  If you had a dream where you feel or are lost in the night and dark this means that you are not accepting things as they are.

You live in fantasies of what could be and not what is so this dream is a sign from your subconscious that you are hurting yourself with your own thoughts.

Maybe you are feeling lost and unsure at this stage of your life, you are not clear with yourself about things you want out of this life.

This is a sign that you should compose yourself and do not make any actions that you might later regret.

Dreaming of hiding in the dark– This is a sign that you are a person that needs a lot of time and reassurance in order to fully trust someone and let them into your life.

You are not naive and you are not fast with judging others.

But at the same time you are someone who has no problem with blending into the crowd and you find it easy to talk with others.

Perhaps you have a troubling past and you are not careless anymore about people in your circle now you analyze everything maybe even too much.

 Dreaming of seeing light in the dark– This can be a positive sign about your mentality.

You are a person that sees the good in everyone and everything.

Or perhaps you desire of becoming this kind of a person, you are tired of conflicts in your head and constant worries so you just intend to try to see that light .

Maybe you are in a hard situation and you are looking for a way out.

Sometimes that mentality is going to attract some great opportunities so embrace them and live happily.

Dreaming of  someone watching you from the darkness– If you had a dream where you are sensing that someone is watching you from the darkness then this is a sign that you are threatened by someone.

Maybe you are overthinking and you are creating problems that don’t exist so you stress yourself out because you have reasons in your head.

Your fears are so strong that you can’t even think about resolving them but the truth is that you are the only problem in your life.

In order to live normally you have to start acting like it, most importantly you need some rest to resolve issues with yourself in order to be truly happy.

Dreaming of being attacked by someone in the dark-  Having a dream like this is a sign that you feel unsafe and unprotected.

If you dream that you are attacked by someone and they are succeeding at it then this means that you are not secure with yourself and with who you are.

Dreaming that you have attacked someone in the dark- Having a dream where you are attacking someone while being in the darkness indicates that your character is weak.

You are not a great person at all even if you think you are, perhaps your selfishness and fear are a  reason behind dreaming a dream like this.

It is a sign that you must change, you are hurting others and you are being reckless with your actions and decisions.