Escalator – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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An escalator is a symbol of future ideas, goals, and plans. You are probably putting a lot of effort into something and you expect it to turn out the way you imagined.

The meaning of an escalator in the dream is that you are an ambitious person who wants success. You don’t settle down for little things and you need to use the potential you have.

Also, an escalator can be a symbol of an obstacle in your life that stops you from moving forward.

Maybe you have some old habits that you can’t get rid of and they keep distracting you from your success.

Going against the escalator symbolizes a routine in your life that is staying in your way to making a change.

You are constantly making the same decisions that never lead to new things, possibilities or relationships. It could be that you are stuck in your circle of imagination and you can’t break the chain.

Falling from the escalator symbolizes a failure that will happen to you. Maybe you have great expectations so you will be disappointed when you realize that nothing is the way you wanted it to be.

There are many interpretations related to an escalator in your dream, so let’s see what are the possible meanings of your dream!

The most common dreams about an escalator

Dreaming of running on the escalator

If an escalator was moving, and you were running to get to the end of an escalator, it means that you are in a rush to finish some business.

Maybe you are late with paying debts or you owe someone some money and you need to start paying off your debts.

Also, it could be that you are in a rush to start something because you have a chance for it now.

Running on the moving escalator can be a symbol of fear, running from your problems, and a will to finish some responsibilities as soon as possible. You need to take time to think through what you have to do and stop being overstressed with that.

Dreaming of walking up the escalator

If you were walking on a moving escalator, it means that you are worried about something. Maybe you don’t know what to do and you need more time to think about it.


There is a chance that someone needs your help and you will be glad to help.

This dream indicates that you are not sure whether you’re making the right decision because you can’t find the balance.

Dreaming of falling off the escalator

If you slipped and fell off the escalator in your dream it means that you will have a tough period at your job or school. You are trying to do everything right, but you don’t seem to succeed in that.

You are lost in all the work you need to do and you don’t have time for everything.

The fall symbolizes your inability to complete some tasks and goals and you will probably feel stressed during the next period.

Try to organize your time and finish everything at a reasonable deadline.

Dreaming of the non-working escalator

If you were walking up or down the escalator that doesn’t work, it means that it will take you more effort to do something.

Maybe other people around you will be successful in what they do, but you will need more time for the same thing to be done. That is because you are not very skilled with that and you need more experience. This can happen either at school or at work, but you mustn’t lose your will to succeed and finish the task.

If you continue going up or down the escalator, it means that you won’t give up and you will do everything to make a progress.

You are the kind of person that never compares yourself to others and you are a hard-working person that doesn’t give up easily.

Dreaming of going the opposite direction of an escalator

This dream means that you are stuck in your own world of imagination. You can’t accept reality and everything feels odd to you.

You don’t know how to change and start living a proactive life, so you just stand in one place and keep repeating the same cycles every day.

Sometimes you need to accept what life gives you and try to adjust. You can’t always go against the wind fighting with invisible problems.

Try to go with the flow and stop refusing to put your guard down.

Dreaming of an ‘infinite’ escalator

If you saw an escalator but you couldn’t see its ending, it means that you can’t find a way to solve some problem. You are feeling lost and hopeless.

An infinite escalator is a symbol of a never-ending problem that you have and it is controlling your life.

Also, it could be that you don’t seem to find a way to end some relationship. You see that an escalator brings you nowhere, but you are still on track.

It could be that you are giving yourself too much to someone you don’t want to build a future with.

No matter what is torturing you, you can always get off the escalator and start from the beginning with someone else.

Dreaming of going down the escalator

This dream is a symbol of relief. You know that you ended one chapter of your life and you are moving on.

The meaning of this dream is that you are at ease now and you are done with all the problems you had.

This is a positive dream because it indicates that you will stop suffering and fighting for things that are not important and relevant to your life.

You are done being the only person who cares and you are moving on.

Also, you may get a new opportunity or chance to build your career and make more money.

Dreaming of seeing someone on the opposite side of the escalator

For example, if you were going up on the escalator, but that person was going down, it means that you are going in separate directions.

It is possible that you will lose contact with your friend and your pathways are going in different directions.

Maybe you will get in a fight with someone you care about and it will distance you from them.

If you are in a relationship and you saw your partner in this dream, it may be that you two will break up and move forward. You won’t feel regret because that is the way it should be.

Dreaming of someone falling down the escalator

This dream suggests that you will lose your trust in someone in your life. That person will show their true face and it will be enough for you to stop being friends with them.

The fall is a symbol of cheating and lying that will lead to crushing the whole idea you have about that person.

You will be disappointed, but somehow it will look like you have already been suspicious, so it won’t surprise you.

Dreaming of the demolished escalator

If you saw a ruined, demolished escalator in your dream it means that you will lose hope in something. You had a big plan, but you will realize that you can’t make it come true.

That plan can be anything – from making your own company to going on dance lessons.

There is something that will stay in your way and it will look like there is no chance to succeed.

Whatever happens, you will have to search for different ways of approaching the problem and find a way to make your plan work.

Dreaming of uneven steps on the escalator

If you were on the escalator that had different steps, it means that your plan won’t go the way you imagined, but it will come true.

We can’t plan everything to be perfect and there will always be some unforeseen situations.

You may have to make changes to your plan and do something differently from how you imagined it.

Dreaming of missing steps on an escalator

If you saw that the escalator has some steps missing, it means that you are missing something to complete your life.

Maybe your love life is not as good as you would want it to be, or you are not in a great financial situation. But, everything will fall in its place sooner or later.

Don’t cry over the things you don’t have, but rather focus on what you have and appreciate it.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make our lives so great and we should always be grateful for them. Because once they are gone you will realize that they were better than anything else.

Also, it could be that you feel incomplete and you need someone to talk to. You need a friend that can listen to your problems and don’t make fun of you.

You need someone to fill the void in your heart and that person will certainly show soon.